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The Chinese show that best adapts ‘The Three Body Problem’

By nr39r Mar27,2024

When it comes to ensuring that it is authentic to the Chinese novel that has received the greatest attention in recent times, there is nothing better than a Chinese series.

Netflix’s translation of the science fiction novel written by Chinese author Liu Cixin, titled “The Three Body Problem,” is currently the topic of discussion when it comes to series. This successful adaptation has been a big success on the streaming service. The novel is not as close to Liu Cixin’s work as it could be, which is a downside that many readers of the novel are noticing. However, the novel’s move to the typical tone of Netflix works is a pleasant change in the company’s repertoire.

There has been a significant alteration, which is the formation of a group consisting of five young scientists from Oxford. These individuals share a number of qualities with the Chinese characters that were originally included in the novel. On the other hand, there is more:

The book is characteristically Chinese in the manner in which it approaches the relationship between science and the significance of science for Chinese identity. Furthermore, there is a certain degree of pessimism in the manner in which one contemplates the impending catastrophe, the devastation of the environment, and, most importantly, the manner in which the cultural revolution of the sixties continues to branch out in a variety of different ways up until the present day.

An alternate series called “Three Bodies” has been created in an effort to compensate for all of these issues. This series is based on the novel written by Liu Cixin, who is of Chinese nationality, and it does respect all of the characters from the original work. This second version has its own licenses in comparison to the original. For instance, the Cultural Revolution of the sixties does not constitute such a significant event in the past of the characters, despite the fact that it blatantly ignores the history of China and reflects different times in the history of the country.

Viki, which is Rakuten’s platform for Chinese programs, offers the series with Spanish subtitles and allows users to view it for free (with advertisements, although there is also a premium pass available to enjoy it without seeing them). One more advantage is that the story is adapted in its entirety, not just the first part of it, and there are thirty episodes of the series, which means that the full production is being adapted.

The second adaptation of “Three-Body Problem” is going to be released on Peacock before the high-budget version of the show that is being produced by the makers of “Game of Thrones” on Netflix.

The Three-Body Problem, an epic science fiction novel written by Liu Cixin, is going to be adapted and made available on a major streaming service in the United States just a few weeks before Netflix releases its own version of the novel.

Friday marked the day when Peacock made the announcement that it had bought Tencent’s Three-Body, the Chinese adaptation of the game that was published internationally the previous year. On February 10, the streaming service will make all thirty episodes available to users.

Although Tencent chose the release date to coincide with the Lunar New Year, it is also obvious that the launch is planned to get ahead of the release of the high-budget version of the film on Netflix, which is named 3 Body Problem and will be available on March 21.

It is stated in a press release issued by NBCUniversal that “with all the buzz surrounding Netflix’s English adaptation, we are excited about the opportunity for sci-fi and Chinese drama fans to watch the Chinese-language original (with English subtitles) ahead of the Hollywood adaptation.” This statement is pretty arrogant.

As a result of this positioning, Peacock is able to capitalize on the notoriety that is generated by the Netflix version, which was created by David Benioff and Dan Weiss, creators of Game of Thrones, and Alexander Woo, writer and producer of True Blood.

But the two adaptations couldn’t be more different from one another. The Tencent version is considered to be an extremely faithful adaptation (to the point that some people have criticized it as being a bit repetitive). The adaptation, much like the novels, continues to center on characters from China who are attempting to deal with an alien invasion.

Netflix’s adaptation of the dense and physics-heavy novel takes several compromises in order to adapt it for a mainstream audience. Additionally, the tale is expanded to include a cast from around the world. Additionally, the Netflix version was able to be more accurate to the book in terms of its depiction of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which is a crucial part of the narrative. The Tencent version, on the other hand, ignores the book’s depiction of the revolution, which is cruel.

The release of Three-Body on the Tencent streaming service in the previous year sparked a great deal of discussion among fans of the Hugo Award–winning novel online over the perceived qualities of the show in comparison to the impending version that will be available on Netflix. Many of these fans came to the conclusion that they would most likely wind up watching both versions.

Benioff mentioned the distinctions between the two projects in the most current cover article that was published by The Hollywood Reporter. The story was about 3 Body Problem. “During the first couple of seasons of Game of Thrones, a lot of people were wondering, ‘Why didn’t they put in this scene?'” Benioff explains that they specifically desired an exact adaptation of each and every page.

The question that has always been on my mind is, “Would people like that if they actually got it?” Now we have that with this, where there is one adaptation that is incredibly faithful, and then there is ours, which is an adaptation that is less faithful, and others can judge how they compare to one another.

In addition to being available on Peacock, the following is the trailer for the Tencent version of Three-Body, which is also available on Prime Video:–6603b40e90649#goto5612!-za-by-spasmalir-cream–all-natural-joint-pain-relief-cream-for-more-strength-less-pain-za-248395570

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