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Paloma Cuevas is required to figure out a choice.

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It is going to happen that Paloma Cuevas will take the action that has the potential to deepen her connection with Luis Miguel.

The couple was eventually caught in a loving attitude, confirming their love story, after months of conjecture in which they were unable to be seen together. For the time being, none of the two characters has publicly acknowledged that they are romantically involved; however, everyone is already talking about the new couple that is currently in the spotlight.

Enrique Ponce’s ex-girlfriend has already made a decision regarding the Mexican’s kid because she believes that they would be a good match for each other. Paloma’s presence at Michelle Salas’s wedding, which is scheduled to take place this weekend, could be crucial. The choice that the businesswoman makes will determine whether or not she is received with open arms by Luis Miguel’s family.

Taking a step forward is what Paloma Cuevas does.
This weekend, Paloma Cuevas is confronted with a difficult decision: she must decide whether or not to attend the wedding of Luis Miguel’s daughter. On this coming Saturday, October 14, Michelle Salas will tie the knot, and it is anticipated that the wedding will be a very special occasion.

Paloma is going to play a significant part in the future, and this is the first significant event that will occur in the life of the Mexican singer ever. It had not been known up until this point whether or not Enrique Ponce’s ex-wife would show up to the wedding, or whether or not she would leave her lover alone on such a significant event.

In spite of this, the enigma has been solved, and Beatriz Cortázar has revealed in And Now Sonsoles what Paloma would have chosen to do in this situation. It would appear that the businesswoman has confirmed that she will accompany Luis Miguel to the wedding of his daughter, which will take place the following Saturday.

In spite of the fact that Cuevas will not be present for the whole of the celebration, which will last for three days, he will be present on Saturday, the day that the couple will exchange their vows. a demonstration of the positive relationship that the bullfighter’s ex-girlfriend has with Luis Miguel’s family and the positive reception that she has received from them.

But that wouldn’t be the end of it. It has been reported by the journalist that Paloma might even be able to bring her girls to the wedding, which would be an unquestionably significant development in her life. The businesswoman’s confidence in her relationship with Luis Miguel is demonstrated by the fact that she invited her daughters to participate in such a significant family gathering.

There will be no Paloma or Luis Miguel present at the wedding of Michel Salas and Danilo Díaz, which will take place over the course of three glorious days. The singer is scheduled to perform in Miami on the day of the pre-wedding, which is scheduled to take place on Friday the 13th. However, he will not be able to attend the event.

It is true that they will be present on Saturday, the 14th, which is the day when the wedding will be officially celebrated. In addition, Paloma does not want to miss the big day of the influencer, who is someone she has a great deal of emotional attachment to. The businesswoman, in point of fact, comments on several of her Instagram postings, demonstrating how close they are to one another.

In addition, they have been in constant contact with one another and have loved doing certain things together with the singer. Because of this, Cuevas is considered to be an additional member of Luis Miguel’s family, and hence, they rely on her for such a momentous occasion.

Uncertainty surrounds the question of whether or not Enrique Ponce’s ex-boyfriend and her boyfriend will show up for the post-wedding celebration that will take place on Sunday, October 15. In order to meet with their guests and discuss the celebration with them, Michelle and Danilo have planned a brunch for them to attend.

When it comes to determining whether or if Paloma has also accepted this invitation, there is no other option except to wait until the weekend. Due to the fact that we will also have to wait to find out whether the businesswoman will choose to return Luis Miguel’s favor and accept his proposal of marriage.

In a recent revelation, Paloma García-Pelayo disclosed that the singer had already extended an invitation to marry her, but Paloma, for the time being, had first declined the proposal. The journalist made the observation that “He would rather wait for a while and for everything to eventually settle.”

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