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A battle against time to rescue victims of the Brazilian floods

By nr39r May7,2024

On Sunday, a race against time began in southern Brazil to deal with the massive floods that have destroyed the state of Rio Grande do Sul. These floods have resulted in the deaths of at least 78 people and have forced more than 115,000 others to leave their homes.

A race against time is taking place in Brazil on Sunday, May 5, as emergency services are called upon to assist those who have been affected by the torrential rains that have been falling in the southern region of the country over the past few days. It has been reported that this severe weather has resulted in the deaths of at least 78 individuals and has forced more than 115,000 others to evacuate their houses, as the authorities had warned.

From the soggy streets or from the sky, the magnitude of the calamity is striking: buildings with roofs that are hardly visible when viewed from above, residents who lost everything in a matter of minutes, and the center of Porto Alegre, the contemporary capital of the state where 1.4 million people live, completely drowned.

To rescue inhabitants who are in a state of full disorder, more than three thousand soldiers, firefighters, and rescue workers have been recruited. In addition, for the hunt for the 105 people who have gone missing, as stated in the most recent report that was made public by Civil Defense on Sunday evening.

In the course of a press conference, Governor Eduardo Leite, together with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and a number of ministers, issued a warning that “our state is a war zone and it will be necessary to put in place treatment for the post-war period.”

For the second occasion in a short period of time, the Head of State traveled to this agricultural state that is home to over 11 million people and is acknowledged as being among the most vibrant and prosperous in Brazil. Lula made a pledge to the governor, who had called for a “Marshall Plan” the day before, that the federal government would “accelerate the provision of all the necessary means” for reconstruction. Lula was speaking in front of the governor.

Organizing solidarity is a given.
The number of people expressing their solidarity and requesting donations for the 341 communities who have been impacted is growing.

Eduardo Bittencourt, a trader who is 36 years old, organized himself along with a group of volunteers in order to rescue citizens who were stranded by the waves in Porto Alegre. “Things are very complicated, we help the people we can help, but it’s the law of nature,” according to his statement to AFP.

Since hundreds of patients have been forced to be evacuated from health clinics, the army is working quickly to establish field hospitals in order to meet the situation. Each and every piece of infrastructure is impacted, from schools to prisons.

In seventy percent of Porto Alegre and the metropolitan region around it, residents are unable to access water. This includes areas such as Canoas, Guaiba, and Eldorado are fully submerged in water.

While this is happening, the water is still moving forward in and around Porto Alegre. The municipality reports that the Guaiba River, which flows through the city, has reached a record level of 5.30 meters, which is far higher than the previous peak of 4.76 meters that was recorded during the floods that occurred in 1941.

A nurse named Rosana Custodio, who was 37 years old at the time, “lost everything” when she was forced to leave her home in Porto Alegre. Using WhatsApp, she communicated with AFP and stated that the waters began to rise quite swiftly on Thursday around midnight. While paddling with a bamboo stick, my husband put our two young children in a kayak and paddled behind him. Together with my son, I went for a swim all the way to the end of the street.

However, on Friday, the floods rose once again, and the tragedy occurred once more. The family sought safety at the home of their brother-in-law in Esteio, which is located to the north of the capital of the respective province. “We were rescued by a motorboat belonging to a friend,” she related. Despite the fact that she and her family have been protected ever since, “we lost everything we had.”

For more than a million households, there is no water.
More than 18,000 people, including her, were welcomed into shelters that were established by the authorities in charge of public safety. Moreover, more than 115,000 additional people were forced to evacuate their houses. There is a shortage of water in more than one million houses.

Everywhere you look, you see the same scenes: people taking cover on their roofs while they wait for assistance, and little boats navigating what were streets and avenues.

Despite the fact that the precipitation on Sunday was substantially less intense than it had been on Saturday, the authorities are nonetheless issuing a warning about the possibility of landslides.

To this day, Porto Alegre is more remote than it has ever been. As a result of flooding, the primary bus terminal has been shuttered, and the international airport has ceased all operations.

The catastrophic climatic phenomena that form these extremely intense rains were favored by a “disastrous cocktail” that combines the El Niño meteorological phenomenon with global warming, as indicated by Francisco Eliseu Aquino, a Brazilian meteorologist, in an interview with AFP.

Rio Grande do Sul has already been struck by a number of times by severe weather, the most recent of which occurred in September, when a devastating cyclone devastated the region and resulted in the deaths of thirty-one persons. According to the opinions of various scientists, the frequency and severity of these extreme weather phenomena have both increased as a result of global warming.

In Brazil, the northern region of the country was hit by a drought that was unprecedented in its severity, and the number of forest fires reached an all-time high from January to April of last year.

By nr39r

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