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Trump’s trial gets to the point.

By nr39r Apr22,2024

Monday marks the beginning of the historic trial of Donald Trump, which will take place in New York City. The allegations that have been leveled against the former President of the United States of America have the potential to put a harsh light on the events that transpired behind the scenes of his victory in the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton.

Twelve full jurors, seven men and five women, and six alternates are ready to judge the Republican candidate for the presidential election in 2024, in the case of hidden payments to buy the silence of a former porn star just before the 2016 election. The jury selection process took place during the first week of the trial, and the stage is now set.

There is a good chance that this will be the most dramatic trial in the history of the United States. Bennett Gershman, a former prosecutor in New York and a law professor at Pace University in New York, provides a concise summary of the situation when he says, “The stakes are almost infinite.”

As a result of this investigation, Donald Trump faces the possibility of being convicted and receiving a prison sentence just a few months before the November 5th event that he has been dreaming about: his revenge against Joe Biden.

Despite the fact that the trial is being held on the fifteenth floor of the Manhattan courthouse, which is under a high level of security, a terrible tragedy occurred on Friday. According to the police, a guy who promotes “conspiracy theories” lit himself on fire at the exterior of the building.

On the day before he committed himself, this man, who was 37 years old and from Florida, displayed a sign at the location, in which he accused MM. Trump and Biden of conspiring to instigate a fascist coup. As a result of his severe mental instability, he was jailed multiple times in 2023 for committing a variety of illegal activities.

Costs incurred

Monday is the day when Manhattan prosecutors are required to present the accusations to the jury and attempt to demonstrate that the case involves a great deal more than the 34 falsifications of accounting documents from the Trump Organization that are being accused of being committed by the 77-year-old Republican tycoon.

According to the prosecution, these alleged forgeries made it possible to conceal, under the cover of “legal fees”, the payment of $130,000 to actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for her quiet regarding a sexual connection ten years earlier with Donald Trump, while he was married to his wife Melania.

The payments are considered to be in the realm of private matters, according to Donald Trump’s defense, who will testify after the prosecutors. Trump has long denied that he was involved in this relationship.

With the intention of demonstrating that these were, on the contrary, fraudulent tactics to conceal information from voters a few days before the election and the Republican’s narrow victory over Hillary Clinton, the team of the prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, intends to conduct their investigation.

The underbelly of the campaign is likely to be revealed by a number of witnesses, who will also claim that additional unpleasant claims were repressed due to the participation of an American tabloid that purchased the material in order to avoid publishing it.

“Every day, we are going to hear testimony that is damaging to Donald Trump,” predicted Bennett Gershman. “This pattern will continue.”


The members of the jury will be confronted with a number of individuals, including Stormy Daniels herself and Michael Cohen, who was formerly Donald Trump’s attorney and has since become one of his most vehement adversaries. According to him, he was the one who paid the actress with his own money, and he has already been found guilty by the courts in this particular case. He claims that he did this at the behest of his boss.

It is the intention of the defense to cast doubt on the reliability of this witness, who was also found guilty of lying in front of Congress.

The “corrupt” judge who is presiding over the discussions, Juan Merchan, and Alvin Bragg are the targets of Donald Trump’s vehement criticism of an empty file and his condemnation of political persecution to the extent that he uses strong language. It is a matter that will be discussed on Tuesday, and the prosecutor’s office has requested that the judge impose a sanction on him for violating the prohibition against insulting witnesses and jurors.

Due to the fact that he is required to attend his hearings, Donald Trump is unable to campaign in the typical manner. Meanwhile, his opponent Joe Biden is attempting to compensate for the popularity gap that he has by plowing the ground. Poor weather conditions forced the Republican to call off a meeting that was scheduled to take place in North Carolina on Saturday.

A total of four criminal charges have been filed against Donald Trump, and this trial has the potential to be the only one to reach a conclusion before the presidential election. As a result, the stakes are much higher. In particular, he is accused of “conspiracy against American institutions” in front of the federal justice system in Washington, DC, for his allegedly illegal attempts to overturn the results of the election that took place in 2020.–66239b024dd53#goto6179!-by-null-null—1-Naturally-I/10642680–1-naturally-immunity-booster-formula


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