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Paris: US Secretary of State meets Macron on Ukraine, Gaza, Haiti.

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The chief of American diplomacy is scheduled to make his first trip to France in two years, and it is anticipated that he will address a number of pressing challenges that the world is now facing.

BEING INTERNATIONAL – Regarding the program, there are a few sensitive aspects. According to the official press release issued by the Secretary of State, the Francophile head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, will meet with Emmanuel Macron at the end of the day in France on Tuesday, April 2, for the first time in two years. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss “global issues.” American state.

The possibility of new conversations between France and the United States, which will logically center on the means of providing assistance to Ukraine in its struggle against Russia, the prolongation of the conflict in Gaza, and the means that are required to stabilize the problem in Haiti. Please do not overlook the preparations that are being made for the NATO Summit that will take place in Washington in the month of July.

With regard to the future of help to Ukraine

At the beginning of the day, the Secretary of State of the United States of America accompanied the Minister of the Armed Forces to Versailles. Nexter is a subsidiary of the Franco-German corporation KNDS, which is responsible for the production of the Caesar cannons that are shipped to Kiev. When it comes to providing assistance to Ukraine, the United States finds itself in a precarious situation. Kiev’s primary supporter since the Russian invasion, they are currently facing the possibility of a military aid program worth sixty billion dollars being blocked by the opposition in Congress, which is comprised of Republicans. This is a circumstance that has persisted for a number of months.

In his speech at Versailles, Antony Blinken stated that investments in the defense industrial base are also an investment in ourselves. He pleaded with the American Congress to take action that was “quick and effective.” The production pace of Caesars would expand from six to twelve every month, according to an announcement made by Sébastien Lecornu, “in the coming times.”

In a conference that took place in Paris at the end of February, chiefs of state and government reached an agreement on a number of projects. These projects included expanding the delivery of munitions to Ukraine, enhancing cyber defense, clearing mines, and even growing industrial armaments manufacturing in Ukraine.

· Conversations pertaining to the Middle East

During a working lunch with Stéphane Séjourné, Antony Blinken also discussed the topic of Gaza, which is a region where humanitarian help is still insufficient and where the hope of a ceasefire is extremely tenuous.

At the conclusion of their conversation, the two officials expressed their unanimity in condemning the strike that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out against an American non-governmental organization (NGO). After “the Israeli strike that led to the death of seven humanitarian workers” from World Central Kitchen who were killed in Gaza, Stéphane Séjourné expressed France’s “strong condemnation” of the Israeli strike. A “rapid and impartial” investigation was requested by the Secretary of State of the United States of America. “We had a direct conversation with the Israeli authorities, and we strongly urged them to conduct an investigation in order to gain a better understanding of the events that transpired.”

To speak more generally, the United States and France are becoming more and more adamant in their opposition to the unyielding military action that the Jewish state is taking in the Gaza Strip. During the weekend, the French minister was also present in Cairo, which has been the location of discussions for a cease-fire for a number of months through the mediation of international mediators, including the United States.

However, Israeli officials had “agreed to take into account” American concerns regarding Israel’s planned onslaught on Rafah before to this meeting in Paris. This meeting was scheduled to take place in Paris.

There is a crisis in Haiti, and there is a conference on Sudan.

This Franco-American program raises a number of other very contentious subjects, including the unavoidable question of the crisis in Haiti, the state of the Greater Antilles, which has multiple connections with both France and the United States, and other related topics. Since the end of February, the nation has been under the control of armed gangs, which has resulted in frequent attacks against various locations, including police stations, prisons, the airport, and the seaport of the island island.

The need to restore security on site becomes a priority if there is not an agreement on a peaceful transition following the departure of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who was forced out of his position by the same gangs. However, at the moment, tensions between political parties and other stakeholders who are responsible for the appointment of a new Prime Minister are blocking a return to more tranquil conditions. Despite the fact that Ariel Henry resigned on March 11, the transition council that was announced has not yet been created. A significant humanitarian crisis is currently being experienced by the Haitian population, which is experiencing shortages of food, medication, and other essential supplies. This is in addition to the political turmoil that is currently occurring.

Additionally, the matter of Sudan ought to be brought up with Stéphane Séjourné and Emmanuel Macron simultaneously. According to RFI, France will hold an international conference after a year of fighting. This meeting is expected to make it possible to recall this forgotten disaster and, as a result, make it easier to receive funding for humanitarian aid. On the 15th of April, this conference between France, the European Union, and Germany will take place in Paris.–660e34706911b#goto5798كبسولة-الحل-الشامل-للعناية-المثلى-بالعيون-crystalix-tunisia.htmlكبسولة-الحل-الشامل-للعناية-المثلى-بالعيون-crystalix-tunisia.html–17652380


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