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suggestions for hairstyles, makeup, and overall appearances

By nr39r Mar21,2024

at order to ensure that you have the ideal pints for the four days of the event, which will be hosted at the Simón Bolívar Park in Bogotá this year, we have provided you with some recommendations.

Products like as metallics, transparencies, makeup, boots, and raincoats are the ones that are most frequently shown in search results on Pinterest, as well as in videos posted on TikTok and Instagram that are related to the Estéreo Picnic 2024 Festival.

For instance, between February and March 2024 and the same months in 2023, the number of searches on Pinterest for “Festival outfits” climbed by more than 3,014%, while searches for “festival hairstyles” increased by 68%, and searches for “festival makeup glitter” increased by 37%.

As a result of the epidemic, individuals sought to break free from imprisonment and show their musical preferences through dress and makeup. This resulted in a resurgence of interest in attending in-person events, making a considerable expense, and preparing the best pint in order to enjoy the entire experience.

In addition, social networks play a significant part since they are an integral part of the festival experience. This is especially true for members of the millennial and generation Z generations, who make the most of the opportunity to connect with their communities by displaying their pints both before and during the event. When it comes to showcasing the guests’ uniqueness and sense of style, fashion serves as a vehicle.

It is important to point out that since the previous year, the idea for the painting that was based on the artist has been obvious. This means that the fans replicate the dressing codes of their favorite singer, as was the case with the blue and pink wigs that were worn during Karol G’s concerts. Alternatively, the color green and the glasses that are associated with the Feid concerts are sure to be observed all around Simón Bolívar Park on Saturday, the third day of the festival.

When it comes to jackets, jeans, tennis shoes, glasses, raincoats, and even nails, trend forecasts indicate that prints, vivid colors, and metallic hues will be the most prominent fashion elements.”We will see a lot of metallics, but they will not be as prominent as they were the previous year. According to Juliana Pedraza, a fashion stylist, “at this point, they are present in interventions in garments such as denim, tights, and transparencies.”

There is also a trend known as “no pants,” which is characterized by the use of very short shorts or underwear, tights that are veiled or transparent, and oversized sweatshirts, coats, or t-shirts on top. This trend is particularly noticeable. suggestions and aids

In addition, it is recommended that you wear raincoats, jackets, and bags because of the cold weather and the rain. For the reason that we are aware that there is a probability that it will rain, we strongly suggest that you put on shoes that are not only very comfortable but also resistant to rain. In the event that it rains, we have certain apothecaries that are not only perfect but also pretty comfy.

Additionally, it is essential to wear thick jackets in order to maintain a comfortable temperature, particularly during the evening hours. In general, the objective is that they are very comfortable, that nothing restricts or disturbs them because they will be walking and outside for a long time,” said Ingrid Monroy, brand manager of Adidas Colombia, a partner of the event. “The festival is a partnership between Adidas Colombia and the festival participants.”

Regarding the application of makeup, the most essential piece of advice for this festival, which is characterized by a variety of climates and long days, is to make use of products that are long-lasting, to protect your skin from the sun, and to prepare and moisturize your skin.

You can discover some possibilities that you can find in your wardrobe, in local entrepreneur businesses, or even during the festival itself, since the Vassar fair will be present with Colombian companies of fashion, accessories, art, photography, design, and beauty. If you are still unsure of what to wear, here are some options that you can find.

As an alternative, you may wear a leather jacket and skirt or pants, a sparkling top, and platform boots. The touch is achieved through the use of graphic cosmetics and accessories.  Option two: jeans, pants, or a onesie made of denim, paired with bright colors, accessories, combat boots or tennis shoes in bright colors, such as the classic Samba, Gazelle, and Spezial from Adidas, which went from being worn on soccer fields and in sports venues to being in fashion trends and being a complement to highlight your look at a music festival.

The third option is silver pants. According to GoTrendier, a platform that facilitates the sale of old items, “metallic garments are still going strong in 2024 and with this look it will make you shine day and night.” It is possible to wear it with a blouse that is either mesh or transparent. Not to mention, a raincoat or jacket is an absolute need.

Option 4: Cargo trousers, with a bodysuit, colorful cosmetics, and a hairdo that emphasizes the features of the face. This is because the side pockets are designed to store your personal items and prevent them from being stuffed. Adding a fanny pack to this ensemble would be the perfect accessory.

A dress with a flowery print, a knit hat, Texas boots, and spectacles make up the fifth option. Colors that are earthy and natural cosmetics.–65fbd1c946b31#goto5470

By nr39r

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