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Northern Gaza received “temporary” supplies after Biden warnings.

By nr39r Apr6,2024

The Israeli port of Ashdod and the Erez crossing point, which is situated in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, would be used to transport the humanitarian aid. On Thursday, the President of the United States issued a warning to the Prime Minister of Israel, stating that the “concrete measures” implemented to safeguard Palestinian people will define the American attitude toward the Jewish state.

Is Joe Biden’s exertion beginning to produce the desired results? On Friday, April 5, Israel made the announcement that it would permit the “temporary” delivery of supplies to the northern part of the Gaza Strip. This transportation would take place through the port of Ashdod and the crossing point at Erez.

According to a press release issued by the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the war cabinet gave the government the authority to “take immediate steps to increase humanitarian aid” in order to “avoid a humanitarian crisis” and “ensure the continuation of the fighting.”

This news release states that Israel will give permission for the “temporary” delivery of humanitarian aid through the Israeli port of Ashdod, which is located forty kilometers north of Gaza, and the Erez border point, which is located in the northern part of the enclave. For Palestinians. In addition, the authorities will permit “the increase in Jordanian aid through Kerem Shalom,” which is a border checkpoint located in the southern region of Israel.

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The White House National Security Council’s spokesman, Adrienne Watson, issued a statement in response to the question of how swiftly and comprehensively these safeguards must be put into effect.

For the first time since March 18, Joe Biden made a suggestion that the United States was warning Israel about its support during a telephone discussion with Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday. This was the first time that Joe Biden had made such a suggestion. According to a statement released by the White House, United States Vice President Joe Biden “clearly stated that US policy towards Gaza will be determined by our assessment of the concrete measures taken by Israel” to protect civilians.

It was stated by the White House that Vice President Biden had “emphasized that the strikes against aid workers and the general humanitarian situation [in Gaza] are unacceptable.” The White House also stated that during this call, the American president had “emphasized the need for Israel to announce and implement a series of specific, concrete, and measurable measures to address civilian harm, humanitarian suffering,” and to ensure “the safety of humanitarian workers.”

Despite the fact that the Gaza Strip is currently experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe, the Israeli strikes that resulted in the deaths of seven employees of the non-governmental organization World Central Kitchen (WCK), which is based in the United States, have exacerbated international dissatisfaction.

Additionally, Mr. Biden urged Mr. Netanyahu to “immediately reach an agreement” for a “immediate ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip that would take effect immediately. “What we expect and hope to see in the hours and days to come is a dramatic increase in humanitarian aid, the opening of new crossing points, and a reduction in violence against civilians and certainly aid workers,” said John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council which is part of the White House.

The telephone conversation between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu takes place in the midst of “growing discontent” in Washington with its ally, according to the official who confirmed the call. The New York Times reports that Jill Biden made a request to her husband to bring an end to the war that is taking place in the Gaza Strip.

Washington’s decision to allow the United Nations Security Council to vote on a resolution at the end of March that called for a “immediate ceasefire” has been a source of tension between the two nations. Israel has rejected the resolution, and it has had no impact on the situation on the ground.

The United States of America, on the other hand, gave its approval on Monday for the shipment of thousands of bombs to Israel, according to reports from The Washington Post and CNN, which cited authorities from the United States.

More than 33,000 individuals, the most of whom were civilians, have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the Islamist movement launched its onslaught on Israel on October 7, 2023, as stated by the Hamas health ministry. A humanitarian catastrophe has been brought on by the airstrikes, the ground offensive carried out by Israeli forces, and the complete siege of Palestinian land.

A few hours after the two leaders had their conversation, Israel made the announcement that it will permit “temporary” humanitarian delivery into the northern Gaza region, which is currently facing the threat of famine, through the Israeli port of Ashdod and the Erez border gate.

Additionally, Israel announced that it will be terminating two officers after discovering that a sequence of “grave mistakes” led to the drone strikes that resulted in the deaths of relief workers from the World Central Kitchen.

The White House, on the other hand, has stated that Israel must take additional steps in order to fulfill the commitments it had made to Vice President Biden.

During a call with reporters, John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, stated that it is essential for those pledges to be fully fulfilled and to be implemented as quickly as possible.

However, Kirby noted that the United States did not anticipate conducting its own investigation into the murders of the relief workers, an investigation that included Jacob Flickinger, a citizen of the United States of America and Canada.

“There are no plans for the US to conduct an independent investigation or a separate investigation into this event,” Kirby stated in his statement.

Since the beginning of Israel’s war on Hamas, which was prompted by the attack carried out by the Hamas operational group on October 7, Biden’s warning of a shift in policy was the strongest hint yet of possible conditions to Washington’s military backing.

Despite the growing number of Palestinian deaths and the precarious humanitarian situation in Gaza, the president of the United States has supported Israel.

In spite of this, Biden is facing mounting resistance to his Gaza policy from Muslim and young voters, and important allies are calling on him to rethink his course of action. The presidential election in the United States is scheduled to take place in November.

Vice President Joe Biden of the United States of America stated on Friday that Israel was complying with his demand to allow supplies to enter Gaza. This statement came a day after Biden cautioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a significant shift in policy.
When he was asked as he was leaving the White House whether he had threatened to discontinue providing Israel with military assistance during the call with Netanyahu, Biden responded by saying, “I asked them to do what they’re in the process of doing.”

In a tense call on Thursday, Vice President Biden issued a warning to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States’ stance toward Israel was contingent on the protection of civilians and humanitarian workers in Gaza. This warning came in response to an Israeli strike that resulted in the deaths of seven charity workers.


By nr39r

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