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Jorge Javier Vázquez is TV, not back.

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The introduction of the presenter to ‘Survivors’ creates a multitude of outstanding moments throughout the course of a very lengthy broadcast, yet these moments were over in a hurry.

When the doors to the set are opened, he emerges from the set. That formal hairdo, his hair and face neat, and the white Prada shoes that he adores so much are all things that he is wearing. And he gives a grin. Since his departure from television, Jorge Javier Vázquez has not returned.

It is the television. As soon as the lights are turned on, he raises his neck, looks from one side to the other, and lets out a gentle sigh, and you know that from that very point on, he has forgotten practically everything that was negative about the situation. He is like a fish in water.

As soon as the doors to the set are opened, he exits the set. He is wearing the white Prada shoes that he adores so much, along with the formal hairstyle, the close-knit hair and face, and the shoes. Smile as well. Since his departure from television, Jorge Javier Vázquez has not returned. It’s the small screen. As soon as the lights come on, he raises his neck, looks from side to side, and lets out a tiny sigh, and you know that from that point on, he has forgotten practically everything that is negative. He is aware of this, and he is like a fish in water.

When he realizes that practically everything is pretty similar to how it was before, it is easy to comprehend why his eyes begin to startle little. Everything is going according to plan, the audience is cheering for him and yelling his name, and the spotlight is on him.

In addition, he is aware of the things that he will be required to do and say during the nearly four hours that will follow. How is he able to know that there is a script that he can follow whenever he wants to? All Survivors, he came to have a good time. “I’m going to cry as you go on,” she tells the crowd as she continues to sing “Jorge” in unison. “I’m going to come down with tears.”

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Those prodigal sons who make us laugh and stay up until ten minutes before two in the morning are people who should be blessed. Yesterday evening, Jorge went out with the intention of celebrating. He is the only person who is aware of the fact that many people were paying attention to him. Skeptics were concerned about whether or not he would proceed with the well-oiled machine at the same pace as he normally does. The adversaries desired for everything to be flat and monolithic, like the new family television television that didn’t cause any harm to anyone, and all it did was creak. It was a bone that was punctured.

Due to the fact that it took him very little time to refer to Carmen Borrego as “Potota.” And at that very moment, the orphans who were a part of Save Me were eating communion and pineapple. The question is, “Which would you prefer to jump out of the helicopter or the first chair?”Being in the throes of a panic attack owing to the height, he asked the tiny daughter of María Teresa Campos, who was clothed in a life jacket and big helmets to prevent the noise. “Friday?” he asked her.

Specifics for those who are unaware of them. To fully comprehend the concept of Potota, it is necessary to travel to Spain, where Telecinco broadcasts on Saturday evenings. The Saturday of luxury. Borrego had made the decision to undergo surgery on his double chin, which was the source of his numerous relationships with women, and to reveal his new appearance in an interview that was shown on that program.

In light of the fact that Mr. Potato is a doll that is capable of transforming various portions of his body, the producer of the format, La Fábrica de la Tele, made the decision to greet him with a picture of him dressed in bandages. Potota was the moniker that Kiko Hernández, a very skilled nickname generator, gave her, and she will continue to be known by that name for as long as some of us continue to live.

Another piece of information for those who are unaware. a Friday As a replacement for Deluxe, this is the program that Telecinco decides to broadcast. That is why Badalona responded to the question with sarcasm.

brilliant occurrences
We are continuing with the program, which lasts for a very long time but seems to have flown by in quick succession. A synopsis containing outstanding moments is presented below. Jorge inquired of a few of the contestants how they had been motivated to attend the show. Several members of Jorge’s family and friends who were present on the set were asked the same question.

Hilario López Millán is being quoted by Jorge. Jorge turns his attention to the camera and explains, “I have a soft spot in my heart for Arancha del Sol because I, too, was on television.” After a contender brought a pillow with the presenter’s face on it to Honduras, Jorge makes a joke with the competitor.

In a conversation with Zayra Gutiérrez, the daughter of Guti and Arantxa de Benito, Jorge reveals that he witnessed someone emerging from an after with a more attractive face than his own. Her father responds that he had a poster of Real Madrid’s number 14 in his bed, and then he looks at the camera and adds, “Oh, if I know, I will” make additional surgical operations. Jorge asks her if her father would watch the program, and she indicates that he would.

Before exiting the helicopter, Laura Madrueño was the one who spoke.
When Jorge is having a good time, he is full of sarcasm and says things like, “Let’s fuck a bit with Carmen, I see her as very calm.” As Jorge prepares to dive into the ocean, he instructs Ángel Cristo junior to calm Borrego above him by saying, “Hold her with love, as if she were your mother.” After the most significant part of the Eucharist, there was a lot of loud laughter on set.

“The buttocks are very important for many people,” Jorge says to Lorena Morlote, and he is speaking for all of us when he says that he has just informed us women that if our ass falls, the crown goes quickly afterward. Jorge uses the phrase “hairdresser to the stars” to describe Morlote. He says that she has styled celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Ana Obregón, and even Makoke. In the same way that Mila Ximénez de Cisneros does, Spain makes croquettes in front of the television. Immediately after listening to it, save me.

During the program, Javier Ungría, who was previously married to Elena Tablada, is featured alongside David Bisbal, who was also Tablada’s boyfriend. The song is titled “I will cry the pains.” Without displaying any animosity, Jorge welcomes Sandra Barneda, who will be presenting the Sunday debates, and then proceeds to present the program. At the same time, this is that which is life. While holding his arm, I said, “Look, we look like titans.” I asked him to save me the lemon.

From the vantage point that God had bestowed upon her, she said, “Don’t tell me anything, we’re doing extremely well.” He has that giggle of a cheeky little guy who is aware that everything is going great. Whoever says, “Back in the mud in Mediaset, the mud finally returns” prior to the beginning of the first rehearsal, the baptism in the mud, is the one who is responsible for this. He was about to conclude the celebration by uttering, while still alive, the following words: “What a pathetic step I took, I will repeat it.”

The person who is having a good time is known as Jorge Javier Vázquez. When he peeks out of the corner of his eye and notices that he is doing well, he grudgingly smiles and tells us how much he likes him. That boy who constantly plays and tells us how much he likes him. Whenever he looked at himself, he thought to himself, “How could you have been without me for such a long time?” Thank you.–65f7d12ad59d6#goto5378


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