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Trump trial jury selection speeds

By nr39r Apr17,2024

On Tuesday, the court in Manhattan was successful in selecting seven of the twelve people who will be responsible for trying Donald Trump in the historic trial that will have an impact on the campaign of the former president of the United States to return to the White House.

The Republican presidential candidate rushed straight to a convenience shop in Harlem as soon as the hearing was complete. He was there to campaign on one of his favorite topics, which was insecurity, and to oppose immigration.

As he was greeted by his fans, who yelled “four more years, four more years,” he accused the Manhattan prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, of “doing nothing” against crime and of wasting his time by carrying out a trial against him.

Since Monday, Donald Trump has been on trial in a case involving payments to buy the silence of a former porn star named Stormy Daniels. This is the first time in the history of the United States that a former president has been put on trial for a case involving payments. The case was brought against him a few days before the 2016 election, which he won by a narrow margin against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Examined in detail
In the courtroom, at the conclusion of the second day of hearing, Judge Juan Merchan called six jurors, some of whom were feverish and others of whom were smiling, to fill a row of their boxes before taking the oath in front of the court while standing with their right hand raised. Within a short time after that, another seventh was chosen.

All of them, anonymous citizens who were thrown into a historic affair overnight, had their lives scrutinized. They were first asked to respond to a lengthy general questionnaire about their profession, family situation, sources of information, centers of interest, and their opinion on Donald Trump. After that, they were asked even more detailed questions by either the prosecution or the defense, who searched for any indication of possible bias against the defendant, even in their publications on social networks.

The question that has to be answered is not whether or not others share your client’s political views. The court reiterated to the defense that the point at hand is whether or not they are able to judge him in a fair and impartial manner.

Don’t forget the order.
Additionally, the magistrate delivered a stern warning to the defendant, who appeared to mutter a few words to one of the possible jurors. The defendant was also given a warning.

In order to prevent their client from being intimidated in the courtroom, Judge Juan Merchan informed the attorneys representing Donald Trump, “I will not allow jurors to be intimidated in my court.”

A total of five further jurors and six alternates are required for the panel to be considered full; nevertheless, the judge has the intention of moving forward with the procedure and completing it within a week. This will allow the opening arguments of both the prosecution and the defense to begin on Monday.

While his opponent Joe Biden is campaigning on the ground in his hometown of Scranton, which is located in the northeastern part of the state of Pennsylvania, which is crucial for the election in November, Donald Trump, who is 77 years old, is required to watch this lengthy and laborious jury selection process in silence. This is happening at a time when Biden is participating in the election.

Following his protest, Donald Trump sat down in his chair. “I should be campaigning right now in Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as in many other states, including North Carolina and Georgia,” he said. take heed.

Theoretically, he is facing a prison sentence more than three years after he left the White House in a state of anarchy. In spite of the fact that this would not preclude him from running for president in the election that will take place on November 5, where he has expressed his desire to get revenge on Joe Biden, it would propel the campaign into the unknown.

Forgery of accountants
On the other hand, if he were found not guilty, it would be a significant victory for the Republican candidate.

Particularly considering that he was successful in postponing his three prior criminal prosecutions through the use of appeals. Two of these trials were for illegal attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, and the third trial was for allegedly careless handling of secret data.

Donald Trump is accused of faking accounting records from his company, the Trump Organization. The documents are said to have been created with the intention of concealing, under the guise of “legal fees,” the payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen, who was serving as Trump’s personal attorney at the time.

In return, the latter had consented to maintain silence over a sexual relationship that she had undertaken with the billionaire in the year 2006. This relationship has been disputed by Donald Trump throughout his entire career, and his defense has always maintained that the payments were made in a private setting.

It is the intention of the prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, to provide evidence that these are, in fact, fraudulent strategies that are being used to conceal information from voters a few days before the election.

“No one can seriously dispute that the reason he (Michael Cohen, Editor’s note) and Trump came up with this ploy was to deprive voters of information that could have changed the outcome of an extremely close election,” he added. “This is a ploy that has been used consistently throughout the election.” Norman Eisen, a legal commentator for CNN, provided an explanation.—P%C5%99%C3%AD%C4%8Diny/10640120

By nr39r

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