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China will show ‘The Three Body Problem’ That might affect Netflix.

By nr39r Mar30,2024

The Asian nation is expressing its disapproval of a certain episode of the Netflix series.

In the days that have passed since the premiere of “The Three-Body Problem,” the number of responses has increased, and the associated data has also increased. It is without a doubt a prestigious science fiction series that is based on a novel that has received widespread recognition all over the world.

On the other hand, the gloomy clouds that have been threatening the success have started to come in less than a week after the launch of the show.

Customers who are not very good… Netflix released the audience numbers for the previous week on Wednesday, and the results of the audience survey revealed that “The Three Body Problem” is not the shocking revelation that everyone anticipated.

With 11 million views, it does not even occupy first place on the list of most viewed series in English, sliding this week below the overwhelming ‘The Gentlemen’, and certainly well below other recent series on the site that are equal in ambition.

, such ‘Avatar‘ or ‘One Piece’. Why is that? It is possible that the series’ complexity, which includes a lack of action and a great deal of advanced scientific concepts, is one. But there is more to it.

…and many different responses. It was only a few days after the premiere that the first opinions started to come in from Chinese viewers who had seen the series over a virtual private network (VPN) because Netflix does not have an official presence in China.

The majority of these thoughts were completely unfavorable. Many of the characters have changed their country, which is interpreted as a contempt for the technological prowess of China. Additionally, the book does not have the same completely Western ethical response to the major scientific conundrums that the first book had. And most importantly, I did not enjoy the moment that marks the beginning of the series.

It is the issue that the Cultural Revolution presents. In that sequence, we travel back in time to the 1960s, when Mao Zedong was in the thick of his Cultural Revolution. A scientist who refuses to surrender his expertise and assume the party’s guidelines is brutally executed by the Red Guard in the presence of his daughter, who will later be one of those responsible for contacting the Trisolarian extraterrestrials.

The Red Guard commits this death in the presence of the scientist’s daughter. This is a moment that appears in the book in a manner that is quite close to how it is described in the book (albeit it is located at a different time in the plot, in order to attract less notice), but it is almost completely removed from the Chinese series that likewise adapts the story in its entirety (and that we explain how to watch here).

Reactions that are raging. According to what we have stated, the appearance of this first chapter has not been well received in China. The forcefulness and prominence of this chapter in the series (the first sequence of the first episode) has been perceived as a strategy to leave Chinese history and character in a negative position.

While the sequence is similar in the novel, it is true that the context is different: in Liu Cixin’s work, a number of ethical perspectives of greater complexity emerge from this horrible scenario than the somewhat schematic behavior of the scientist’s daughter in the series.

This is because the setting is different. In contrast to the novel, which depicts China’s history as a means of confronting the future and ethics, the series depicts China’s history as a touch of gory color because the action soon leaves China.

The creators discuss the sequence in their speech. After speaking with a number of individuals who were engaged in the series, the Hollywood Reporter found that all of them justified the necessity of including it. One of the showrunners, David Benioff, stated that “this is not a commentary on cancel culture” (in response to praise from conservative American politicians, who interpreted it in that manner), and he went on to say, “But we do tend to.

” In addition, he stated, “We move in cycles throughout the course of human history, and right now we are going through a certain period of the cycle.” The contemporary day and the time of the Cultural Revolution are very different from one another in a number of significant ways. Nevertheless, there are a few parallels to be found.”

This is not the case in China. When it comes to controlling the topics that can be present in films and programs that are produced within its borders, China has highly stringent rules. A few of them are described in this article, and they are measures that, despite the fact that they are frightening or weird in certain aspects (for example, they forbid ghosts or time travel), in many other circumstances they get close to a dangerous control of political thought, with legislation such as:

Any television show that deals with the history of modern China must make it abundantly obvious who the adversary is. It is impossible for historical theater to contain elements that are not accurate to the time period.

It is important that the account does not overstate tensions within the family or internal battles. It is imperative that narratives that depict economic or business issues convey the appropriate moral ideals.

There is China and Hollywood. In spite of the fact that it is no longer as significant for the box office as it was a few years ago, American productions have a long heritage of changing their films and series in order to be accepted in China. ‘Red Carpet‘ was a book that detailed some of them, including the following:

One of the scenes in ‘Mission: Impossible 3’ that showed clotheslines was removed from the film because it was deemed inappropriate. In the video game “World War Z,” the outbreak was unable to escape China. ‘Men in Black 3’ was the film in which the memory erasing device was removed.

Transformers: Age of Extinction’ required a rewrite of the closing scene that took place in Hong Kong in order to depict the Chinese government taking action in response to the destruction and mayhem that occurred.
That is to say, productions and platforms based in North America are interested in being in China, and the fact that they are unable to access that country can be a significant blow to the financial situation of a production firm.

However, because Netflix does not have an official presence in China, it is highly doubtful that the company will care too much about the fact that this particular segment of “The Three Body Problem” has been met with negative reception in the country.

Nevertheless, it is still another reason for discomfort for a corporation that does not typically engage in conflicts of this nature. In a nutshell, the series of the platform that has been released recently continues to cause blisters.–6607aede8baa1#goto5689

By nr39r

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