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The educator went after by an understudy at a Xirivella secondary school

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A secondary teacher from Xirivella experiences an assault in class

An understudy whips an educator from an establishment in Xirivella, in Valencia, in class

He snatched the educator by the hair, tossed her to the ground and hit her until different understudies helped her.

The middle suspends the 8M occasions and replaces them with a grouping of dismissal

The educator who was gone after this Wednesday by an understudy while educating at an organization in Xirivella, Valencia , is on clinical leave . The lady has admitted that she has “alarm” . The understudy was captured and delivered a couple of hours after the fact.

The attacker, an understudy at the middle , had previously been removed as a disciplinary measure . Nonetheless, this Wednesday at early in the day he skirted the middle course and showed up at a second year ESO study hall, where the educator was instructing. The kid had his PDA playing uproariously and was blocking class, so the educator reprimanded him for his disposition and requested that he leave.

Wounds all around the body

The minor responded by going after the 40-year-old educator. He snatched her hair, tossed her to the ground and hit her . While she shouted for help, different understudies emerged to help her. The lady has wounds all around her body. The greatest blow was to her head, where she hit a household item.

The educator is on leave. “With what face do I return to the middle? Perhaps when the ejection time frame closes we need to return him to school. Previously, I didn’t know him by any means, yet presently I have recorded a protest against him. I’m overreacting,” he admitted in proclamations to the paper El Levante .

The assailant escaped the manner in which he had entered the middle. Different educators found him and held him until the police showed up. They took him to the police headquarters however hours after the fact he was free.

The educator didn’t have the foggiest idea about the kid. “He isn’t so much as an understudy of mine,” despite the fact that “I am feeling better to realize that it was me as it might have been any other person.”

The occasions arranged at the IES Ramón Muntaner foundation in Xirivella (Valencia) for 8M have been suspended . In its place there will be a grouping of dismissal. The school personnel will meet to conclude what measures to take. In this establishment they have been cautioning for quite a while that they have an ever increasing number of problematic understudies and less assets.

The city hall leader of the town, Paqui Bartual, an instructor by calling, has shown her full help for the educator and cleared up that they have asked the Investigator’s Office for move the case to the adolescent examiner . The city hall leader has shown that the organization is as of now working “so episodes like this don’t reoccur.”

Notwithstanding, he has brought up in explanations gathered by the previously mentioned paper that this has been a segregated occasion, as the educator has called attention to. a few words that the casualty herself underlined while clearing up the occasions for this paper, which demanded: “We are an exceptionally enormous focus, with numerous understudies, and we shouldn’t place them all in a similar pack. Nor individuals, since, I demand, “It’s a secluded episode.”

The Association of Showing Laborers of the Valencian Nation (STEPV) has declared a meeting next Tuesday, Walk 26 at 11:00 a.m. at the entryways of the Division of Schooling to request measures against assaults .

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