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American presidential election 2024: Trump’s pariah comeback

By nr39r May29,2024

Trump brought people together at a meeting in the Democratic Bronx. The Republican candidate for president in November, who is still waiting for the outcome of a criminal trial, wants to win over blacks, who tend to vote more liberally.

“Hi, New York City!” Also, hello to all the great, awesome, strong, and hardworking American Patriots in the Bronx! I’m so happy to be back in this place! Donald Trump wiped five weeks of trials in Manhattan on Thursday evening, May 23, during an open-air meeting in New York’s Crotona Park. It was the first meeting in the Big Apple since 2016. With his tanned face, red tie, and tribune-like swagger, he made everyone forget that he wasn’t really in town on his own.

What’s more, a judge in New York had to sit between two lawyers four days a week to hear a grumpy ex-porn star and a grumpy ex-aide talk about how bad the presidential candidate was. and November: a sexual adventure, an attempt to hide the affair, and fake campaign accounts.

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for president, capping off an amazing political comeback driven by anger and revenge. The general election is now official and is expected to be the longest and costliest in recent memory.

The Associated Press reported that the former president got more than the required number of delegates on Tuesday night. This made him the GOP candidate. That gives Trump full freedom to put together the Republican Party’s political machine and focus on a fight with Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump has promised that if he wins the election, he will get rid of the so-called “deep state” of government workers, stop illegal immigration, make trade more protected, and reduce the US’s part in the world.

Following his primary victory, he didn’t throw his normal party. Instead, he posted a low-key video statement on social media. He said, “So we’re not going to celebrate.” “When the election is over in eight months, we’ll have a party.”

Trump was a national outcast when he left office because he tried to undo the 2020 election, which led to the riot in the Capitol on January 6, 2021. He became the first president in U.S. history to be removed from office twice. He has been charged with 91 felony counts in four criminal cases since he left office. These cases involve claims that he tried to get his loss to Biden overturned, that he handled classified papers improperly, and that he paid an adult film star.

Trump announced his third run for president in November 2022, after the Republicans did poorly in the midterm elections. Some in his party blamed him for this result.

Over a dozen GOP candidates ran against Trump. Some of them used to be friends, like Nikki Haley, who was ambassador to the UN, Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, and Trump’s own vice president, Mike Pence.

Even so, the criminal charges turned more Republicans behind the former president, while his opponents ran bad campaigns and lost. Haley, Trump’s last surviving Republican opponent, quit her campaign after last week’s Super Tuesday races. Trump still controls the GOP, as shown by the fact that he won all but two of the primaries in 2024.

After beating other candidates in the Georgia Democratic primary on Tuesday, Biden won enough votes to become the nominee for his party. With a string of Super Tuesday wins, he had already thrown Dean Phillips, the main Democrat running against him, out of the race. The president then gave a fiery State of the Union speech last Thursday, hoping to calm voters’ worries about his age and set the stage for his second run against Trump.

Trump’s victory, which his campaign hoped to achieve by the middle of March, shows how his team can use legal problems that would have ended any other politician’s career as a rallying cry to rally followers who believe his false claims of being persecuted for his political views.

His campaign funds are much smaller than Biden’s, so he’ll have to use that energy to fill them up. The Republican National Committee has now said that Trump’s campaign meets the requirements to join the national party.

That means Trump can raise more money through deals to raise money together with the RNC. Trump took over the party on Friday by putting three friends in charge, including his daughter-in-law, after putting pressure on the party’s former chair, Ronna McDaniel, to step down.

It is believed that the 2024 election will cost a lot of money. It’s been a while since there was a campaign in recent U.S. history with candidates who were so unpopular and in the news for so long. So that happens, they will have to spend billions of dollars to get people to vote for them.

A study done last month by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult found that Trump beat Biden in head-to-head matches in seven swing states.

Biden’s immigration policies have been criticized by the former president, who has also made fun of him for his age and memory. This is happening at the same time that Biden is being questioned about his own mental health. Trump has been pleading with Biden to agree to debate, even though he has skipped five debates against his Republican primary opponents.

Trump has a lot of problems to solve before he can get back to the White House, even though he is ahead in the polls. A study released last month by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult found that six out of ten voters in swing states think he is too dangerous. Another poll found that most people would not vote for him if he is found guilty of a crime.

The former president’s angry speeches have turned off leaders on Wall Street and in other cities around the world.

Trump has said that his crime charges went up after he became more popular with Black people. He said that if NATO member states don’t meet their defense spending goals, Russia could do “whatever the hell they want.” He has also pushed for the stock market to crash while Biden was president.

The former president also needs to get more suburban and female votes, which will be hard to do now that the Supreme Court ruled against nationwide abortion rights after Trump chose three conservative justices to serve on the court.–Diaxil-%CE%9A%CE%AC%CF%88%CE%BF%CF%85%CE%BB%CE%B1-Deal-wi/10669837–diaxil-deal-with—greece-550359492



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