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The US. Abortion, Gaza, Trump… Remembering Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech?

By nr39r Mar8,2024

On Thursday evening, Vice President Joe Biden of the United States of America delivered his traditionally delivered State of the Union address to the United States Congress.

In a speech that had the feel of an election campaign, the Democrat upped his assaults against his Republican opponent Donald Trump. The speech focused on the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as abortion and the economy.

The annual State of the Union address was delivered by Vice President Joe Biden of the United States of America on Thursday, March 7. He appeared to be in excellent health to defend his record and explain the primary lines of his strategy for the upcoming months in front of Congress. The Democrat, who was running for his own succession during the presidential elections in November, was a candidate for his own succession.

A speech that was full of energy and was seen by the American media as a real campaign speech. During this speech, he proceeded to attack his “predecessor” and very probable future opponent in the next election, which is Donald Trump.

During his statement in front of Congress, Joe Biden made a number of attacks on “his predecessor,” a person he mentioned thirteen times throughout the course of his more than an hour-long speech. The Democratic Party member accused Donald Trump of “submitting” to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, or of putting the democratic process in the United States at jeopardy, although she did not name him.

One of the statements made by the former president that “told Putin ‘do whatever you want'” was deemed “dangerous” and “unacceptable” by Joe Biden, who had singled out Donald Trump’s recent words regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

On his social network Truth, Donald Trump condemned what he called a “angry, divisive, and hateful speech.” During his campaign, Trump made a greater number of statements that further inflamed the situation.

Regarding the conflict in Gaza, the President of the United States of America expressed his concern for the suffering of Palestinian civilians in a manner that was more extensive than he had ever done before.

He sent a warning to Israel, stating that humanitarian aid “cannot be a secondary consideration or a bargaining chip.”

The construction of a temporary port in Gaza was another announcement that Joe Biden made during his state speech. This port will allow for the transportation of further aid into the Palestinian region, which is where expectations of a rapid truce between Israel and Hamas are dissipating.

In light of the fact that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement has just reached its sixth month, Vice President Joe Biden made the following statement: “I am working hard to achieve an immediate ceasefire of at least six weeks.”

The construction of a “temporary pier” will take many weeks, according to American officials, and it does not indicate that American soldiers will be deployed on the ground. They also stated that the Israelis had been notified of the situation.

In addition, the Democratic candidate for president has confirmed that he will continue to advocate for some issues during his campaign, such as abortion. He made a commitment to “reestablish” protection throughout the nation for the right to abortion, which had been dynamited by the ultra-conservative Supreme Court that was reformed by the Republican, and to increase the amount of taxes that are levied on international corporations, such as billionaires.

He vowed that he would never “demonize” migrants in the same way that his predecessor had done, and he lauded the economic prosperity of the United States as “the envy of the entire world.”

The address, which is delivered during the election year, comes at a crucial point for the 81-year-old President and candidate for re-election. He is confronted with doubt regarding his age and fitness for a second term, which is reinforced by criticism from certain segments

of his own party on his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Throughout his speech, Vice President Biden made an effort to reassure the public of his robustness and commitment. He refuted any notions of weakness, including the fact that he engaged in intermittent argument with Republican hecklers who were present in the audience.

By nr39r

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