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The last victim’s body was discovered

By nr39r May8,2024

It has been reported that six workers who were working on the bridge to rebuild the road when it was struck by the ship have gone missing following the incident. It was possible to save two more people as well.

According to statements made by authorities from the state of Maryland on Tuesday, the corpse of the final victim of the collapse of a bridge in Baltimore, which occurred at the end of March and resulted in the deaths of six people, has been discovered.

On March 26, a container ship called the Dali, which was 300 meters in length, collided with a pile of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, which resulted in the demolition of the structure.

It has been reported that six workers who were working on the bridge to rebuild the road when it was struck by the ship have gone missing following the incident. It was possible to save two more people as well.

According to the authorities, the deceased individual whose body was discovered on Tuesday was identified as Jose Mynor Lopez, a laborer from Baltimore who was 37 years old.

The sixth and final missing victim, Jose Mynor Lopez, was located today, according to a statement made by Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott on X Channel.

It is expected that efforts to completely reopen the channel would continue “as we close the chapter on this (recovery) effort,” as stated by Scott.

As a result of the collapse of the bridge, a portion of the maritime transportation at one of the busiest ports in the country was halted.

In order to facilitate the passage of vessels that are engaged in rescue and clearance operations, a temporary navigation channel was opened.

Both the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Bureau of inquiry (FBI) in the United States have initiated an inquiry into the accident.

After the most fatal bridge collapse in the United States in more than a decade, the body of the sixth and final victim who died in the fall of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was discovered on Tuesday, according to officials. This brings to a close a challenging salvage job that had been underway since the collapse of the historic bridge.

José Mynor López, 37, was a member of a work crew that had been patching potholes on the bridge when it was damaged on March 26 by the Dali, a container ship that was on its route to Sri Lanka and had allegedly lost power after leaving the Port of Baltimore. The victim was a member of the work crew.

Although it took six weeks to find all of the bodies, it was a challenging process that required divers to dig through mangled steel and crumbled concrete in the midst of strong currents in murky water. Five of his coworkers also perished in the collapse. In the hours that followed the fall, two additional workmen were plucked from the water and brought to safety.

All of the guys that passed away were immigrants, and they came from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador respectively. Jovani López, Mr. López’s brother, told The New York Times that his brother had moved to Baltimore in the hopes of achieving a better life. Mr. López was originally from Guatemala. Jovani López stated that he was a married man with two young children, a boy and a girl to his name.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our recovery efforts and providing closure to the loved ones of the six workers who lost their lives in this tragic event,” Col. Roland L. Butler Jr., superintendent of the Maryland Department of State Police, said in a statement on Tuesday. “With heavy hearts, today marks a significant milestone in our recovery efforts.”

Through a statement, Governor Wes Moore extended his condolences and prayers to the friends and families of the six men who passed away. His statement was as follows: “We will forever remember the lives of these six Marylanders and we will remain steadfast in our commitment to providing unwavering support.”

There is more work to be done later. A significant portion of the bridge, which is a component of Interstate 695 and an essential transportation link on the East Coast, is still submerged in the Patapsco River. The Dali, which was carrying 4,700 shipping containers when it departed the port, is still there. It has been announced by the authorities that they intend to restore complete access to the channel by the end of the month of May.

This week, engineers are planning to remove a massive chunk of bridge that weighs thousands of pounds and is located over the bow of the Dali. This is a difficult process that requires them to handle pieces of the bridge supports, pieces of the roadway that have fallen, and damaged shipping containers.

During the course of this operation, crews had successfully evacuated 182 containers from the Dali. As soon as it is finished, it will be possible to refloat the ship and direct it back to the port location.

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