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Stormy Daniels’ testimony marks Trump trial

By nr39r May11,2024

A third week of arguments came to a conclusion on Friday at the trial of Donald Trump in New York. The trial was distinguished by the vulgar testimony of pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, which came before the highly anticipated hearing of the former attorney who became a sworn enemy of the former president of the United States of America.

Before the hearing was adjourned, one of the prosecutors, Joshua Steinglass, stated that the prosecution planned to send two witnesses to the stand beginning on Monday. He did not disclose which witnesses will be called, but he did state that it was “completely possible” that she would be completed in a week.

Michael Cohen, his former attorney, is expected to begin testifying as early as Monday, according to the majority of analysts. He was the one who concealed payments totaling $130,000 to Stormy Daniels, which led to the initiation of these unprecedented criminal proceedings against a former president of the United States to be brought against him.

Michael Cohen, who claims that he acted at the request of the Republican candidate to ensure the silence of the actress in the last days of the campaign for the presidential election in 2016, which was won by a razor-thin margin, has subsequently turned against his former boss.

In the midst of the campaign against the outgoing Democratic President Joe Biden, Donald Trump is currently facing 34 counts of accounting falsification. These charges stem from the fact that he concealed the repayment of sums to his lawyer at the time in the accounts of his holding business, which is known as the Trump Organization. He runs the prospect of being convicted and possibly receiving a prison sentence, which would have ramifications for the electorate that are still incalculable.

This trial is all the more crucial since it may be the only one that is held before the election on November 5th, despite the fact that the facts are not as serious as those with which he is accused in the three other criminal processes that are being brought against him.

Only Donald Trump’s federal trial in Washington for illegal attempts to change the results of the 2020 election might still begin before this deadline, provided that the Supreme Court promptly rejects the immunity he claims as a former president. The trial is scheduled to begin in Washington.

Risked of being sent to prison
Judge Juan Merchan issued a new warning shot on Monday, which was the first day of the week. After imposing a series of penalties on him for verbally attacking witnesses and jurors, in defiance of his instructions, he threatened him with prison in the event that he committed the same offense again.

The Republican candidate disapproved of a “horrible” trial that, according to him, was designed to prohibit him from campaigning on Friday, but he said that he would be attending a gathering on Saturday in the adjacent state of New Jersey. This is something that he does every day.

Throughout the course of the trial, which began on April 15, there have been alternating moments of judicial boldness and dull, extremely technical sequences.

As a result, the dramatic tension subsided after Stormy Daniels gave her comprehensive evidence on Tuesday and Thursday. During her testimony, she described in great detail the sexual connection that she claims to have had with him in 2006. She also fought step by step against the attempts of the defense to disprove his narrative.

An affair that Donald Trump, who was already married to Melania Trump at the time, firmly denies having had.

On Friday, one of his direct assistants at the White House testified, followed by two specialists from telephone companies, and then two legal assistants who read exchanges of messages between the protagonists in the case, particularly those messages that related to the financial negotiations for the exclusive rights to Stormy Daniels’ story.

During the debates, one of the issues that comes up is trying to figure out what Donald Trump knew about the talks that took place behind the scenes in order to buy his silence.

After he is inaugurated in January 2025, he would be able to order the dismissal of the two federal processes that are currently being brought against him. These proceedings are being brought against him in Washington, but they are also being brought against him in Florida, where he is being prosecuted for hiding sensitive materials after he left the White House.élules-franceélules-france.htmlélules-france.184901678–prix-france

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