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Escobar: Kurti promised to consider my Serbian dinar proposals

By nr39r Mar15,2024

On Thursday, Gabriel Escobar, the American envoy for the Western Balkans, expressed hope that the Kosovo government will find a solution regarding the use of the Serbian dinar.

He also emphasized that the treatment of the Serbian minority in Kosovo is a challenge to the challenges that are being faced in the relationship between the two countries currently.

Following a discussion that lasted for two hours with Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Escobar stated that the United States continues to be the most reliable and committed partner of Kosovo.

On the other hand, I must confess that this partnership is currently facing a few difficulties. If we are being completely honest, these difficulties are a direct result of how the Serbian minority is treated. The fact that we are forced to go through this is a very unpleasant matter. Some of the people living in this country have been put through a significant amount of suffering as a result of the decision made by the Central Bank, and we are very concerned about this situation,” Mr. Escobar stated, highlighting the fact that this is an ongoing humanitarian problem that needs to be handled promptly.

An angry reaction from Belgrade was prompted by a regulation that was issued by the Central Bank of Kosovo. The regulation stated that the euro is the only currency that can be used for cash payments in Kosovo. Western diplomacy expressed concerns about the impact that this regulation would have on the lives of Kosovo Serbs, who continue to receive financial support from Serbia.

In addition to requesting that Kosovo delay the execution of the decision, the United States of America has stressed that the lack of coordination that the government of Kosovo has shown with regard to this matter has had a negative impact on the quality of the cooperation that exists between the two governments.

Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Escobar for the support he received from the United States of America in a post that he made on social networks. He also underlined the importance of holding Serbia accountable for the incident that occurred in Banjska. “I also briefed him on the steps our government has taken to support the transition of the Central Bank and our readiness to address ongoing issues.”

It was earlier in the day when Mr. Escobar expressed his desire to collaborate with the government of Kosovo in the goal of locating a prompt resolution to the problem of the Serbian dinar. He stated that the Serbian community is suffering as a result of this decision, and he believes that this decision is causing them to suffer. Mr. Escobar made this statement to the local media in the Serbian language, which was referred to as “Gorazhdec.” He emphasized that the American government wants Serbs to live in Kosovo in conditions that are safe and dignified, and he also stated that “the government of Kosovo has the responsibility to make this happen, and the United States will hold them responsible for this.”

After the meeting with Prime Minister Kurti, he stated that no one can be moved when they hear how the regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo is affecting the most vulnerable segment of society from the Serbian population. He said this in response to the fact that no one can be moved.

Escobar stated, “The prime minister accepted this and promised to consider some of the proposals that I presented to him today,” however this statement did not include any specifics of the proposals that the prime minister has offered.

Despite the allegations that the United States has an unfair approach to Kosovo, Mr. Escobar refuted those allegations.

Every single thing that we have done over the course of the past year has been in Kosovo’s favor. Following the events that transpired in Ohrid, we showed our support for your candidature for the Council of Europe. All of your democratic processes, including the elections in the north, have received our enthusiastic support.

Following the attacks that occurred on September 24th, we pledged our support to you and made the decision to assist you in acquiring Javelin weaponry. Give me an explanation as to why this is not balanced. In reality, it is not. During this interim period, we are hoping that Kosovo will be able to hear our concerns. In addition, it shouldn’t be too challenging. Mr. Escobar stated that these individuals are citizens of Kosovo.

On the second day of his visit to Kosovo, the American envoy also stayed at the Decani Monastery. This was one day after the government in Pristina made the decision to implement the decision of the Constitutional Court of 2016 regarding the properties of the Decani Monastery. This decision brought an end to a lengthy period of disagreements with Western diplomacy regarding this matter.

QUINT States have expressed their satisfaction with the decision made by the Government of Kosovo, which has requested that the Cadastral Agency carry out the decision made by the Constitutional Court of Kosovo in 2016 regarding the property of the Monastery of Decan.

He expressed his approval of this move, which was referred to as “an important step forward by the Kosovo authorities in accordance with European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations” by the diplomats of the most prominent Western nations on Thursday.

Additionally, Mr. Escobar engaged in conversations with political groups that are opposed to the government as well as political leaders of Kosovo Serbs regarding the most recent developments.

A strong emphasis was placed by the leaders of the opposition parties on the current relationship that exists between the United States of America and the government of Kosovo.

They were not at such a low level as they are now, according to what we were told, which was made very plain and repeated quite loudly. According to Lumir Abdixhiku, the president of the Democratic League of Kosovo, the absence of tight cooperation with our primary friends, specifically with the United States of America, has ramifications for the Euro-Atlantic integration of Kosovo. This scenario is, of course, concerning for all of us individually.

“I believe that it is possible to see that we are currently in that era where we are being penalized for the attitude, for the manner that we have managed these connections, the commitments that have been taken from the Franco-German plan that has been supported by the Americans, and that have been able to move us forward towards NATO.

Ramush Haradinaj, the chairman of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, stated that it is clear that intentional punishment is being meted out to Kurti. This is due to the fact that (Albin) Kurti has retreated, and as a result, he is searching for themes that will enhance populism and increase his own name.

Diplomats from the United States have issued a warning to the government of Kosovo, stating that the lack of cooperation is a barrier to the United States’ commitment to assisting Kosovo in its progress toward Euro-Atlantic integration. According to Mr.

Escobar, the five countries who do not recognize Kosovo’s independence are the ones that stand in the way of Kosovo’s entry into the European Union and NATO. These five nations all want to see progress made on topics that are in accordance with the conversation that is fostered by the European Union.–india/?v=0–65f3d36a68168#goto5281

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