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In Baltimore, Joe Biden promises fast bridge repair.

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Baltimore: US President Joe Biden pledged on Friday to “move heaven and earth” in order to reconstruct the bridge that collapsed like a house of cards at the end of March, killing six people.

“I am here to tell you that your country is behind you,” the Democrat declared in front of the Francis Scott Key bridge’s wreckage, which still contains the cargo ship that caused it to fall.

While running against his predecessor, Donald Trump, Joe Biden promised that a new canal would be built by the end of May to reopen access to the busiest port in the nation—the Port of Baltimore.

Large commercial vessels cannot travel via the temporary shipping corridor that was opened at the beginning of the week to accommodate vessels engaged in rescue and clearance operations.

“As I flew over the area in a helicopter, I saw the broken bridge from the air, but on the ground, I saw a united community,” the president continued.

He implored Congress to approve his comprehensive financial package, saying, “We are going to make sure that everything is paid for.” “In order to rebuild this bridge as soon as possible, we will move heaven and earth.”

US steel

In an attempt to secure support from the working-class electorate, the 81-year-old Democrat also made a vow that rehabilitation would be carried out using “American labor and steel,” a reference to his industrial recovery plans that he hopes would give him an edge against Donald Trump in November.

The president also honored the workers who had passed away; they were all immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. By doing so, he demonstrated his distancing from his opponent’s growing aggressive statements on immigration.

When it comes to new automobiles, the Port of Baltimore handles more than 800,000 entries and exports each year. On the other hand, foreign vehicles are imported into the United States and built domestically.

The Baltimore Bridge, which is 40 miles north of Washington, will likely need up to three years to rebuild.

Following a fatal bridge collapse that closed Baltimore’s port, US President Joe Biden promised to “move heaven and earth” to assist in the city’s recovery.

The government will “assist you in rebuilding and maintaining all the business and commerce that’s currently here,” he continued.

Six workers were killed in the fall, and a large ship that was being utilized by Amazon was detained in one of the busiest ports on the East Coast.

A total of $60 million (£47.4 million) has been set aside for the cleanup.

Clearing the river and reconstructing the bridge would probably end up costing much more in the end; some MPs have estimated that it may reach hundreds of millions of dollars. One, Democratic congressman from Maryland named David Trone, told CBS, the US partner of the BBC, he thinks the price may reach $1 billion.

On Friday, Mr. Biden reiterated his earlier pledge to assist Baltimore in raising money for the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts.

“I fully plan for the federal government to pay for the entire bridge’s construction. “Everything,” he declared, urging Congress to approve financing “as soon as possible.”

A few hours after the president’s speech, Baltimore officials declared that a third construction worker’s body had been found at the bridge collapse site by dive teams.

Unified Command reported that Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval’s body was discovered on Friday at around 10:30 local time.

Last week, the remains of two additional victims—Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, 35, and Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, 26—were found.

Although the whereabouts of the final three victims remain unknown, Maryland Department of State Police Superintendent Colonel Roland Butler Jr. declared that his department was “fully committed to finding closure for each of these families.”

Before meeting with emergency personnel, Mr. Biden, who has family links to the city, flew over the collapsed region with Maryland Governor Wes Moore and other top officials working in the recovery operation.

Mr. Biden stated that the federal government will “move heaven and earth” to replace the bridge “as rapidly as humanly possible” while speaking in the Baltimore suburb of Dundalk, where the cargo ship, the Dali, and the damaged bridge were all plainly visible.

He went on to say that “union labor and American steel” will be used in the reconstruction project.

Over 15,000 jobs are connected to the port, making it an important economic center.

“Folks, we all need to step up,” he stated. “Amazon, Home Depot…and other companies all rely on this port, and they have committed to keep workers on payrolls.”

During his visit, Mr. Biden was also supposed to meet with the families of the “working, strong, selfless” men who perished in the disaster, and he also addressed them in his remarks. The six were immigrants from Central America and Mexico.

“Never forget the contributions these men made to this city,” he declared. “We’re going to keep working hard to recover each of them.”

Office of Management and Budget Director Shalonda Young stated that the administration would pursue “all avenues to recover the costs of past, current, and future work” in a letter dated April 5th to senior members of House and Senate committees that are concerned with public works, transportation, infrastructure, and the environment.

Following the incident, two smaller temporary shipping routes were opened in the vicinity by the “unified command” in order to facilitate restricted marine activity.

A restricted access channel that is 280 feet (80 meters) wide and 35 feet (10 meters) deep is expected to open at the end of April, allowing barge containers and some other vessels that transport vehicles and equipment to travel in a single direction.

By the end of May, the entire permanent channel should be clear and operational, according to a statement released earlier this week by the unified command.

But weather-related delays and unforeseen difficulties with the salvage operation could cause that schedule to alter.

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