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Anti-Semitism: American police raid Columbia and NYU campuses.

By nr39r Apr25,2024

The parliamentary hearing of the president of Columbia served as the impetus for an increase in the number of pro-Palestinian demonstrations that took place on campuses across the United States. Republican deputies are requesting that he step down from his position.

A depressing Easter. On Monday, the beginning of Jewish Holy Week, pro-Palestinian demonstrations became more intense on campuses across the United States. Following the atrocity that Hamas carried out in Israel on October 7, 2023, the demonstrators have voiced their disapproval of the enormous bombardment that has been carried out there. Many Jewish students are concerned about their safety since they are caught up in the protest ferment.

There have been unauthorized camps set up in front of a dozen different institutions in the United States. More than one hundred individuals were arrested and placed in handcuffs by the New York Police Department on Thursday, which was held in Columbia. There were also sixty persons taken into custody on Monday morning in Yale, Connecticut, which has its own police department. The vast central lawn on the Harvard campus, known as the “yard,” was shuttered in advance by the Massachusetts-based university.

“It’s not violent, but it’s not peaceful either,” says a classroom instructor at Columbia University who is Jewish herself. Her office has been inundated with testimony from Jewish students who have expressed their desire to remain away from campus. In a state of dismay, she displays the videos that are trending among the instructors. In one of these videos, the leader of the demonstrations can be heard yelling, “Zionists have entered the camp,” before creating a human chain to force the Zionists back.

“The term “Zionist” has evolved into an insult.”

As if it were impossible to be critical of Zionism and a Zionist at the same time, she argues, “Zionist has become an insult, somewhere between pedophile and Nazi.” In certain slogans, the intention to destroy the State of Israel is expressed. For example, “We do not want two States, we want everything” or “from the river to the sea” (which means Palestine from the Jordan to the Mediterranean) are examples of slogans that indicate this aim.

Following the New York Police Department’s raid, the tents were seen once again in Columbia. On Monday, the administration of the institution made the decision to use distance learning for classes for an unlimited amount of time. The instructor explains, “It is not certain that the final exams, which can theoretically begin in ten days, will be able to take place.” The exams are scheduled to begin in ten days. Due to the fact that some teachers encourage students to demonstrate, this episode has caused serious divisions between teachers. She bemoans the fact that it is going to leave its mark.

The parliamentary session that took place on April 17 and featured Nemat Shafik, the president of Columbia, was the spark that ignited this renewed state of anxiety at the university. The parliamentary commission that has already “brought down” the presidents of Harvard and UPenn – found inadequate in the safeguarding of their Jewish students – put her under the microscope and questioned her about her actions.

“An enormous anti-Semitic uprising”

Nemat Shafik, an American economist who was born in Egypt, received her education at Oxford, and holds the rank of baroness, desired to demonstrate her leadership. Her actions included initiating administrative inquiries into instructors who were suspected of upholding Hamas theses and providing the names of those professors to deputies. In addition, she went against the recommendation of the student senate and phoned the police.

This “de-escalation” attempt did nothing but make the situation even more disastrous. Despite this, Elise Stefanik, a member of parliament for the Republican Party, proceeded to demand that Nemat Shafik step down from his position because of his inability to put down “a large, unauthorized anti-Semitic riot.”

Disclosure and divestment

It has become more widespread throughout the city. During the evening of Monday, students from New York University (NYU) who were participating in a demonstration in front of the NYU Stern School of Business were eventually dislodged and, in some cases, jailed by the administration.

In the vicinity of Washington Square, which is located in southern Manhattan, the campus is dispersed throughout a large number of buildings that are available to the public. There were approximately twenty tents set up on the square, and in the afternoon, there were approximately one hundred students who launched pro-Palestine slogans in front of the same number of others who sympathized with them.

An Israeli flag of enormous proportions was being waved by a student on the opposite side of the roadway. Additionally, there were “observers” present, who could be identified by the luminous green caps that bore the name of the Lawyers Guild.

There is a young woman who is wearing a t-shirt that says “I stand with Israel,” and the most of the demonstrators are wearing masks to prevent pro-Israelis from having the opportunity to film them. “Disclose, divest, we will not stop, we will not rest”: similar to what is happening at Columbia University, the students at New York University are requesting that the administration disclose as well as renounce any investments that are connected to Israeli interests. They are also requesting that the university shut down its branch in Tel Aviv, which is located in Israel.

“Anti-Semitic demonstrations” are something that Joe Biden rejects.

The police maintained their distance for a number of hours before re-establishing their presence at the end of the day in response to the university’s request that the premises be cleared out temporarily. Monday saw the continuation of on-site classes; however, pupils were subjected to screening at the doors, and they are no longer permitted to accept visitors.

On the sidelines of a press conference that took place in Virginia on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden issued a statement condemning “anti-Semitic protests.” As an additional point of contention, he stated, “I also condemn those who do not understand what is happening with the Palestinians.” Within the Republican party, Member of Parliament Tom Cotton did not hold back when he referred to “burgeoning pogroms in Columbia.” He also made a request to the Governor of New York to dispatch the National Guard.

By nr39r

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