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Biden and Trump worry about independent Robert Kennedy Jr.

By nr39r Apr8,2024

With a name that echoes the most prominent political dynasty in the United States, Robert Kennedy Jr. campaigned for president in November as an alternative to the Trump-Biden tandem. His name is reminiscent of the Kennedy family. Even if the nephew of “JFK” has a low probability of winning, the fact that he is running for office is a source of concern for both Democrats and Republicans.

Robert Kennedy Junior is able to boast that he has earned more than ten percent of the vote intentions in the polls. According to these same opinion surveys, Joe Biden’s popularity appears to have a greater impact on his chances of winning than it does on the chances of his Republican opponent.

After Democratic candidates who were able to draw a portion of the left-wing electorate, such as Al Gore against George W. Bush in the year 2000 and Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump in the year 2016, Joe Biden’s campaign team is not able to simply watch the emergence of “RFK Jr.” with mistrust.

Donald Nieman, a political scientist at Binghamton University, believes that “the hyperpolarization” of the political scene in the United States “is the reason why a candidate from a third party with a well-known name represents such a threat at this moment” of the campaign. Nieman’s estimation is based on the fact that the candidate has a well-known name.

The analyst believes that there are only “six or seven states” that have the potential to genuinely flip in either direction during the election in November, and that victory in some of these states might be decided by as little as 10,000 votes. Donald Nieman emphasizes that “anything that can siphon off voters” to the damage of one candidate or the other could be “a decisive factor” in the election.

Robert Kennedy Junior, a lawyer who specializes in environmental law, is particularly well-known for his aversion to receiving vaccinations.

The son of the former Democratic Minister of Justice, “Bobby” Kennedy, who was killed in 1968, asserts that he has amassed sufficient support to appear on the ballots in six states in November. He currently claims that he is looking for one million signatures in order to qualify in all fifty states of the United States.

According to Charlie Kolean, who is the director of strategy at the conservative consulting firm Red Pac, “Kennedy represents a real threat to the Biden camp in swing states.”

He notes in particular very good results for Robert Kennedy Junior in polls among independents and young people, “groups which have traditionally voted for Biden.” The Republican is referring to young people and independents.

As a result, the Democratic camp made the decision to take the initiative, particularly by distributing signs that were put on a truck around the locations of “RFK Jr.” campaign activities.

However, it is not possible to rule out the possibility that this other candidate could hurt Donald Trump’s prospects of winning the election more than Joe Biden’s chances.

Businessman Ross Perot received 19% of the vote in 1992, which undoubtedly resulted in the loss of re-election for Republican George Bush Sr. against the Democratic candidate Bill Clinton.

For a period of time, Robert Kennedy Junior was the idol of Donald Trump’s “MAGA” campaign due to his use of conspiratorial overtones and his refusal to provide assistance to Ukraine under American assistance.

However, the former Republican president gives him the assurance that Robert Kennedy Junior is not a Ross Perot that has been updated.

In a recent post on his Truth Social platform, he expressed his excitement by saying, “I’m thrilled he’s a candidate!”

He claimed that Joe Biden’s allies were the ones who put pressure on Robert Kennedy Junior to withdraw from the primary campaign. Kennedy Junior had previously run for the Democratic nomination for president, but he ultimately decided against.

From the perspective of Keith Nahigian, who served as an advisor to George Bush Sr. during his disastrous campaign in 1992, the Biden camp committed a “gigantic mistake” when they chose to attract the ire of “RFK Jr.” rather than simply defeating him at the polls during the primaries.

“They could lose the presidency because they did not think sufficiently about their strategy at the beginning of the campaign,” the individual who worked on six different presidential campaigns told AFP. “They did not think about their strategy properly.”

Adding insult to injury for Joe Biden, Robert Kennedy Junior chose Nicole Shanahan, a very wealthy individual, to be his running partner. This decision enabled him to increase the amount of money that he could put into his campaign.

According to Keith Nahigian, this attorney, who was a former fundraiser to the Democratic camp, is also described as “very left-wing,” and as a result, it is highly doubtful that he will succeed in attracting the votes of Donald Trump supporters.

According to the former Republican consultant, “In the last two weeks, both Trump and Biden have really started to attack “RFK” because they see him as a credible threat, particularly to Biden in these key states where he is currently the loser.” This is especially true for Biden in these states where he is currently the loser.

There is a significant influence that independent candidates have on elections, and it is imperative that you take this into consideration, regardless of whether you are now serving as president or have previously held the office.–nsglals3h14fu6i–66138a92c16c1#goto5897

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