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The spouse of Begoña and Tito PSOE

By nr39r Mar2,2024

Four months before to his arrest, Koldo, the young guy from Ábalos and the “trunk” of Santos Cerdán, the Spain of Villarejo, was aware that he was being watched.

Subsequently, as an exemplary newcomer to the security industry and its surrounding communities, he committed himself to providing accurate phone numbers. What would happen if I traveled to Genoa and got to know Tellado and Alberto? He forgot to mention that Cuca’s whim was the reason behind one of the Ferraris that had already displayed its nose.

The socialists return to the Génova courtyard with their pails of Ferraz’s manure. Check to see if that fits. Without a doubt, the reason “not everything goes” is because the PSOE has one foot in the trap. Saying with an emphasis “it’s not what it seems” while wearing ankle-length pants.

Everywhere you go, you can already see the Koldosphere summary, and the daily information is more than enough for any person who doesn’t have much time or inclination to watch a newscast. Furthermore, in Spain, we frequently make the poor statement of “They are all the same.” Things from the political elite, who find it difficult to comprehend the early riser. You are more important than red or blue!And then, just in case, the socialist scandal is forgotten and the shadow of the PP materializes after all of the blah, blah, blah.

Summarizing the plot in this way is easy: PSOE members have stolen, profiting from the drama surrounding the pandemic. After that, we’ll include adjudications, paradises, and front men. Up to a thousand people perished every day as a result of the improvised protective robes constructed from trash bags and rag masks manufactured by the public.

As we cheered, the medical staff holding the resist and the kolditos counting the money with a whisk on the table and a cigar in their corner were restricted. imposing oneself on everyone and everything. Who is being investigated? Let’s get specific: the president of Congress, a phalanx of getters, mediators, tacky people, bodyguards, figureheads, exes, logs, and straw men, and maybe four, five, or six ministers.

Despite what they say, don’t even touch Caesar‘s wife. It transpires that he had a long history of involvement in the smoking sales industry, encompassing resilient branch, and abstract economic impact. So many, in fact, that some claim she was the reason Sánchez gained notoriety. The spouse of Begoña indicated the paths.

The three state authorities are the monarch, the president, and “the lady”.
The first is totally spared because he has already had enough of the head of state during coups. There is an intimacy from the second that is not only institutional but also conjugal. Begoña Gómez, the president’s wife, is sponsored by Air Europa, a firm that, weeks later, is saved by the government rather than going bankrupt.

The loop, which is already vicious, needs to be closed: One of the mask plot’s founders, commission agent Víctor de Aldama, shows in with the saved businessman Javier Hidalgo. He also meets with the well-known businesswoman who married a basketball player who went on to become president. Although it appears difficult, it is not.

Demanding explanations, the PP has acted swiftly and decisively because, in Sánchez’s words, “whoever falls falls.” Without any embellishments: “The President of the Government is obliged to clarify before all Spaniards and immediately what he considers to be his institutional, political and personal responsibility in the plot that affects his party and his Government.”

However, it will cost you money to play with the phony first lady. El País records lie against the right, the revenge commissions will appear everywhere, we will lose time and patience, and four small pieces will fall. Numerous fuses will attempt to keep the entrepreneur from being burned by the overload.

Regarding Francina Armengol, who goes by “the lady” in the titosphere, it’s taking her a while to step down for endorsing a fraud at the expense of masks that weren’t even effective in removing dust. Ábalos, the earthquake’s epicenter, claims about the swindle and the “breakdown of the public coffers,” but it remains to be seen if he makes the same claims in court.

The woman, who broke the terms of the contract when she paid 3.7 million euros to European funds for the joke masks while she was president of the Balearic Islands, did not request the money back until three years after he left the Balearic community for Madrid. She stored the masks because they were worthless and are still located in an industrial warehouse.

The plot’s financiers, the now-famous Juan Carlos Cueto, who oversaw the business that won the mask contracts, and Víctor de Aldama, the commission agent for all deals, including Air Europa, fled behind the obscene back of the aizkolari, the ogre of Ábalos, the dungeon keeper.

Delcy, Koldo, and Ábalos
It’s like going undercover with your name stuck to your lapel when you meet someone in a booth. If Koldo and Ábalos weren’t out on their first dates. Even if it seems unlikely, this is the former minister’s justification for the meetings that the Civil Guard recorded. The attack dog of the newcomer Ivans, the former strongman of the PSOE in the Government, barks at the slightest movement from the Mixed Group, where the agenda is full of interviews. He will threaten, deceive, and give partial truths. This is only getting started.

Cueto worries that Víctor de Aldama, the off-road commission agent, will give up and sing: “They will ask him about everyone: for me, for Angola, for Ábalos, for the president of the Government, for the Minister of Defense, for Delcy, for the suitcases… for everything,” as the Civil Guard confirmed in some wiretaps.

What a way to tantalize the senses. Cueto’s company and his artistic ventures are in Angola. The remaining tasks will need to be completed piecemeal, case by case, and name by name. Vice Bolivarian Delcy Rodriguez experienced the same thing, only donning masks as he levitated throughout Spain to avoid setting foot on our territory. Ábalos, Koldo, and Sánchez must all be aware of it.

Let’s find out what information Margarita Robles has regarding Angola or this. They even inquire about the well-known and funded Begoña from the Villa De Aldama. As though to complicate everything. What a burden Victor is under… Oh, and for his brother Rubén, who, like Koldo, ended up serving as Ábalos’ bodyguard.

Reaching Tito’s internal position in the PSOE is a frequent occurrence. That’s where the easy money is, but it comes with danger. They are the nightclub employees, Ferrari Portofino drivers, lobster outcasts, koldos and bernis, and proletariat of seafood restaurants. In return for a wonderful life, they put themselves in danger for others. If they are found, though, nobody is aware of them. “Whoever falls” is who they are. Let’s see if we can aim higher this time. Uncles everywhere, band together.–65e2ef8829f15#goto5016–65e2ef8829f15#goto5016

By nr39r

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