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This Rollator on the Front Page of “The Economist” Hits the Mark

By nr39r Jul5,2024

Since the beginning of the campaign against Donald Trump, Joe Biden, the incumbent US president, has come under intense criticism for both his age and his communication style.

MEDIA It is now the turn of the American presidential election to absorb the heat following its critical examination of the center’s expulsion from the French political chessboard. This Thursday, July 4, saw the release of The Economist’s latest issue, which featured a walking frame with the US presidential emblem emblazoned across the cover.

The picture, which AFP describes as “cruel,” goes with an essay in the British weekly that explains why Joe Biden—who has faced harsh criticism for his age since the beginning of the campaign—should not run for reelection to the White House.

Democrats must immediately come to the realization that Trump will win if they remain silent. They must demand change if they are to bring about the political rejuvenation that America so obviously needs. It’s not too late,” writes journalist Shashank Joshi of The Economist, paraphrasing a passage from the X (previously Twitter) piece.

Although anticipations were high, the press viewed the Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump debate as a major gaffe for the US president, aggravating his confusing and occasionally ironic communication style. “The presidential debate was awful for Joe Biden, but the attempt to stifle the problem was worse,” according to The Economist.

A White House official said on Thursday that the 81-year-old Democrat had “been seen” by a doctor for a “cold” a few days after the broadcast battle on June 27. This is the most recent instance of a communication that is more than dangerous. Despite this, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House’s principal spokesperson, stated in her daily briefing on Wednesday that the president had “not been examined” in relation to this well-known “cold.”

The alternative Joe Biden

His team has been blaming the hoarse voice and, more broadly, the Democratic candidate’s awful 90-minute performance on a cold for a week. This Tuesday, four days following the altercation on CNN, the principal player shocked everyone with a fresh justification.

Speaking to supporters, Biden said that having “travelled around the world several times” just before this confrontation was “not very smart” and that it had caused him to “almost fall asleep on stage.”

Democrats, engulfed in an increasing sense of dread, have requested that the president rectify the issue by making public appearances without any safeguards, such as press conferences, interviews, and unplanned meetings with supporters.

ineffective. For the past week, Joe Biden has utilized a teleprompter each time he has made an appearance in public. Fans are excited to see the president speak in-depth without reading from a prewritten script on Friday when the interview with ABC airs.


By nr39r

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