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“The real heroes sacrificed their lives”: veterans’ humility and emotion on D-Day’s 80th anniversary.

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Hilbert Margol, Arlester Brown, and Felix Maurizio are the names… The fact that they all buried their childhoods on a beach in Normandy in 1944 is something that they all have in common. They were followed by “Le Monde” during the commemorations that were held in their honor.

It is said that “in every old person, there is a young person who wonders what happened,” which is an exceptionally peculiar expression. On the evening of June 6, after a long day of commemorations of the Landing in Normandy, a small group of American veterans who were both exhausted and elated asked themselves the question, “What did he do?” They were returning by bus from the long day of events. What could have happened in eighty years for us to find ourselves in this position, being praised by the crowds, praised by the leaders, and hailed as heroes?

Arlester Brown asked, “How on earth can we explain this tremendous turnaround in the situation that means that a young black soldier who landed in Normandy in June 1944 within a unit responsible for stewardship and of the laundry, exposed within the framework of his own army to racism, humiliation, and segregation, was decorated with the Legion of Honor by the President of France, in front of several monarchs and an audience of heads of State?” This is a situation that has occurred one hundred years after the first of April.

He makes the observation that “life definitely has some nice surprises in store for us.” This day was so full with sunshine! Every single one of these grins, every single shout, and every single brotherly communion that revolves around the principles of freedom and peace, honestly, what delight!

During times of political unpredictability, the international community was able to demonstrate that it was united, that it abhorred dictatorship, and that it did not make concessions with regard to the requirements of democracy. “The message of D-Day is out there,” he remarked.

“It’s out there.” There is peace! The peace, which was so hard-won and which must be defended without making concessions or showing any sign of fear. The support that Biden and Macron have shown for Ukraine has been unwavering. All the more so, the better! We must not repeat the cowardice that we displayed in 1939.

The tears were dried by the wind.

What exactly took place? Felix Maurizio, who is 99 years old and is so fragile, so unhappy, and so unsteady, is also asked this question. He had not been back to Normandy since he was 19 years old. Despite the splinters, the nightmares, and the images that the decades have never been able to eradicate, life slipped by in such a short amount of time…

He was a young sailor on board a full barge of soldiers that was due to land in the first wave at Omaha Beach. This event took place exactly eighty years ago to the day from now. According to him, it was his responsibility to lower the ramp that was located at the front of the machine so that the guys could dive into the sea while the Germans were firing on them.–65d33150c6b4478

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