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Joe Biden mocks criticism after his annual medical exam declared him “fit”

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At the age of 81, Joe Biden holds the record for being the oldest president to still be serving in the United States. As we go closer to the presidential election, his elderly age is being discussed and condemned.UNION STATES – He is 81 years old and has lost all of his teeth.

As the oldest sitting president in the history of the United States, Joe Biden continues to be “fit” to do his duties, according to his physician, who gave this assurance on Wednesday, February 28, at the conclusion of the leader’s yearly examination. This comes at a time when his capacity to rule is causing some concern. concerns, which were taken advantage of by the Republican opposition.

Kevin O’Connor, a physician at the White House, stated that the President of the United States “fully assumes all of his responsibilities without any exemption or accommodation.” He came to the conclusion that President Biden, who is 81 years old, is a robust, energetic, and healthy individual.

Over the course of two and a half hours in the morning, Joe Biden went to the Walter Reed military hospital, which is located in the suburbs of Washington, for his annual medical examination. This examination was the final one before the election in November.

As early as February 2023, Dr. O‘Connor had already arrived at the conclusion that Joe Biden was “in good health,” “vigorous,” and “fit” to serve in the role of vice president. Following that, a “small” malignant lesion that was located on his skin was excised. At the conclusion of his second term, the Democrat will be 86 years old if he is victorious in the election that will take place in November.

The ability of Joe Biden to govern till the end of a second term is drawing questions from the American people and beginning to affect his prospects of being re-elected. This is due to the fact that there have been images of the president falling on stairs and statements made during speeches that are unclear.

“Sleeping Joe” is a moniker that Donald Trump’s opponent has given him in order to capitalize on his shortcomings. “Biden is not too old, he is too incompetent!” was another thing that the former president had written on February 14. The former president is not free of slips of the tongue or uncertainty in his utterances.On Thursday, Donald Trump demanded that Vice President Joe Biden undergo a cognitive evaluation. He also criticized the Democratic candidate, who is nearly expected to be his opponent in the upcoming election in the United States, for his “terrible decisions.”

Trump frequently brags about his performance on a straightforward test designed to identify dementia, which has led to criticism from his detractors. However, multiple errors made by both men have raised worries regarding their senior age and mental acuity during the course of their lives.

The crooked Joe Biden has to be put through a cognitive test. The individual, who is 77 years old, commented on Truth Social that “perhaps in this way we would be able to discover the reasons why he makes such terrible decisions.”

The two of them were taken by me, and I ACED both of them (it was perfect!). Everyone who holds the office of President or who aspires to hold that position ought to be required to take this examination!

When Biden, who is 81 years old, went in for his yearly physical examination on Wednesday, his doctors determined that he was “fit for duty” and that there had been no significant changes in his health over the course of the previous year.

The White House stated that a cognitive test was not administered to Vice President Biden because it was not considered to be required.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated through polling that the majority of Americans do not want to witness a rematch between Biden and Trump in November because they believe that both candidates are too old to be in the White House with them.

During rallies, Trump frequently makes fun of Biden’s verbal gaffes and imitates his stiff walk. It is anticipated that Trump will clinch the Republican nomination to run against Biden within the next month.

In a recent study that exonerated the president for his retention of sensitive papers, the president was referred to as “an elderly man” who frequently demonstrates limits with regard to my memory and my ability to recall information.

The former president of the Republican Party is prone to frequent linguistic blunders, despite the fact that he frequently brags about his performance in a dementia test that required him to remember five phrases in the exact order.

In recent weeks, he has made the error of referring to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, as the leader of Turkey. Additionally, on one occasion, he has repeatedly confused Nancy Pelosi, the former speaker of the United States House of Representatives, with Nikki Haley, his primary opponent.

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