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Joe Biden’s stopgap on immigration

By nr39r Jun6,2024

Democratic procrastination on this issue simply serves to promote Donald Trump’s uncontrolled demagoguery, as seen by the proclamation that was swiftly signed by the President of the United States, which allowed the border with Mexico to be temporarily blocked to asylum seekers. It is Trump.

The political benefit that can be derived from a measure that was enacted under pressure is typically difficult to achieve. Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, is currently experiencing this after issuing a decree on June 4, five months before the presidential election, that allows the border with Mexico to be temporarily blocked to asylum seekers in the event that there is an excessive amount of people seeking refuge.

Unsurprisingly, the move was slammed just as strongly on the left, with the president being accused of mimicking his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, who was a backer of an excessively hard position on immigration, as it was on the right, where this turn of the screw was judged to be completely insufficient.

It has been demonstrated by critics from the Democratic party that the administration of Joe Biden has, up until this point, abstained from responding to the large influx of migrants arriving primarily from Central America, but also from other continents.

When it comes to the issue, the president’s party is deeply divided, to the point where it prevents the development of a strategy that is tailored to the issues between advocates of laissez-faire and those who plead for a more restrictive policy. This includes the Democratic mayors of large American cities who are confronted with influxes of migrants that were orchestrated in particular by the Republican governor of Texas, who is the gateway to this immigration.

The United States’ immigration policy is being held captive by this twofold escalation, which is being fed by a Congress that is not functioning properly.

As a result, a compromise that was forged in the Senate and would have provided for the strengthening of border police, the increase in the reception capacities of detention centers, the acceleration of procedures for examining asylum applications, or even increased means to expel people whose applications are rejected was blocked by the House of Representatives, which is chaired by a Republican. This was done in response to pressure from Donald Trump.

Speech that is racist

It’s a story that keeps happening. A Republican-controlled House of Representatives had already defeated a first bipartisan plan that had been voted in the Senate in 2013. This package featured similar measures as well as the regularization of undocumented immigrants who had come in the United States as children and who are now completely integrated there.

Nevertheless, such adjustments have become absolutely necessary. There is an overwhelming number of asylum petitions being submitted to federal state agencies, and some of these applications intentionally divert this system by failing to meet the necessary criteria.

Procrastination on immigration by the Democratic Party serves solely to support Republican interests and the unbridled demagoguery of Donald Trump, which is emphasized by openly racist statements, as the directive that was signed in a hurry by Joe Biden demonstrates. During the 2016 election, the latter made a promise to his constituents that Mexico would provide funding for the construction of a “wall” along its border with the United States. However, this assumption was rapidly debunked.

If he were to return to the White House, he would be resolute in his intention to expel millions of undocumented immigrants who have been incorporated into the social and economic fabric of the country, some of whom have been employed there for a considerable amount of time.

Speaking lucidly about immigration requires taking into account two realities: that massive influxes are effectively putting strain on the American system, at the federal level as well as that of the states, and that the dynamism of the United States, even if the latter are not still faced with the “demographic winter” which threatens in Europe, would suffer from a sudden stop in immigration under the effect of a bad ethnonationalist fever.–Prix/10676411

By nr39r

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