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Summer 2024, the United States of America and Italy are getting closer

By nr39r Mar1,2024

There is a possibility that the holidays that Italians celebrate in 2024 will be shifted to the United States. A method favored by investments made on linkages with the USA.

The number of lines is growing, and Rome will be the most important city for the summer of next year. Please find below all of the information that pertains to this bridge that was built with the primary international destinations. Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasize that the prospects in this respect are already available at the present time, and they will continue to grow over the course of the following few months.

2024 summer, Rome-United States of America

Any anyone who has been contemplating a journey to the United States for a considerable amount of time may choose to go through with this adventure during the summer of 2024. As a matter of fact, United Airlines has declared that it will be increasing the number of seasonal connections it offers from Rome Fiumicino.

It was on February 16 that the flight that was headed toward Washington, DC was triggered, and it will in fact continue for a whole year. Indeed, it is anticipated that the route will be maintained until the sixth of January in the year 2025 (inclusive). As one may expect, the number of daily connections will increase throughout the summer months. This is something that is easy to foresee. In most cases, on a daily basis, there is just one, but during the warmer months, there will be two occasions.

Another occasion that should be noted on the calendar is the 31st of March. Moreover, beginning at that time and continuing until October 26, 2024, there will be two flights every day departing from Rome and arriving at New York-Newark.

Why not make reservations for a trip to Chicago today, March 8th, for a special occasion? In point of fact, the carrier has disclosed the manner in which new connections to the most populous city in Illinois will start commencing from that day. On the other hand, visitors will be able to enter San Francisco beginning on March 30.

We are able to check the magnitude of all of this by performing a straightforward computation that takes into consideration the several routes that have been declared as well as the anticipated growth in connections. Over the course of the summer of 2024, United Airlines will ensure that there are eleven direct flights departing from Italy and arriving in the United States.

Specifics the flight

The fact that Rome is not the only city in Italy that guarantees direct flights is something that ought to be made very clear. On the other hand, United Airlines is not the only airline that manages to boast a significant number of connections. Nevertheless, this is a substantial investment that will undoubtedly have a considerable influence on the amount of tourism that comes from Italy as well as the amount that leaves the country.

In the event that you are interested in purchasing tickets for the summer at this time, the following information pertains to the various routes that are indicated:

Rome Fiumicino – Washington-Dulles, 10.30am-2.10pm from 16 February 2024 to 6 January 2025;
Rome Fiumicino-Washington-Dulles, 3.40pm-7.50pm from 3 May to 26 October 2024;
Washington-Dulles-Rome Fiumicino, 5.35pm-8.15am (+1) from 15 February 2024 to 5 January 2025;
Washington-Dulles-Rome Fiumicino, 10.15pm-1.10pm (+1) from 2 May to 25 October 2024;
Rome Fiumicino-Chicago-O’Hare, 9.45am-1.05pm from 8 Walk to 26 October 2024;
Chicago-O’Hare-Rome Fiumicino, 3.40pm-7.55am (+1) from 7 Walk to 25 October 2024;
Rome Fiumicino-San Francisco Global Air terminal, 3.20pm-7.00pm from 31 Walk to 26 October 2024;
San Francisco-Rome Fiumicino Global Air terminal, 4.30pm-1.20pm (+1), from 30 Walk to 25 October 2024;
Rome Fiumicino-Newark Freedom, 11.00-14.25 lasting through the year;
Newark Freedom Rome Fiumicino, 5.30pm-7.45am (+1) lasting through the year;
Rome Fiumicino-Newark Freedom, 12.55-16.25 from 31 Walk to 26 October 2024;
Newar Libery-Rome Fiumicino, 8.40pm-10.55am (+1) from 30 Walk to 25 October 2024.
This is the thing we read in the authority public statement: “An extension of the transporter’s associations which adds to Joined’s everyday courses currently dynamic throughout the entire year from Rome and Milan, notwithstanding the day to day occasional departures from Milan, Venice and Naples”.–65e1aea2099c4#goto4991


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