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The Trump trial over sensitive papers was delayed indefinitely.

By nr39r May9,2024

This criminal case was scheduled to begin on May 20 in Florida; however, the federal judge deemed this date to be unfeasible due to the large number of preliminary requests that were submitted to the court.

On Tuesday, May 7, Donald Trump, who is currently facing charges related to the Stormy Daniels scandal and is currently on trial in New York, was given a dose of fresh air on the legal front. According to a decision that was made public on Tuesday, a federal court in Florida has decided to postpone the beginning of its criminal trial in the case involving classified materials. However, the court has not yet decided on a new date for the trial.

Due to the large number of preliminary requests that were submitted to the court, the beginning of this trial was scheduled to take place on May 20; however, the federal judge has determined that this date cannot be maintained. Despite the fact that she has not yet decided on a new date, it appears highly improbable that a trial in this criminal matter could be held before to the presidential election in November, which Donald Trump is running for. Special prosecutor Jack Smith has suffered a significant defeat as a result of this.

After leaving the White House in January 2021, Mr. Trump and two of his personal assistants are being sued for their handling of secret information at their private property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The lawsuit follows Mr. Trump’s departure from the White House.

By hoarding these documents, which include information on nuclear weapons and military plans, rather than handing them over to the national archives as required by law, he is accused of having done something that would have put the nation’s security at risk.

A total of four criminal proceedings

In addition to that, he is accused of making an attempt to destroy evidence of the case. Some of the most serious accusations carry a maximum sentence of ten years in jail. The number of petitions that his attorneys have submitted to postpone the conducting of a trial in this matter has increased.

Despite the fact that he is the subject of four different criminal procedures, one of which is the one for which he has been appearing in New York since April 15, Mr. Trump has repeatedly condemned what he calls a “witch hunt” that was orchestrated by the Democratic administration in an effort to remove him from the campaign for the presidency. at the presidency.

This case that is being investigated in Florida, as well as the one that is being carried out in Washington on the assault of the Capitol, are both federal processes that he is the subject of. If he were to be elected again, he would be able to order the abandonment of both of these proceedings once he is inaugurated in January 2025.

By nr39r

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