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North Korea: Kim Jong Un led the first “nuclear triggering” simulation.

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KCNA, the state media of North Korea, stated on Tuesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended the country’s first simulated “nuclear trigger” military exercise. This exercise was conducted in response to air drills conducted by the United States and South Korea. according to AFP.

“A tremendous sense of fulfillment

It was reported by the agency that the exercises were the first time that Pyongyang’s “nuclear trigger” management system was put through its paces. The agency also mentioned that the system is a combined control system for the nuclear weapons of the country.

Monday was the day that the exercise was carried out, as stated by the agency. It was announced by the South Korean military on that day that the North Korean military had launched a barrage of short-range ballistic missiles, and Japan corroborated this information. The missiles were reportedly fired from the Pyongyang region and fell in the waters to the east of the Korean peninsula, as stated by Seoul.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “led a combined tactical exercise simulating a nuclear counterattack involving very large multiple rocket launchers,” the Korean Central News Agency reported. The agency claims that the missiles, which were “equipped with simulated nuclear warheads,” were successful in hitting their target, which was placed 352 kilometers away from the launch point.

A statement was made by the agency stating that the manager stated “his great satisfaction with the result of the exercise.”

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the drill allowed for the examination of “the reliability of the command, management, control, and operation system of the entire nuclear force” and the verification that the very big multiple rocket launchers were able to transfer to the mode of nuclear counterattack.

An assertive and provocative statement

Based on the information provided by KCNA, this exercise is a reaction to the yearly air training between the United States and South Korea that will take place at the Kunsan facility in South Korea from April 12 to April 26. According to the agency, the exercises should be considered “extremely provocative and aggressive” by North Korea, and they should be overtly focused against the country.

This has resulted in the North being compelled to “strengthen its strongest military power more massively and more quickly,” as stated by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The United States and South Korean air forces have emphasized that the purpose of the annual exercises is to “demonstrate the effectiveness of the weapons in the air domain and enhance their ability to deter, defend, and defeat any adversary.”

Pyongyang has a negative attitude toward the joint military maneuvers that the United States, South Korea, and Japan periodically undertake in the region. Pyongyang views these operations as general preparations before an invasion of its land or a takeover of its regime.

The most recent shooting “is an exercise designed for a scenario showing how the Kim regime would respond to a surprise aerial bombardment of Pyongyang by joint U.S. and South Korean air forces,” said Han Kwon-hee of the Korean Defense Industry Studies Association at AFP. The simulation was designed to show how the Kim regime would react to the surprise attack.

“The exercise shows that the response could include retaliatory nuclear missiles on the South ,” according to the official.

Nuclear energy that is “irreversible”;

A number of launches have been carried out by North Korea since the beginning of the year 2023, following a record-breaking missile test of that year. The North Korean government made a noteworthy claim at the beginning of April, stating that they had successfully tested a new solid-fueled hypersonic missile with a medium-to-longest range. A “very large warhead” that was built for a strategic cruise missile was put through its paces on Friday, when he made the announcement.

Pyongyang has been subject to a series of restrictions imposed by the United Nations since 2006. These sanctions have been strengthened on multiple occasions since their first implementation, and they ban Pyongyang from undertaking the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Despite this, the Kim Jong Un regime continued to carry out its prohibited weapons activities and, in 2022, declared that its status as a nuclear state was “irreversible.” In addition to this, he has significantly ratcheted up his rhetoric against South Korea, which is now being referred to as the “main enemy” and with whom any possibility of reunion may be fruitless.

A draft resolution that would have extended the mandate of the committee of experts responsible for monitoring the implementation of these sanctions for an additional year passed through the Security Council in March, but Russia exercised its right to veto the measure.

North Korea has recently improved its connections with Russia, which has been its traditional friend since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. They have been isolated from one another. Washington and Seoul have leveled accusations against Pyongyang, claiming that it has provided Moscow with weapons in return for military technologies.–6627965ac4c83#goto6279

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