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This US veteran recalls his bear attack on social media.

By nr39r May30,2024

An American veteran was attacked by a bear on the 19th of May, 2024, when he was in a national park in Wyoming, which is located in the United States. Within a lengthy message that was posted on Facebook, the former soldier detailed the events that transpired. The individual who was subjected to gunfire and explosives during the conflict is of the opinion that this attack was “the most violent thing” that he had “ever experienced.”

This is a major scare for an American veteran. April 19th, 2024, a Sunday. It was while Shayne Patrick Burke was photographing owls in the wilderness of Wyoming (United States) that he was attacked by a mother grizzly bear in Grand Teton National Park. Burke was traveling through the wilderness to take photographs of owls. The man, who was 35 years old at the time, described the event in a lengthy Facebook message that was reported by our friends at CNN. He was still in shock.

His bear spray was the savior.

The veteran had just observed a bear cub approximately fifty meters distant when the bear allegedly came at him. The veteran was in a crippled state. In his writing, he made the following statement: “I held on, screamed, and attempted to deploy the bear spray, but she had already closed the gap.” Turning his back on the monster that had thrown itself at him, the thirty-year-old man was taken aback by the change of events. “My back and right shoulder were the sites of the initial bite and cut that I sustained. I let out a yell. Subsequently, she reverted her position and stepped on my back. As the survivor, who had gotten down on his stomach in an attempt to act as if he were dead, says, “She bit my leg, picked me up, and slammed me to the ground several times.”

When the young man continued to scream, the bear’s attention was drawn to his head. He had received around three bites on each leg, and he continued to scream. I have a feeling that she has attempted to kill me by biting my neck. The carotid arteries were still being protected by my arms, and my hands were still entwined. It was never that I let go of the bear spray,” he goes on to say. In addition, this is most likely what rescued him: Although she was biting my hands on the back of my neck, she was also biting the spray can, which caused it to erupt in her mouth at the same time. As soon as he was hurt, the imposing animal got up and departed the scene without even asking for a moment to rest.

At a safe distance

After he had some time to himself, Shayne Patrick Burke was able to go in order to locate a network and alert his wife. He proceeded to perform first aid on his own, explaining that he had “cut the straps of my backpack, the straps of my camera, and I used the straps of my bag” in order to create improvised tourniquets and reduce the amount of bleeding that was occurring. The forest guards were able to locate the veteran the moment they were alerted, and they provided assistance to him. An ambulance was dispatched to transport the man to a local medical facility. Following prompt medical attention, it is anticipated that he will make a full recovery, as stated by the authorities.

Explosions caused by improvised explosive devices and mortar fire were among the forms of fire that I encountered. “I am a disabled veteran who is a member of the army reserve,” he recounted on the amazing event in a message that he posted on Facebook. On the other hand, he claims that this assault “is the most violent thing I have ever experienced […]” At that precise moment, I came to terms with the fact that I might very easily pass away while standing on this modest hill.

The young man, who was no longer in danger, requested that the authorities refrain from killing the bear. In a post that he made on the social network, he stated, “She was defending her teddy bear.” In addition, a few days after this incident, a bear attacked and injured a young man from the United States who was staying in a cabin in the state of Arizona.—–bulgaria\

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