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The song “My little soul” produced by Kiko Rivera is a hit on Tik Tok.

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There are hundreds of users that share their very first encounter.

Just recently, Kiko Rivera has released a new “son” in terms of his musical output. With this song, “Malibu,” she aims to achieve the same level of popularity as she did with “Mambo,” which brought her a great deal of happiness the previous year.

That the DJ was going to be successful on the social network Tik Tok with his first performance, which hundreds of people have uploaded, was something that the DJ did not anticipate happening. His performance was titled “My little soul.”

In addition to that, they have developed a filter that gives any user of TikTok the ability to adopt the appearance of Isabel Pantoja’s son. Not only that, but users also make use of the audio of Kiko Rivera’s very first performance to apply this filter. This performance took place when Kiko was very small and her mother led him on stage to sing “My Little One of the Soul.” The following is the moment, in case you have not yet witnessed this performance:

The following is an illustration of what they are doing on TikTok by utilizing the filter that Kiko Rivera has created:

A notable Spanish media figure who has left a big effect on the entertainment landscape, Kiko Rivera was born Francisco José Rivera Pantoja on February 9, 1984 in Seville. He is known for his work in the entertainment industry. Initially, his recognition stemmed from his pedigree, as he was the son of Isabel Pantoja, a well-known tonadillera, and Francisco Rivera, a bullfighter who was better known as Paquirri.

It was from his father that he received the nickname Paquirrín. Kiko Rivera has been able to establish his own celebrity throughout the course of time as a result of his involvement in the tabloid press and his participation in various television programs. At the moment, he is employed as a singer and DJ, and he has released a number of successful musical compositions.

Kiko’s life and his reputation in the public eye were profoundly altered as a result of the untimely passing of his father, Paquirri, when he was only seven months old. Kiko, who was known as Paquirrín, was subjected to persistent examination by the media from a very young age. The media closely tracked her life as well as the lives of her mother. He became the subject of multiple gossip magazine covers after he made an appearance on stage with Isabel Pantoja at one of her concerts, which resulted in an even greater increase in the amount of media coverage he received.

His goals in the sporting world did not come to fruition, despite the fact that he attempted to enter the world of football and took tests in order to gain admission to the lowest parts of Real Madrid. Kiko Rivera eventually found himself involved in the world of entertainment, where he worked as a publicist, public relations professional, and participated in advertising campaigns.

His personal life also garnered the interest of the media, as he had romantic connections that were followed by the press that was known for spreading rumor. Beginning in the year 2007, Kiko Rivera began to assume the role of the protagonist in many television programs. She is particularly notable for her involvement in the show “Desmontando a Paquirrín” on La Sexta, which garnered a phenomenal response from the audience and provided her with more media prominence.

The participation of Kiko Rivera in a number of different television programs led to his meteoric rise in popularity, which resulted in him becoming a phenomenon in the media and creating a great deal of interest in the press. Her name became one of the most searched for on the internet, and her image took on a tremendous deal of significance.

Through her participation in a variety of television programs and public events, Kiko Rivera has maintained her status as a significant figure in the Spanish entertainment industry over the course of many years to come. It was another significant moment in his career when he made his debut as a DJ on the show “Loca Latino” in April of 2019.

Kiko Rivera’s life, on the other hand, has also been distinguished by challenging events, such as the stroke he received in October 2022, which resulted in him being hospitalized and left him with temporary consequences. There have been other challenging moments as well. In spite of this, he was able to recuperate swiftly and resume his position in public life thanks to his tenacity and dedication.–65f678ba60431#goto5363—kuwait-256322023


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