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Paco Alcázar and Torío García

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An enigma is the actor Nicolas Cage. There is, however, a mystery that can be explained. From the outside, he appears to be a kind of uncontrollable tornado that, during his career, has produced a wide range of pictures, including cult treasures and video store trash, mainstream hits and auteur films, as well as films that are both horrifying and extraordinary (often to the same extent). Despite the fact that it appears to be a seemingly incomprehensible black hole, there is a prism that can help explain everything: the internet.

That is exactly what Paco Alcázar and Torío García have accomplished, since they are the writers of the images and texts, respectively, of ‘The 100 First Films of Nicolas Cage’, which has recently been released by ¡Caramba! ‘Mandy’ is a survey of the entire career of the protagonist of the story, which is presented in chronological order and is abundantly illustrated by Alcázar’s distinctive and profoundly tormented style. However, this book is not simply a collection of IMDB facts or scintillating comments; it is much more than that. This volume makes an effort to comprehend the phenomenon, and it does so mostly through the influence of meme culture.

We have explained it to them, and they have provided us with the following information regarding the beginnings of the project: As stated by Paco Alcázar, the book is derived on a comic strip that he had previously published in the magazine ‘Cinemanía’ and dedicated to Nicolas Cage. In the process of documenting myself for the jokes, I discovered that there were a great many films of his that had been released in recent years that I had not watched and that appeared to be insane. It was because of this that he became obsessed with seeing all of the actor’s flicks. In addition to “following an assignment in which I had a great time drawing Superman, I said to myself ‘I’m going to talk about all the movies with a small comment on each one'”

During the process of documenting, Torío García, a specialist in Nicolas Cage who has been publishing’Niccagepedia‘, a fanzine that is solely dedicated to him, became involved in the project. Alcázar is quoted as saying, “We made the decision to go all out, in the style of Nicolas Cage, and gather as much information as we possibly could.” There have been two and a half years of foolishness. “It has been like giving meaning to the last ten years and putting everything in order,” García said. “It has been like that.”

We inquired with the authors about the progression that the actor’s career has undergone, and Alcázar made it very obvious that “he is not a normal actor.” One element that ties everything together is a crazy, eccentric, and personal vision of acting that he has for his own profession. He has been a figure in independent film since the 1980s, an actor in family comedies since the 1990s, a superstar in action film, he has collaborated with the most talented directors of his time, he has gone into the hells of the B series, and he has managed to keep his essence intact.

It is also important to consider how the audience perceives the situation. As García adds, ” sometimes the fan is many fans: you can genuinely like it, you can also be scared by a bad movie , but you know that you will always find Nicolas Cage giving it his all.” Alternatively, as Paco Alcázar puts it, when you are in his presence, you are able to experience “admiration and irony at the same time, which is what makes him unique.” To put it another way, essential content for the meme effect.

García makes it quite evident that the internet has been a significant contributor to the surge of fanaticism that has surrounded Cage over the course of the past ten or twelve years. This is the reason why you have him working on projects at the same time that are of questionable quality, while the internet is recovering unknown films from the beginning of his career. The eruption of memes coincides with his financial woes. It goes without saying that there is a crucial moment, a point of departure.

This touchstone is quite apparent, according to Torío García, who argues that “the beginning of the phenomenon is in ‘Nicolas Cage losing his shit’,” which is a compilation of all the strangest bits of his early films and puts them all together with the soundtrack of ‘Requiem for a dream’. The Internet is responsible for the remainder: “That’s the starting signal, and you have a career in a moment of decline that adds to a popularity on the rise ‘for laughs’.”

When it comes to all of this, what does Cage think? Alcázar makes the observation that “he wasn’t amused, I think that’s understandable, but at the same time it has given him a new focus on his career, films that had gone unnoticed have come to light, and they have given him new popularity.” According to García, Cage “has known how to redirect the fame that comes to him through memes and take advantage of it in his films.” This mixture of a joke cult actor and actual talent has been exploited by Cage, who has taken advantage of it. There are movies in which he makes it abundantly plain that he is aware that this particular segment is going to be taken out of context, and he intends to make the most of this situation.

For this reason, there are a few films that were released not too long ago by the actor that are genuine sources of memes: “Among the most recent ones, ‘Willy’s Wonderland’ is a meme factory that has almost reached the level of pornographic content,” adds Alcázar. The word “Arsenal” It seems to me that he occasionally says something along the lines of, “Come on, I’m going to make this one for the memes.” However, in the end, the cartoonist makes the observation that a singular phenomena continues to exist “from a kind of linguistic perspective: a kind of sentimental vocabulary has been created based on decontextualizing emotions from his films, and all kinds of messages can be given.”

And Nic is one of a kind. Paco Alcázar draws attention to the fact that “a single actor is capable of giving this entire range of reactions.” Although this had been accomplished with memes originating from a variety of sources, the fact that it is delivered by a single actor is a particularly remarkable phenomenon. The fact that the meaning of a single career has shifted throughout time “This way, I find it very interesting.” An authentic phenomenon that we are now able to know in depth and that these two authors investigate in their book in all of its complex hyperintensity.–6676ae21bf2f0#goto8458

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