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A Trump political platform from a criminal prosecution

By nr39r Apr13,2024

On the following Monday, a former president will be brought before a judge for the very first time in the history of the United States to face a criminal trial.

After months of inquiry and various attempts staged by his attorneys to postpone the date of this confrontation with justice – and even try to have it canceled – Donald Trump will face a loaded jury for several weeks in New York. The trial is scheduled to take place in New York. to assess whether or not he is guilty of bribery in relation to a case involving a former pornographic actress. The populist did not want to have an unfaithful relationship from his past come into play during his election campaign in 2016, therefore the payment was made with the intention of keeping it hidden from public view.

On the other hand, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president in 2024, ought to make advantage of this trial as a platform to attack his Democratic opponents and campaign, both within and outside of the courtroom. A predicted exploitation of the legal setbacks of the turbulent politician, with the intention of rallying his supporters seven months before the election in November, but which could also produce images that are likely to turn against him.

According to Jeffrey McCall, a political communications specialist at DePauw University in Indiana, who was contacted by Le Homework, “Donald Trump knows very well how to take advantage of the delicate situations in which he finds himself, and we can expect him to follow the same path that he has been following during his next appearance.” Trump will have to fight in the court of public opinion, taking care not to appear too unstable, disconnected, or defensive. This is because, in the end, the image of him sitting in a courtroom has the potential to be detrimental to him. The longer the trial continues, the more difficult it will be for him to move forward.

The Republican, who is currently facing 88 charges in four separate criminal cases brought by the American justice system, has primarily used his indictments to support his new rise on the path to the White House. He has done this by posing as a victim of a cabal controlled by Joe Biden and the “shadow state,” which he claims is attempting to silence him.

In August of last year, the process of taking his mugshot, which is typically a source of humiliation for a public person, by the court system in Fulton County, Georgia, where he is facing allegations of conspiracy to mount election fraud, became a chance for him to polish his image as a candidate who is opposed to the system. His fundraising efforts to pay his legal expenses and finance his new presidential campaign were also driven by the photo, which was a motivating force behind his efforts.

On the other hand, if the populist’s use of his court appearances has been met with a positive response up until this point among his electoral base, which has propelled him to the front of the pack in the race for the Republican nomination and which will soon bring him to the top of this primary, then it is now at risk of losing its effectiveness as the general election draws near.

As a result of being positioned in the middle of a courtroom during the next few weeks, Donald Trump will be removed from the electoral field, while simultaneously providing his adversaries and critics, even those who are members of his own party, with something to criticize.

“This trial will become free advertising for the electoral campaign of Joe Biden,” says Jeffrey McCall. “For months, Joe Biden has enjoyed defining Donald Trump as a law-disrespecting and nefarious politician,” McCall continues. The persistent coverage of Donald Trump’s legal issues in the media may provide moderate Republicans, like as those who voted for Nikki Haley, with additional evidence on a daily basis that they believe he is unsuitable to return to the White House.

At the beginning of March, a survey that was carried out by Ipsos on behalf of Politico found that more than fifty percent of American voters had already reached a verdict in this trial that combined fraud, bribery, and an ex-pornographic actress. This verdict was that Donald Trump was guilty of all of the crimes that he is accused of committing in this case. This sentiment is held by 54 percent of independent voters, who are likely to have a significant impact on the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

To add insult to injury, roughly a third of those who participated in the survey stated that a conviction in this case would make it more difficult to have support for the former president on election day.

According to the results of a survey conducted in Virginia and North Carolina, between 31 and 37 percent of voters who took part in the primaries held in these states a few weeks ago are of the opinion that if Trump were to be found guilty in court, he would lose his standing as a presidential candidate.

On the eve of the populist’s return to court in New York, after making a notable appearance in recent weeks in a civil trial for fraud that sentenced his Trump Organization to a fine of nearly half a billion dollars, the main interested party prefers to repeat ad nauseam that none of this will harm his candidacy and that this trial should even, according to him, make him even more popular, “because people know that he is.” This is because the populist is a candidate for president of “It’s a scam,” he vehemently declares.

On the previous Saturday, he once again compared himself to Nelson Mandela, a prominent figure in the anti-apartheid movement and a former president of South Africa. He did this in order to portray himself as the victim of a repression that he considers to be comparable to the one that made Mandela the most famous political prisoner of the previous century. As he stated on his social network, “I will happily become a modern-day Nelson Mandela, it will be my great honor,” he was referring to his future self. It is imperative that we rescue our nation from these political operatives who are portraying themselves as prosecutors and judges, and I am willing to give up my freedom in order to support this worthy cause.

Donald Trump will have to deal with “a pothole on the road to the White House” as a result of the beginning of this criminal trial, which is without a doubt the only one that can be held before election night in November. Jeffrey McCall continues by stating that it is still difficult to determine whether or not this encounter with justice will deal a fatal blow to his campaign. In conclusion, he says, “But whatever happens during this trial, it will only be one more element among the many other events that will further complicate the election period between now and next November.” This trial is scheduled to take place between now and November of next year.

By nr39r

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