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Trump’s New York criminal trial postponed

By nr39r Mar16,2024

A New York court on Friday postponed Donald Trump’s historic criminal trial in a case involving undisclosed payments to an adult film actress until mid-April, providing the presidential contender with new breathing room.

The former Republican president (2017-2021), who aspires to be re-elected in November against departing Democrat Joe Biden, has been attempting for months to postpone up to four criminal trials in which he is charged.

In the issue of payments to ex-porn star Stormy Daniels, with whom Mr. Trump allegedly had an adulterous affair in 2006, “the trial is adjourned for 30 days from the date” of March 14, declared Justice Juan Merchan of the State of New York’s Supreme Court (Trial Court) for Manhattan.

On Thursday, Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg approved a 30-day delay in the commencement of the hearings.

This means that Donald Trump’s criminal trial, which is unprecedented for a former President of the United States and might potentially result in a prison sentence, could begin around April 15.

“We will continue to fight to put an end to this bogus affair,” said a spokesperson for the 77-year-old former head of state in a statement, while the New York Supreme Court will have a preliminary hearing on March 25 to choose a new date, according to Judge Merchan.

This provides a new reprieve for the Republican Party candidate in the November 5 presidential election.

The Manhattan prosecutor’s office said Thursday that it was “ready for a trial on March 25” as planned, but that it was not “opposing a postponement of up to 30 days to allately 31,000 pages of court documents have been produced in recent days.

Donald Trump’s lawyers requested “an immediate adjouow the defense to examine” additional papers filed to the procedure. Approximrnment” and predicted that “30 days would be insufficient given the volume of documents produced.”

The defense requested 90 days to allow the Supreme Court in Washington to rule on the subject of his presidential criminal immunity.

The businessman and political commentator has long branded the Stormy Daniels affair as “phony” and denied having a relationship with the lady, Stephanie Clifford, her true name.

He pled not guilty to allegations that he falsified the accounts of his real estate company, the Trump Organization, in order to conceal a $130,000 payment to Ms. Clifford soon before his November 2016 presidential election victory.

This money was intended to keep him silent about a sexual encounter that allegedly occurred in 2006, when Mr. Trump was already married to Melania.

In this case, he is charged with 34 accounting frauds, each punishable by up to four years in jail in the most serious cases.

Donald Trump has raised the number of appeals and challenges in the four criminal cases against him, hoping to avoid being tried or convicted before the November election.

He has already succeeded in delaying the federal trial in Washington, which was scheduled to begin on March 4 for illegal attempts to overturn the results of Joe Biden’s November 2020 election victory.

The procedure is on hold until the Supreme Court considers the issue of presidential immunity, which will be debated on April 25 but will not rule until June or July.

The trial in Florida over the presidential archives, set for May 20, should be postponed for several months, according to the judge, who prefers a fairly spaced schedule due to the potential of overlap with other cases.

Finally, on Friday, the court in a Georgia trial for attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in this vital state denied the prosecutor’s motion for withdrawal but requested that her team be reorganized.

This ruling removes a barrier to the trial of Mr. Trump and 14 co-defendants, which has yet to be scheduled.

On the civil side, Mr. Trump was sentenced at the beginning of the year to 355 million dollars in fines – plus 100 million in interest – for fraud within the Trump Organization, as well as 83 million dollars in compensation. for defaming author E. Jean Carroll, who claimed he raped her in the 1990s.




























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