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Trump’s trial will discuss the case’s merits after jury selection.

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At the historic trial of Donald Trump in New York, which took place on Friday, the jury was comprised of twelve members and six alternates.

As a result, the jury will be allowed to begin deliberating on the merits of the case on Monday, as Judge Juan Merchan had requested.

When a guy attempted to set himself on fire in front of the Manhattan courtroom where the trial is being held, in front of the lenses and cameras of the world’s media, this penultimate phase of jury selection was disrupted by a horrifying incident. The trial is being held in Manhattan. the whole.

After further investigation, the police were able to determine that the person responsible for this conduct was Maxwell Azzarello, a promoter of theses on a large financial conspiracy. According to the firefighters, Azzarello’s condition is “critical.” But there was no apparent connection between this act and the case.

Donald Trump, the first former president of the United States to face in a criminal trial, is currently facing charges related to the concealment of payments that were meant to purchase the silence of Stormy Daniels, a former porn star. These payments were made just a few days before the 2016 election, which Trump had narrowly won against the candidates of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

As he arrived in court on Friday morning for the fourth day of hearings, the Republican candidate, who will face the outgoing Democratic President Joe Biden in November, once again voiced his opposition to what he described as “a rigged trial” that prohibits him from campaigning.

Additionally, he blasted Judge Merchan, who he referred to as the “worst there is,” for preventing him from making any public comments that were directed at witnesses or jurors. According to Donald Trump, this was an assault on “his constitutional right to express himself” freely.

It is now complete that the process of skimming the more than 200 potential jurors who have paraded since Monday has been completed. More than half of these jurors were exempted after saying that they were unable to judge the former president in a fair manner, and others were challenged by either the defense or the prosecution.

Twelve jurors, seven men and five women, who resided in Manhattan, had already been sworn in on Thursday. Prior to their sworn in, they had their lives examined and answered a number of questions.

And on Friday, they chose their six replacements for the injured player.

The jurors, who were guaranteed by the judge that they would stay anonymous, are representative of New York society. They come from a variety of fields, including finance, law, commerce, education, and health care.

After left the White House in disarray for more than three years, Donald Trump theoretically faces the possibility of being sentenced to prison. This would not prohibit him from challenging Joe Biden in November, as a means of exacting retribution for the election that took place in 2020; nonetheless, it would be a step into the unknown for the campaign.

On the other hand, if he were found not guilty, it would be a significant victory for the Republican candidate.

The fact that he was able to postpone his three previous criminal prosecutions through the use of remedies is very noteworthy. Two of these cases were held in Washington and Georgia for illegal attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, and the third trial was held in Florida for allegedly managing casual access to confidential data.

In this case that is currently being heard in the courts of the state of New York, Donald Trump is being accused of falsifying accounting documents belonging to his company, the Trump Organization. These documents were intended to conceal, under the guise of “legal fees,” the payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels from Michael Cohen, who was Stormy Daniels’ personal attorney at the time.

An agreement was made between the former X-rated movie star and the millionaire in 2006 to maintain silence regarding a sexual relationship between the two of them. This relationship has been disputed by Donald Trump throughout his entire career, and his defense has always maintained that the payments were made in a private setting.

It is the intention of the prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, to provide evidence that these are, in fact, fraudulent strategies that are being used to conceal information from voters a few days before the election.

After being inaugurated in January 2025, Donald Trump would have the ability to order the dismissal of federal proceedings against him in both the state of Washington and the state of Florida if he were to win another election.–beber-t-para-la-hipertensin-presin-arterial-cardizoom-paraguay

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