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Putin has threatened nuclear war with NATO.

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On February 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin began his yearly speech to the public by putting out his perspective on how the conflict against Ukraine is proceeding.

on Russia’s ties with the West, and by threatening “tragic” consequences in the event that NATO were to send soldiers to Ukraine.

It is imperative that [Western countries] comprehend the fact that we possess weapons that are capable of hitting targets located on their lands. In light of all of this, there is a genuine risk of a confrontation involving the employment of nuclear weapons and the annihilation of humanity. Would they not be able to comprehend this? He said, Putin.

Putin reiterated the narrative that it was necessary to start a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in order to safeguard Russia’s sovereignty and security. He made this statement less than three weeks before the presidential elections, which are largely predicted to be won by Putin.

“Despite the difficulties and the bitter taste of defeats, people support this election,” he added of the “special military operation,” which is the vocabulary that the Kremlin employs to describe to the invasion of Ukraine that Moscow initiated in February of 2022.

He concentrated more on the West in the first half of the address, which he presented to the two chambers of the Russian Parliament and the Federation Council. He accused the West of “trying to drag us into an arms race” by “trying to tire us.” He had delivered the speech to the Russian Federation Council.

“The West is not only trying to hinder us in our development; instead of Russia, they need a place of death,” he stated, at the same time adding that the West “has miscalculated.” He was referring to the fact that the West is trying to impede our development.

Earlier this week, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that despite the current lack of unanimity, any option to help Ukraine, including sending troops, should not be ruled out. This statement was made following a summit of European leaders that took place in Paris. western nations should fight alongside Kiev in order to forestall a triumph for Russia through military means.

They have been discussing the possibility of sending NATO soldiers to Ukraine. Nevertheless, we do not forget what happened to those who sent contingents. After this, the consequences for those who advocated for intervention will be significantly more catastrophic. In addition, we possess weapons that are capable of striking targets within their territory,” Putin allegedly threatened, as reported by Radio Free Europe.

In a statement released this week, the United States of America and its key European allies stated that they do not intend to send foot troops to Ukraine.

During his yearly address to the nation, which took place two weeks before the presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning that there is a “real” possibility of nuclear war if Western countries send soldiers to fight in Ukraine.

For some time now, there has been discussion over the prospect of sending military contingents from NATO to Ukraine. In spite of this, we do not forget the fate of those individuals who once dispatched their troops on the territory of our nation. Putin made this statement when addressing the parliament and other senior elites. “Today, however, the consequences for potential interventionists will be significantly more tragic.”

We also have weapons that are capable of hitting targets on their territory, and they need to be aware of this fact. In light of all of this, there is a genuine risk of a conflict involving the employment of nuclear weapons and the annihilation of civilization. “Do they not understand that?”

Although Putin has previously expressed his concern about the potential for a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, the nuclear weapon warning that he issued on Thursday was one of the most blunt statements he has ever made.

In response to the suggestion made by French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, which suggested that European NATO nations send ground troops to Ukraine, Putin has issued a warning over the situation. The plan was rejected by a number of members, including the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom, and others.

However, Putin advised that Western leaders recall the destiny of those who attempted to attack his country in the past, such as Adolf Hitler of Germany and Napoleon Bonaparte of France, but were unsuccessful.

The leader of Russia had earlier declared that he was “not bluffing” when he stated that he was prepared to deploy nuclear weapons. He had also previously withdrawn Moscow out of the START arms limitation pact with the United States over the course of the previous year.

Putin also stated that Russia was “ready” for conversation with the United States on “strategic stability” concerns, despite the fact that the invasion of Ukraine triggered the worst ties between Moscow and the West since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

Putin lauded the Russian military forces that are engaged in the conflict in Ukraine, calling them “courageous” warriors who will not relent. Because the majority of opposition candidates are either incarcerated or expelled from the country, it will be much simpler for Putin to win another six-year term in the election that will take place on March 15-17. Midway through the month of February, his most powerful adversary, Alexey Navalny, who was incarcerated, passed away under strange circumstances.

“When I look at these brave individuals, who are often very young men, I can declare without any exaggeration that my heart overflows with pride. Putin stated that they would not retreat, that they would not fail, and that they would not betray.

In addition, his remarks come at a time when the Kremlin is taking great pride in its recent achievements in Ukraine, an economy that has survived the potentially catastrophic impact of sanctions, and indications that Western support for Ukraine is becoming increasingly strained.

In reference to the conflict in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin stated that the Russian military has improved its skills in combat and is “confidently” making its way across the front line.

“Today, when our homeland is defending its sovereignty and security and protecting the lives of our fellow countrymen in Donbas and Novorossiya [regions of Ukraine that Russia claims to have annexed], the decisive role in this righteous struggle belongs to our citizens, our unity, devotion to our native country, and responsibility for its fate,” he said. “We are the ones who are responsible for the fate of our homeland.”

It was earlier on Thursday that Russia announced that it had successfully thwarted an effort by Ukrainian special forces to land on the Tendra Spit sandbar in the Black Sea. According to Russia, “up to 25” Ukrainian servicemen were killed in the process.’–65e1a02d0cd18#goto4988

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