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US presidential election 2024: Arizona Republicans oppose migration.

By nr39r Apr19,2024

Ben Toma, the Republican speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, is attempting to decrease the number of undocumented migrants coming from Mexico and to increase the number of workers who are in possession of visas. He is modeling his approach after that of Texas. He discusses the reasons why his party undermined the anti-immigration measure proposed by Joe Biden.

For the sake of “finishing” the wall that he constructed on the border with Mexico, would Donald Trump be re-elected? Ben Toma, the head of the deputies in Arizona, wants to do this in order to obstruct the path for migrants who do not have proper documentation. The speaker of the state chamber, who is known for his conservative views, reassures the audience that “it is not a panacea but it is a deterrent.” The phrase “Les Echos” is delivered to him in his office, which is located adjacent to the hemicycle. This neighborhood in Phoenix is characterized by massive palaces that are flanked with palm trees along very broad avenues.

When it comes to immigration, the elected person who was born in Romania and is now a naturalized American speaks with a firm stance. However, he has not yet been successful in enacting his law that is intended to strengthen identity checks, and he must contend with a governor who is a member of the Democratic Party.

One of the individuals who have signed the petition in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Ben Toma. The petition was signed by Republican leaders from 27 different states. They submitted a request to Vice President Joe Biden in January, requesting that he “enforce the laws” or “allow states like Texas to fight the invasion on their own.”

As Texas has put it, “Send the same message.”

In defiance of federal law, the state of Texas has used barbed wire and local police to deter individuals who are seeking refuge and has also attempted to make arrests. The matter was brought before the court. “The story got more understandable: it is more difficult to travel to Texas. Ben Toma is ecstatic about the fact that it had a substantial impact on the numbers.

In point of fact, the customs sector of Rio Grande Valley in Texas only welcomed 8% of migrants in February, which is significantly lower than the average of 21% that has been seen since 2019. On the other hand, the flow in the Tucson area of Arizona significantly increased from 16% to 35%. Over the course of four and a half years, more than seven million migrants have been stopped at the border with Mexico.

The narrative is important. Ben Toma, who would like to “send the same message” as Texas, says that the humanitarian situation that has been generated at the border is due to the policy of Vice President Biden and our governor, who do not want to get harsher. He goes on to say that “when we place people in detention, as Donald Trump did, even if it’s only for a week or two, people spread the word, it’s a deterrent,” and that this behavior is a deterrent.

Provide assistance with day-to-day job and legal immigration

“Maga” (Trumpist) is a name that the elected Republican refuses to accept, and he denies being “anti-immigration.” He would like to bring in a greater number of workers who are in possession of visas. “We desperately need them for high-skill jobs, but also for salad picking and construction,” he says, referring to the fact that Intel and TSMC are investing tens of billions of dollars in new semiconductor plants in Arizona.

Unfortuitously, he laments the fact that migrants have complete control over the border patrol. As a result, it does not have sufficient personnel to provide management for legal staff. The twenty to thirty thousand Mexican day laborers who go through Yuma to pick American fields are required to form a line at four in the morning in order to be hired at seven in the morning.

Fentanyl overdoses are expensive to treat.

Furthermore, he emphasizes that the help funds of 500 million dollars that were provided by the federal government two years ago have already been depleted. The state of Arizona made a request for an extension, specifically to address the implications of drug trafficking that occurs across international borders. He guarantees that more than half of the fentanyl that is imported into the United States will pass through Arizona, which is equivalent to 42 million pills in 2023. However, he also states that “each overdose results in hospital and first aid costs.”

The question is, however, why Republicans like him are opposed to the really strong anti-immigration deal that was crafted by a senator who is conservative and that is supported by Joe Biden. The member of parliament acknowledges, “I don’t have many disagreements with this text; however, it would have allowed 5,000 illegal immigrants to cross every week, and I don’t want to engrave that into the law.” In the same vein as Donald Trump, the elected person from Arizona does not wish to provide the Democratic president with a political win.

Phoenix (Associated Press) — The Republican Party in Arizona, a state that is considered to be a swing state, is promoting a harsh position on the border by proposing legislation that would punish migrants who enter the United States illegally. The person who is advocating for one piece of legislation has stated that it would legally let property owners to shoot and kill migrants who are trespassing on their property.

It is anticipated that Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs will exercise her veto power against the trespassing measure, as well as another bill that was approved by the second chamber of both houses on Wednesday that would make it a state criminal to enter Arizona illegally between ports of entry.

“They are acting on clear political signals from the voters that immigration and the border is their No. 1 issue,” said Stan Barnes, a political strategist based in Phoenix who was a former state legislator for the Republican Party. Barnes was referring to the Republican senators. “The people who make up their constituents want this.”

For the first time in each of the government’s most recent two budget years, the number of arrests carried out for illegal border crossings surpassed 2 million. In recent months, Arizona has emerged as the most popular region to get into the United States.

It was stated by the Republican-controlled state Senate that the “Arizona Border Invasion Act” would “protect Arizona citizens and communities from the crime and security threats associated with the current border invasion caused by the Biden Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws.”

Individuals who are not citizens of the United States and who enter Arizona via a location that is not a lawful entry point would be subject to arrest by local law enforcement. An offense would be considered a high-level misdemeanor, or a low-level felony for those who have committed a second offense.—Beber-T%C3%A9-para-la-hipertensi%C3%B3/10642325–6154847

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