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US vice president visiting abortion clinic

By nr39r Mar15,2024

American Vice President Kamala Harris visited a clinic performing abortions on Thursday, a first according to the American press in a context where the Democrats want to place this theme at the center of the electoral campaign.

We must be a nation that trusts women,” Harris said during her visit to a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota (north), according to the White House.

The “attacks on the individual right to make decisions that concern one’s own body are scandalous,” added Joe Biden’s running mate for the November presidential election, who has been leading a national tour since January dedicated to defending the right to freedom. ‘abortion.

Never before has a president or vice-president visited a clinic practicing voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion), according to American media.

Ahead of the vice-president’s trip, the White House had affirmed that it would endeavor to highlight the impact of the “extreme abortion bans” put in place in many conservative states since the American Supreme Court was returned, in June 2022, under the federal guarantee of this constitutional right, leaving it to the States to legislate on the matter.

This earthquake pushed, in total, around twenty American states to ban or very severely limit voluntary terminations of pregnancies.

Nearly twenty anti-abortion activists demonstrated in the street outside the clinic during Kamala Harris’ visit, with signs proclaiming in particular “abortion is not health care.”

Calling abortion rights opponents “extremists,” the vice president praised the clinic’s employees, who she said have “dedicated their lives to the profession of providing health care in a safe, which gives dignity to people.

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the November presidential election, said he was “proud” to have contributed to the 2022 turnaround in jurisprudence, by appointing conservative judges during his presidency (2017-2021).

Kamala Harris, a figure in the Biden camp on this issue, intends to use this statement against the 77-year-old tycoon during the electoral campaign.

Abortion remains a historic fault line in the United States, even if polls show that a majority of Americans are today in favor of a right to abortion.

This notably allowed Joe Biden, a practicing Catholic, but firm defender of this right, to avoid a scathing defeat against the Republicans during the mid-term legislative elections in the fall of 2022.

T. PAUL, Minnesota, March 14 (Reuters) – U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday toured a health clinic that offers abortion services while she was in Minnesota, spotlighting growing restrictions on women’s rights that Democrats believe will animate voters in November.

The visit, believed to be the first of a sitting president or vice president to such a clinic, comes as President Joe Biden highlights abortion rights as a key issue ahead of the November presidential election.

Harris arrived for a tour at Planned Parenthood’s St. Paul Health Center-Vandalia facility as some two dozen anti-abortion protesters stood in the street outside holding signs that read, among other statements, “Abortion is not healthcare.”
After completing a tour that was closed to the press, Harris said women in the country are undergoing “silent suffering” because of attacks on their health. The clinic in Minnesota’s state capital provides a range of care, including birth control and preventive wellness services.

Right now, in our country we are facing a very serious health crisis, and the crisis is affecting many, many people in our country,” the vice president told reporters.

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