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Twitch before Twitch, currently streaming only.

By nr39r May15,2024

The surprising comeback of ‘Sálvame’ on free streaming platforms

As complicated as any television classic, ‘Sálvame’s career is as full of twists and turns as its characters’ lives. Now it’s streaming, and like the Moebius strip of gossip, the invention returns to its roots.

Lengthy race. La Fábrica de la Tele produced and Telecinco broadcast ‘Sálvame’ for fifteen seasons from March 19, 2009 to June 23, 2023. Jorge Javier Vázquez presented the show, which was created as a weekly forum to discuss the ‘Survives’ galas. The show changed when live brawls became part of its DNA.

The goodbye. On May 5, 2023, Mediaset canceled the show after 3,639 episodes. Paolo Vasile, Mediaset’s CEO since 1999, resigned in February 2023 for a variety of reasons. Telecinco’s audiences dropped a few years ago after Antena 3 seized ‘Pasapalabra’ from them. The event caused a shock wave that increased Vicente Vallés’ and ‘El hormiguero’ news audiences and failed Telecinco’s attempts to compete with Antena 3.

The return. The ‘Sálvame‘ and ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’ collaborators capitalized on layoffs. La Fábrica de la Tele becomes Fabricantes Studio and proposes a new format for ‘Sálvame’, now called ‘Ni que fuerámos’ (Telecinco has threatened to sue the production company if they continue to use the title of their previous program): daily magazine on Canal Quickie’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

The same but different. Fabricantes Studio said at their press conference that the format “has never been offered to any paid streaming platform” and would air from May 15 to July. We will take a vacation in August and return in the fall, maybe changing the program based on the first months. Regarding profitability, Fabricantes Studio says “We think this project will be profitable in the long term, but it is not profitable in the short term. An investment.”

Twitch after. ‘Sálvame‘ became a YouTube and Twitch program after becoming Twitch before the platform existed, which is important. ‘Sálvame’ was for years “television that keeps company” for millions of viewers, a program that doesn’t require much attention and doesn’t lose if interrupted by a nap due to its kilometer-long lengths, repetitive and easy-to-follow narrative threads, and phobia of silence and calm Similar to Twitch, where influencer programs discourse about unimportant things and have inherited ‘Sálvame’s emotional soap operas. This is ‘Sálvame’ on Twitch. After invention.

We constantly enhance Twitch for streamers and viewers. Our experiments are crucial to that objective, and we want to inform the community about how they function, who participates, and which ones we’re running. This page answers them and more.

We perform experiments to assess the impact of a product modification before releasing it to the public. We tested Hype Train and found it helped streamers make more money in six weeks. These insights help us improve our strategy or shift our emphasis to something more valuable.

We update this list of Twitch trials monthly. This page will remove experiments that have been distributed to Twitch users or rolled back. Experiments are? An experiment is when we test a product or feature on a small portion of our community. We can monitor impact and compare this experience to our community with a restricted deployment. We present short-term experiments to assess whether our feature or tool concepts can be developed into full products.

Some Twitch features, such Pinned Chat and Chat Highlights, were developed through experiments. The four-week Pinned Chat experiment showed that streamers might better connect with and celebrate their communities by pinning news, promotions, and highlights in chat. This confirmed the communal benefit, therefore we made it permanent. First-Time Chatter, which allowed streamers interact with viewers live, was the foundation of Chat Highlights. First-time chatters engaged well and returned during the experiment. Based on those results, we gave all streamers First-Time Chatter Highlights and added VIP, raiders, subscribers, and more.

Experiments provide data and insights to improve our products. To measure impact, we introduce a new or different experience to a small group of users. Our experiment participants will have a different Twitch experience than the general public for a brief time. We always respond to community comments, and experiments are one way we can test answers to community issues.

It varies. The audience size needed for impartial test findings determines experiment length. Some trials take longer since we need more traffic to reach our sample size. Experiments: We use experiments to see if a tool or feature we’re testing can become a product. We utilize data to inform all Twitch product and feature development, but not all features start as trials. Not every experiment becomes an Alpha or Beta, and not every Alpha comes from an experiment.

Alpha: The first stage of product development may have restricted features. Alpha products are tested with small groups of people to gather early input for future updates. Beta: Before launch, we refine and finish the feature set in Beta. Beta products are distributed to more consumers to find and fix faults before General Availability.

Streamers are rarely notified that they participate in an experiment since it may alter the results. If not, streamers may receive an email or Twitch notification. A product modification may also be marked with the emblem below, indicating an experiment:

Random selection under appropriate experiment settings is used for selection. To gather data rapidly and release a product sooner, we may limit experiments that require a lot of viewer feedback to larger streamers’ channels. The size of the group we want to test, the time period we’re running the experiment, and geographies all affect selection, and we can’t allocate accounts to experiments.–

By nr39r

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