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Israel “took into account” Rafah concerns from Washington.

By nr39r May24,2024

A high-ranking official from the United States of America stated on Tuesday that Israel has “taken into account” the concerns that the United States had over military operations in Rafah, which is located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Israel has conducted a thorough examination of their strategies. During a conversation with media, a top American official stated that they have taken into consideration a significant number of the issues that we have voiced.

This senior official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that the conversation is “constructive” and that it is “ongoing.”

This report made reference to the meetings that took place over the weekend in Israel between the United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and senior Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the source that was earlier stated, “What matters is what will actually happen” on the ground. The source also mentioned that “We do not give the green light to Israeli operations, that is not our role.”

Rafah is being evacuated in large numbers.

It has been made clear that Vice President Joe Biden of the United States of America is opposed to a large-scale ground attack in Rafah.

On May 7, Israel began conducting ground operations in select areas of Rafah, despite resistance from the international community, which is worried about the plight of more than one million civilians who are imprisoned in this metropolis.

Massive evacuations have been ordered by the Israeli army from Rafah, where it claims it intends to eliminate the last Hamas battalions, as well as the network of tunnels that they have constructed, and to rescue the hostages.–%C3%87MIMI-I-LEHTIMIT/10666338


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