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Joe Biden made age-related attacks

By nr39r Jun22,2024

The Republican camp is flooding the internet with recordings that have been taken out of context in order to portray Joe Biden, the Democratic president who is 81 years old, as someone who no longer possesses all of his faculties. This is happening fewer than five months before the presidential election in the United States, which will take place in November or December.

At a time when many voters are asking questions about the state of the head of state’s physical and mental health, the White House has voiced its opposition to these tapes that have been abridged and distorted. Donald Trump, who is also 78 years old, has made the captain’s age a primary axis of attack in his campaign. Trump is his opponent.

These videos, which pretend to show a dazed Joe Biden in front of a skydiving performance or immobilized at a concert, demonstrate how personal and harmful the campaign has become in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s conviction for a criminal offense and prior to the first election discussion between the two candidates.

the videos that were published on.

During a ceremony commemorating the Landings of the Second World War, the President of the United States of America is seen in a video clip that was published by the “RNC Research” account. He seems to be making the gesture of sitting down.

They erroneously accused the president of attempting to pose when there was no chair present in the video, which was only thirteen seconds long. Conservative influencers jumped on the video.

Nevertheless, if we continue to look at the pictures, it becomes quite evident that there was, in fact, a seat behind him.

Verification of the facts

The account manager for the Republican National Committee, Jake Schneider, gave AFP the assurance that he was happy to publish clips that “come straight from pool video feeds.”

In question was a film that was uploaded on the internet with the label “Embarrassing.”

After conducting a fact check, the AFP discovered that the following footage had been cut out. The film showed the president beginning to sit down, pausing while waiting for Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, and then sitting down permanently when Austin came up to speak.

Shorter films are more effective than information that is wholly fabricated or generated by artificial intelligence, according to Zeve Sanderson, director of the Center for Social Media and Politics at New York University. This is because abridged movies are less blatantly altered than artificial intelligence-derived content.

It is possible that  will be more inclined to take these impoverished videos out of context and take them at face value because there are “real clips of Joe Biden being old,” as he puts it.

According to the general consensus that already exists in public opinion, they are congruent with that sentiment. In an interview with AFP, he explains that if people believed that Joe Biden was young and full of life, it would be highly improbable that these films would spread as widely. It is a strategy that is quite successful all around.

Another video that has been extensively shared shows Vice President Joe Biden walking away from other world leaders while participating in a skydiving exercise at the G7 Summit in Italy. He appears to be confused.

“The act of doing things”

Following the distribution of the photographs by the Republican Party, the New York Post uploaded the footage to the internet with the restriction that it did not include the paratrooper that Joe Biden had gone to greet.

Additionally, the White House issued a statement in opposition to a sequence that has been widely debated and published by the RNC account and the newspaper. The sequence depicts the president at a performance while he is “frozen.”

Deputy press secretary of the White House Andrew Bates laments, “It is telling that right-wing critics, including (conservative mogul) Rupert Murdoch’s sad little political action committee, the New York Post, resort to disinformation and cheap fakes,” in a news release to AFP. Bates is referring to the fact that the New York Post is a political action committee.

According to him, the record of the president who is leaving office “is so threatening in their eyes that they feel the need to invent things.”

The campaign manager for Donald Trump, Steven Cheung, has responded by stating that the comments made by the opposing side are “ridiculous” in light of the “harsh reality.”

In the United States, the number of people who believe that the incumbent president is too elderly to serve a second term is significantly higher than the number of people who hold the same opinion about Donald Trump.

It is for this reason that Zeve Sanderson anticipates an increase in the number of disinformation campaigns that are directed against Joe Biden’s faculties.

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