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Trump vows to release Capitol rioters if re-elected

By nr39r Mar12,2024

In the event that he wins the November presidential election, former US President Donald Trump pledged on Monday to free those incarcerated for their roles in the 2021 Capitol assault as soon as he returns to office.

“When I become president, my first priority will be to seal the border and free the hostages who were wrongfully detained on January 6th!” Without giving any information, the former US president sent a message on his Truth Social network on Monday night.

In December, Mr. Trump promised on a televised broadcast that he would not operate in a dictatorial manner except on his “first day” in the White House, hinting at a potential return.

The billionaire urged Democratic President Joe Biden to “release the hostages” at a January campaign event in Iowa. Biden frequently refers to those who are imprisoned for their involvement in the attack on the American democracy’s temple.

On January 6, 2021, protesters attempted to stop Joe Biden from taking office by invading the Capitol. They were encouraged by Donald Trump and unfounded allegations of electoral fraud.

Since then, some 1,358 persons have been charged, according to the most recent Ministry of Justice data that was released last week. Approximately five hundred people received prison sentences.

Four criminal cases are aimed at Mr. Trump, two of them are related to his purported attempts to change the 2020 presidential election results to his advantage following Joe Biden’s defeat.

With the resignation of his last opponent, Nikki Haley, on Wednesday, the former president is all but guaranteed to secure the Republican nomination for the next presidential contest.

On January 6, 2021, rioters, emboldened by the former president’s fabrications of voter fraud, stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to stop Joe Biden from taking office.

Based on the most recent data given last week by the Justice Department, in the 38 months that have passed since then, about 1,358 people have been charged. Approximately 500 people have received prison sentences.

In addition, Trump pledged, without giving any specifics, to close the border with Mexico as one of his first actions if reelected in remarks made public on his Truth Social website.

“My first acts as your next President will be to Close the Border, DRILL, BABY, DRILL, and Free the January 6 Hostages being wrongfully imprisoned!” he posted on Monday night.

Prior to taking office, Trump promised in a December televised town hall that he would not impose any kind of dictatorship “other than day one.”

It’s also not the first time Trump has urged that his imprisoned followers should be released or referred to them as “hostages”.

At a campaign rally in Iowa in January, he begged President Biden to “release the J6 hostages, Joe”.

Four criminal indictments have been brought against Trump, two of which are related to his attempts to rig the election after losing to Biden. These indictments are from the federal court and the Georgian court.

With Nikki Haley withdrawing from the campaign after Trump’s resounding victories in the primaries, the Republican nominee for president is all but guaranteed.

Trump maintains that his numerous legal troubles have strengthened rather than weakened the support he receives from the Republican base.



By nr39r

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