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Colmenar Viejo residents oppose the parking system reform.

By nr39r Mar8,2024

Every two weeks, you are only permitted to park on one of the sidewalks along the roadway.

In addition to other cases, the City Council notes that this is done to ensure that emergency vehicles are not impeded in their ability to pass through.

The Colmenar Viejo City Council has been implementing a “alternative and fortnightly” parking method in the Dos Castillas neighborhood of the town since this week. This has resulted in complaints from some neighbors, who are currently collecting signatures, as well as from opposition parties, such as Ganemos, which denounces the fact that the residents who will be affected have not been asked in the past.

The new model suggests that within a period of fifteen days, automobiles will be permitted to park on only one of the sidewalks of the road, specifically on either the left or the right side, while the other sidewalk will remain unoccupied.

On the other hand, there are no limitations placed on the individuals who are permitted to park on the street during that particular week. This means that any resident of the street or any other region of the municipality is able to do so.

Jorge Domínguez, the Urban Planning Councilor of Colmenar Viejo, took the time to clarify to Efe that this very remedy has been done in other parts of the municipality where there were issues due to the fact that “they are very narrow.”

As a result of this narrowness, automobiles are unable to maneuver when there are cars parked on both sides of the street, and it is even more difficult for an ambulance or a fire engine to drive through.

“That assistance can be guaranteed in case of emergency” is the goal, according to Domínguez, who has stated that three weeks ago, an ambulance was unable to access a neighbor in order to provide assistance since the vehicle was unable to fit because there were automobiles parked on both sidewalks due of the situation.

The councilor continued by saying, “It is very important that a portion of the road always remains free, because in the event of an emergency, it is not possible to rely on a neighbor going out to move their car.”

He has also admitted that there has not been a prior public consultation and that there are neighbors who have stated their rejection of the proposal, but he has noted that “the decision is motivated by previous complaints” and that there are neighbors who are in favor of the plan. extent.

Nevertheless, Ganemos Colmenar is outraged by the fact that the City Council has “imposed” this change in parking in Colonia Dos Castillas, despite the fact that it is a “purely residual” region in which “the entire affected neighborhood has not been heard.”

As a result of this, they assert that there are neighbors who have lodged complaints, and another group of residents has organized and is collecting signatures for collective claims. In response to this, Ganemos requests that the City Council “reverse its decision, consult all of the affected parties, and search for the most effective solution.”

The Department of Education, the Schooling Commission, and the Department of Education are all violating our rights as parents. On the one hand, they are closing school classrooms, which means that there are parents who want to take their children with them.

However, they are ignoring the right that we have as parents to send our children to the school that we choose for them. Moreover, they have made the decision to relocate the school to a location that is more than two kilometers away from where it is currently situated, without taking into consideration the fact that the parents of the children who are already attending the school want it to remain in its current location.

In light of the fact that they are disregarding not only the rights and interests of the parents, but also those of the children and the educational staff, all of this does not make much sense. Since the same thing happens to you, we hope that you sign the document. There is a good land, but there is a poor interaction between the governments and the educational community. To summarize, it does not matter what we want; they will always act in a way that is beneficial to them. It’s comparable to “Everything for the people, but without the people”

By nr39r

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