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Koldo claimed to have provided the plan leader

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Threats were released into the scheme as a result of an inspection involving the Treasury: “There are photos that cannot be shown… with the minister.”

In order to conceal the fraud from the Prosecutor’s Office, the Balearic Government hid the mask.

As the ‘Koldo case’ unfolds, the Civil Guard has discovered that there are operations in the Canary Islands that are not transparent.

According to José Luis Ábalos, if he believed that the worst had occurred with the declaration in the National Court as a defendant of his former advisor Koldo García Izaguirre, he will now realize how incorrect he could have been. His name is used quite a few times throughout the process, and Judge Ismael Moreno even goes so far as to refer to him as a “intermediary” in the resolutions that he writes. During a meeting between Koldo and José Luis Rodríguez, a second lieutenant in the Civil Guard who is also suspected, they make a statement stating that they had provided Juan Carlos Cueto, who is regarded to be the ringleader of the scheme, with “the key to José Luis Ábalos.”

This is a picture of a supper that they both consumed on January 10 at the restaurant known as “La Chalana.” As a result of the fact that he is stationed in the Nuevos Ministerios area, José Luis Rodríguez, who is considered to be “key” for the plot to be introduced in the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (MITMA), issues a warning to Koldo about Cueto. Cueto has complained that he has accumulated 20 million euros through the contracts that he has signed with the Administration for the sale of masks, and he does not agree to provide them with the 200,000 euros that they require for a new investment.

In this regard, Rodríguez states: “To begin with, I gave everything to Juan Carlos , I gave everything to Juan Carlos, he has the key , he can’t betray me because if not…” In conclusion, the line is ended by Koldo García, who says, “Now, now… That of José Luis Ábalos.” In a previous statement, the civil guard reported that Cueto had won “20 million, and he does not want to put up 200,000.” What a relief! In addition, both my and his reputations are at risk.

During the course of the conversation, José Luis Rodríguez expresses his lack of trust in Cueto. ” Do you have faith in him? The question is posed to Koldo, who responds by saying, “No, no, he is not trustworthy.” He then asks Koldo to look him in the eyes. He continues by saying that he permits him to “walk in a garden” when “they have given him 20 million.” This is his explanation for the situation.

The civil guards underline in their report that there is a lot of background noise in Koldo’s favorite restaurant, which is why they are unable to transcribe all of his remarks. However, the words that they are able to rescue have an impact on the concept of the ingratitude of the de facto person accountable for Management and Support Solutions. a total of more than 53 million euros in revenue was generated by the Companies alone from the contracts for the procurement of masks that were signed with Transport, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands.

Luis Pastor, the anti-corruption prosecutor who filed the complaint that led to the procedure in the National Court, pointed out that the second lieutenant of the Civil Guard defended the solvency of the business with the operation of the protections against covid before a third party. This was so significant that it led to the procedure being initiated. regarding the slates that the Orense district of Valdeorras possesses in the plot, which, according to the findings of the researchers, was where a portion of the earnings from the mask contracts were invested. During a conversation that took place on January 19, Rodríguez made a statement indicating that the primary investor in this business is a company that “bought all the masks in Spain,” a reference to Management Solutions.

On the 10th of January, Koldo reported to Rodríguez that it was possible that “José” might visit at a later time. The individual, who investigators identified as the former Minister of Transportation, was also present at ‘La Chalana’ on that same day for dinner, although he was there during a different shift. in conjunction with his former advisor, an extremist who is among the individuals that the acting unit has taken into consideration in order to deem Ábalos to be a “intermediary.”

“The observation of the communications and the operational activity carried out by the acting unit have enabled us to arrive at the conclusion that these intermediaries would be José Luis Ábalos and Jacobo Pombo,” states one of the resolutions that are currently in place in the summary, despite the fact that neither of the two individuals appears as accused in the performances.–65e1bee346d6f#goto4994

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