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Blackout before Baltimore bridge collapse, domino effect, and hero policeman who stopped a massacre

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The Francis Scott Key Bridge tragedy killed six. The policeman abruptly blocked traffic in the middle of the road. The on-board failure that rendered the container ship uncontrollable is unknown. “We will rebuild it”

It’s like seeing a mountain vanish.” Baltimore citizens are shocked by the Francis Scott Key Bridge catastrophe, a city symbol. The US Coast Guard discontinued the search for those missing when the bridge collapsed at dusk; they are likely dead. If they had survived the tens of meters flight, they could not survive so long in the frigid waters. Authorities said the six were mending potholes when the 289-metre-long Singapore-flagged Dali container ship hit a pole. However, the ship’s ‘black box’ has been retrieved and data is being analyzed to recreate what happened.

Six died when the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in Baltimore.

Six people died in the Francis Scott Key Bridge disaster in Baltimore, Maryland. Policemen who jumped into the road stopped cars and prevented a slaughter. Experts say a domino reaction caused the 47-year-old structure to collapse after a localized hit. Past cargo ships were smaller and lacked redundancy and structural strength. The domino effect happened when a bridge pier was hit, producing support loss disproportionate to the reasons. Modern bridges would have only suffered local damage.

“Like an earthquake” in Baltimore

Dundalk resident Priscilla Thompson, who lives beside the Key Bridge, was awakened up by crashing steel in the middle of the night. The house rocked hard, so she believed it was an earthquake, she told the Baltimore Sun. Four or five seconds, everything trembled. Silence followed.”

It saw almost 30,000 Marylanders daily. The statement “the Key Bridge collapsed” shocked Baltimore.

Complete blackout, irrelevant maneuvers

A “complete blackout” cut electricity to the Dali cargo ship’s engine and navigation equipment minutes before it hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The New York Times reported an official’s confirmation. Clay Diamond, executive director of the American Pilots Association, stated the system failure’s cause is unclear after speaking with the Association of Maryland Pilots. The ship’s backup generators restored power, but the propulsion system remained down. Several times before the disaster, the ship’s lights flash.

Dirty diesel theory

Since there are few other questions, the investigation will focus on what caused the Dali’s power outage. According to the Wall Street Journal, investigators plan to test the theory that contaminated diesel fuel in the ship’s tanks caused its power loss. The Port Authority of Singapore said Dali’s structural integrity and equipment certifications were valid at the time of the accident and that the vessel had passed all 2023 inspections.

The ship was starting a 27-day cruise from Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka. When the container ship lost power, the local pilot, who had boarded it to command port exit procedures, tried everything to stem the ship’s movement toward the bridge. In vain. He attempted to drop anchor and move the rudder to port. Everything useless.

Hero cops: “Massacre avoided”

Once they lost control, the pilots had no choice. Authorities received a distress call before 1.30am warning of a collision. Police responded immediately to the warning, preventing a higher toll. “These people are heroes,” Gov. Wes Moore remarked of police who blocked bridge ramps. “They saved many lives last night.”

Recovery of the ship’s black box after hitting the bridge

National Transportation Safety Board investigators boarded the Dali, the container ship that collapsed the Francis Scott Key Bridge, and found its ‘black box’ Jennifer Homendy, president of the federal Transportation Security Agency, announced this. She told CNN that “some investigators went on board the ship last night to inspect the engine room, the bridge and all sorts of electronic or other documentation” . “Now we have the records of the data, which is essentially the black box – he continued – we sent it to our laboratory to analyze it and develop the dynamics of the events that led to the collision with the bridge” .

Data may be available during the day when investigators return to the ship to collect further elements. The rescuers and everyone on board at the time of the impact will be questioned in the coming hours.

The bridge will be rebuilt. Container inspections

President Joe Biden has promised to pay for a new bridge, but state and federal officials cannot say how long it would take. However, the port city’s trade and economy would suffer for months.

CNN received a US government document showing the Coast Guard is inspecting more than a dozen damaged containers that may contain hazardous goods. The cargo of the 13 damaged containers is being assessed for public health hazards since “some have contents of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and/or hazardous materials”.

The US press has compared the tragedy to the 1980 collapse of Tampa’s Sunshine Skyway, which killed 35 people after a cargo ship hit a support column in a storm.–660a799034e29#goto5724


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