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A US satellite has launched to predict solar storms.

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Because of this brand-new apparatus, the United States of America will be able to study the solar corona in a nearly continuous manner, which will allow them to more effectively target geomagnetic storms. This kind of disturbance resulted in the appearance of the northern lights all across the world in the month of May.

In the morning of Tuesday, June 25, a brand new American satellite took out from Florida. The ability to accurately predict solar storms, which are phenomena that have the potential to interrupt electrical and communications networks on Earth, should be considerably improved by this. In addition, until the 2030s, this satellite, which weighs close to three tons, will make it feasible to study hurricanes and fires.

Launched from Cape Canaveral was a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket that was carrying the priceless payload from the beginning. The tenth launch of this powerful rocket, which is expected to send its cargo into orbit around four and a half hours after it was launched, took place today.

The spacecraft, which has been given the name GOES-U, is the final satellite in a series of four satellites that were developed through a partnership between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the American Ocean Observing Agency and atmosphere (NOAA). During a news conference, Pam Sullivan, who works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), stated that they “are an essential tool to protect the United States and the billion people who live and work on the American continent.”

To a greater extent, the United States of America will be able to forecast solar disturbances.

This particular satellite, GOES-U, is the first of four to be equipped with a coronagraph known as CCOR-1. Coronagraphs are devices that block the disk of the Sun, which enables observers to observe the solar corona. According to Elsayed Talaat, who is in charge of doing space weather observations at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), “large solar explosions, also known as “coronal mass ejections,” originate from this outer layer. These explosions have the potential to project billions of tons of material at millions of kilometers per hour directly toward the Earth.”

A disruption of satellites, electricity infrastructure, aircraft navigation systems, or GPS could result from the presence of this substance. If you are aware of the time when an ejection will take place, you will have between one and four days to get ready for it. At the beginning of May, the Earth was struck by a geomagnetic storm of level 5, which is the highest level. This was something that had not occurred in twenty years. Across the globe, this disruption was responsible for the spectacular display of northern lights.

According to Elsayed Talaat, this was an event that might have been better characterized from the beginning with the new coronagraph (including the speed, direction, and other relevant information). There was no significant disruption that was observed; nonetheless, the expert mentioned that some farmers were “unable to plant their crops due to a malfunction of the GPS on which their equipment was based.” The United States of America will be able to watch the solar corona for the very first time, and they will be able to do so virtually continuously, this will be the equivalent of an eclipse occurring every thirty minutes.

After a few months of testing, GOES-U will be capable of functioning normally.

This represents a significant advancement in comparison to the capabilities that are now available. The current situation is that such data are obtained with a delay of up to eight hours. These observations are carried out by a satellite that was launched in 1995 but is expected to discontinue operations within the next two years. It has been stated by Elsayed Talaat that the new device will be a “game changer” and will “open a new chapter in space weather observations.”

He stated that these are essential “to protect our economy, our national and individual security, here on Earth and in space,” and he emphasized the importance of these. “Although the Sun is no more active than it was in previous generations, our society has changed and we are more exposed than ever to its changing moods,” he explained to reporters.

After being placed in space, the observation time is not restricted by clouds in particular, in contrast to a coronagraph that is located on Earth. GOES-U will be placed in geostationary orbit, which is approximately 35,000 kilometers above the surface of the Earth, and it will be operational after a few months of testing to ensure its readiness. Due to the fact that the Sun is currently experiencing its highest level of activity, this event occurs at the perfect moment. This cycle occurs once every eleven years.

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