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Historic Indian Wells match between Luca Nardi and Djokovic: earnings

By nr39r Mar14,2024

The twenty-year-old player from Pesaro achieved a victory that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars: this is the amount of money he earned by defeating Djokovic at Indian Wells in order to advance to the round of sixteen.

It is because of his victory over Novak Djokovic at the Masters 1000 Indian Wells that Luca Nardi has emerged as the new hero of Italian tennis. This triumph came in spite of the adverse predictions that were made about him. An accomplishment, that of the twenty-year-old from Pesaro, which places him in the top one hundred of the ATP circuit and grants him qualification for the round of sixteen, which the very young Italian tennis player will now play on the wings of enthusiasm against the American Tommy Paul.

And the dream, if it consists of anything at all, is to maybe experience another monster contest that could lead him to then challenge the world racket phenomenon, with his side of the scoreboard that could lead to challenges against Ruud, Monfils, Medvedev, and Dimitrov.

The victory that Luca Nardi took over Djokovic

How did you go from being 123rd in the world to becoming the number one spot? Luca Nardi, who was capable of knocking out Novak Djokovic in two hours and twenty minutes, was able to accomplish this feat in Indian Wells. He won the match 6-4, 3-6, and 6-2. As a result of this loss, Nole’s “first times” have been updated to reflect that Nardi is the player with the lowest ranking who has defeated him throughout his career.

“I don’t believe that anyone knew who I was prior to tonight. I really hope that the crowd had a good time this time. The twenty-year-old from Pesaro, who confessed, “Every night I go to bed I look at the Nole poster that I have in my bedroom, I think that I will continue to do it for sure,” said after the victory against Djokovic.

“I’m super happy for this,” Nardi said after the victory. The success is considered a miracle by the twenty-year-old from Pesaro. Although I’m joking, I believe I’ll be able to keep it.

In addition, Djokovic himself praised the Italian player, saying, “He played fantastic tennis, he deserved to win.”

Now it is up to Tommy Paul, who is ranked seventeenth in the ATP rankings for the United States. This presents yet another challenging challenge to conquer. Without forgetting that Nardi was knocked out by Ramkumar Ramanathan, the home tennis player and the number 462 in the world, in the Challenger that took place in Bangalore, India, not even a month ago, it is important to be aware of this fact.

In a nutshell, the ideal illustration of how everything can change in an instant and how you should never let your guard down, even when your opponents appear to be less capable on paper. Moreover, Djokovic is aware of something concerning it.

Amount of money that Luca Nardi made

He was able to achieve his goal of defeating the Serbian, which was a dream for the Pesaro class of 2003. The achievement of a triumph that is significant not only in terms of honor but also in terms of ATP points and money. Because each stage of a competition, as we have also demonstrated with regard to Sinner’s recent achievements, translates into a different amount of prize money, the answer is the answer is yes.

Specifically, therefore, Nardi’s victory over Djokovic is worth 101,000 dollars, which is the prize that is provided to the tennis player who is able to advance to the round of 16 of the tournament that is being played at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in California, which is located in the United States on the continent of North America. A figure that adds to the more than 130 thousand that the Italian has already won on his path through the Masters 1000.

This figure is the consequence of the Italian’s qualification for the first round as well as his victories against Atmane and Zhang Zhizhen.

Due to the exploits of the Pesaro native in Canberra, at the Australian Internationals, and the amazing voyage in Chennai and Bangalore, Nardi’s 2024 has so far been full of satisfactions and has earned over 700 thousand euros. This is all down to the exceptional journey that he has taken in Chennai and Bangalore. This is a number that, without a doubt, is going to increase as the twenty-year-old athlete continues to fulfill all of his future sporting commitments, beginning with the challenge with Paul.–65f28278a858f#goto5248

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