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Photos of Macron’s friendships with Lula, Zelensky, Merkel, etc.

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Politics, Love, and Glory Together One of the most popular memes on the internet is a picture of Emmanuel Macron and Lula holding hands alongside each other. Additionally, the French president’s handshakes and hugs stood out as particularly noteworthy.

An examination of the phalanx fight with Trump or the free hug given to Narendra Modi is shown here.

Midway through the month of February, we informed you about the friendship that existed between Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky during the visit of the Ukrainian president. During a trip to the United States, a space bromance took place between the party. As a result of the images that were uploaded of heads of state, we are now discussing “marriage” with President Lula. Even the President of France uses this word in a lengthy post that he has published on his X account. To people who have compared the photographs I took on my trip to Brazil to those of a wedding, I respond by saying that it was just that! The French president, Emmanuel Macron, exclaims, “France loves Brazil, and Brazil loves France!”

Let’s take a look back at the head of state’s romantic relationships and bromances with his colleagues from other countries.

There is Belem Bay, the sun, smiles, and a handshake. During the state visit that Emmanuel Macron made to Brazil, photographers were able to capture multiple instances of the French head of state and his Brazilian counterpart, Lula, displaying their closeness.

The photograph of Emmanuel Macron and Lula has become a prominent meme on several social networking sites. In order to emphasize the significance of this bromance, the poster for the movie La La Land was used as a backdrop. The French president was amused by the term “marriage” that was used by some people, and he used it in a lengthy tweet in which he proclaimed, “France loves Brazil and Brazil loves France!”

In Brazil, Emmanuel Macron expressed his sympathy to the indigenous chief of the Kayapo Raoni people after hearing about their situation. He made the most of the occasion to bestow the Legion of Honor upon this individual for their role in the protection of the Amazon forest.

It was mentioned in the introduction to this slide: the bromance between Macron and Zelensky, which took place in Paris in the middle of February. It all began with a bear hug in the courtyard of the Elysée apartment building.

A double handshake was the next step in the process. An aggressive statement directed against Vladimir Putin’s Russia was delivered by the two leaders of state that evening, in addition to the affectionate gestures that they exchanged with one another.

When it comes to Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron adopts a more virilist stance, with his eyes always fixated on Putin and his fists ready to engage in an arm wrestling.

The relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump was similarly characterized by equilibrium of power. The president of the United States of America enjoyed using a handshake that was not just muscular but also never-ending in order to assert his dominance over other heads of state. There, it was Donald Trump who finally gave up, attempting to put an end to the suffering by opening his hand, but the new resident of the Elysée did not instantly let go of his grip on the hand.

During the G7 summit in Japan, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden were seen smiling and walking hand in hand.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and France’s President Emmanuel Macron had a warm embrace. The President of France, Brigitte Macron, and Savita Kovind, the wife of the President of India, exchanged a handshake.

It is a fact that has never been seen before. Officials from the United States Department of Agriculture acknowledged on Wednesday that dairy cows had contracted avian flu. Particularly noteworthy cases have been documented in the states of Kansas and Texas, which is one of the states that produces the most milk.

There has been the identification of a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) strain that is highly contagious. The authorities in the United States of America have stated that the chance of the virus being transmitted to men “remains minimal.”

“The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and other national and state agencies work tirelessly to ensure the security of our food supply,” said Sid Miller, the Commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Texas, in a statement. expressed oneself. Before continuing, I would want to say that although this epidemic is concerning, it should not pose a threat to the commercial supply of dairy products in our nation.

According to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), positive samples were obtained from unpasteurized milk that was collected from two dairy farms in Kansas and one dairy farm in Texas. The findings of the tests were confirmed on March 25.

Despite the fact that highly pathogenic avian influenza has not been found in any beef cattle, she urged all farmers to implement “enhanced biosecurity measures on their farms and ranches to protect their herds.” “Enhanced biosecurity measures”

A seat that includes two suits and costs more than three thousand euros. Your reading is accurate, that is. A member of the Elysée administration reserved a seat in the business class section of the airplane during the presidential trip to Brazil, as was disclosed by our colleagues from Libération. The sole purpose of this reservation was to arrange for two suitcases that contained Emmanuel Macron’s suits.

When the Head of State was scheduled to travel to Guyana and Brazil from March 25 to March 29, two seats were reserved for him on an Air France trip from Paris to Rio. This flight was scheduled to depart on Saturday. A second one is for two costume covers that have been “carefully placed and duly attached,” and the first one is for the member of the stewardship. “The person in question gives a negative response to a hostess who suggests storing these covers in one of the cupboards that have been set aside specifically for this purpose,” reveals Libération. Therefore, the costumes will be left on the seat for the duration of the flight, which is 11.5 hours.

In accordance with the information that Libération has gathered, this is a standard operating process. As a result of traveling with the President’s things, we are required to take a “extra seat,” according to a source from the Elysian newspaper.

Calculations were carried out by Libération. Air France is providing a discount of twenty-five percent on this additional seat. During the month of March, the average cost of an additional seat that was seen on the website of Air France was 3,355 euros for a business class flight between Paris and Rio. It costs 912 euros for a trip in economy class, which is the class that was used on the return voyage from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, according to the same source.

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