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Virtual reality requires subscriptions. First step by Meta

By nr39r Jul11,2024

When it comes to the economic model, subscriptions represent both the present and the future in a significant portion of the technical sector. In the realm of streaming, they are the protagonists, with Netflix fighting against shared accounts. Also, they are the protagonists. Within the realm of mobile applications, where a significant portion of the apps are moving in the direction of this paradigm, they are the protagonists. These services are indispensable in the gaming industry, with GamePass and PlayStation Plus serving as the most prominent examples. As of right now, they are the main characters of Meta Quest, which is widely considered to be one of the most successful examples of virtual reality.

The new subscription service that Meta has developed for its line of virtual reality headsets is called Meta Quest+, and it has been officially shown to the public. The price is 8.99 euros per month, or 69.99 dollars per year if we choose the annual payment option (it is not yet known how the pricing are in Europe). This price allows for the download of two virtual reality games every month. In a manner that is comparable to that of PlayStation Plus Essential, this plan is fairly fundamental and does not allow us to keep the games that we have downloaded after we have done so.

Choices are limited. Upon initial inspection, this subscription to Meta Quest does not appear to be particularly alluring. We are talking about almost ten euros per month for just two games, which Meta chooses to play on its own. On the other hand, the games that we have downloaded will be accessible for as long as we continue to pay for the subscription, which means that they will accrue over time. We will not have access to a library from which we can download at our own discretion.

It is a declaration of intent. In addition to the fact that Meta may or may not be successful with this approach, the objective is crystal clear: virtual reality must also be implemented through a subscription model. Despite the fact that this is just the beginning, it is the first step on a path that may eventually lead us to a future in which we will be required to pay on a consistent basis in order to get the most out of Quest.

A sneak peek at what lies in store for us? In light of the fact that Apple Vision Pro, which was just recently released, will be a significant boon to augmented reality in the years to come, consideration of this product is almost unavoidable. Apple made the announcement that the Vision Pro app store would be separate from the Apple Store on the iPhone and iPad. This would allow for subscriptions to be purchased in the most authentic Apple Arcade fashion.

This is an unavoidable model. There does not appear to be anyone who is able to avoid the subscription craze. The car industry and vehicles that are restricted if we do not pay for them, Twitter Blue, and Instagram with its unique material are all examples of restricted content. It is no longer common practice to purchase a product and then forget about making payments for the duration of its useful life. This initial step taken by Meta with its Quest is evidence that the future of virtual and augmented reality will also be here.

We are transitioning from being Facebook-first to being metaverse-first, as we discussed at Connect 2021 on our website. We have taken a step back as part of this change in order to deliberate on which account model would be most beneficial to our efforts to assist in the construction of the metaverse.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Meta accounts, a new method that does not require users to have a Facebook account in order to log into their virtual reality headsets. When we made the announcement that we will begin mandating that users in into Meta Quest using a Facebook account, we were met with a great deal of reaction from the Quest community. During the process of designing a new Meta account structure that provides individuals with flexibility and control, we took into consideration the feedback that was provided.

It is not a social profile, but rather a Meta account that allows you to log into your virtual reality devices, browse and manage the programs you have purchased, and view them all in one location. We are also transforming your Oculus profile into a new Meta Horizon profile, in addition to the Meta accounts that you have. This is a representation of your social presence in virtual reality (VR) as well as other surfaces, such as the web, where you use your Meta Horizon profile. Through the usage of your Meta Horizon profile, you have the ability to customize your nickname, avatar, and other information in order to determine how you are perceived by other people.

There is no obligation for you to use your Facebook or Instagram accounts in virtual reality; the decision is entirely yours to make. Alternatively, if you add your Meta account to the same Accounts Center as your Facebook or Instagram accounts, you will be able to unlock connected experiences across all of the Meta technologies. For example, you will be able to discover your Instagram followers to play games with in virtual reality or you will be able to talk with your Facebook friends on Messenger.

Beginning in August 2022, you will be required to create a Meta account in addition to a Meta Horizon profile if you are interested in using Meta VR devices for the first time or if you have already merged your Oculus account with your Facebook account. If you have been using your Oculus account to log into your virtual reality device, you will be able to continue doing so until January 1, 2023. After that date, you will be required to create a Meta account and a Meta Horizon profile in order to continue using your Meta VR device.

Additionally, in the future, we will expand the capability of your Meta account so that you may use it to log into other Meta devices.–668fb4a49c33f#goto9382


By nr39r

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