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In their comedy ‘Zombies Party’, the creators turned the apocalyptic genre on its head.

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Welcome to the end of the world’ concludes the Cornetto Trilogy on a sad yet entertaining note.

The Cornetto Trilogy, three Edgar Wright films starring casts with many coincidences and implementing a series of clearly delineated genres, is one of the greatest delights of early 20th-century humor. It began with ‘Zombies Party’ and zombie movies, then ‘Fatal Weapon’ and buddy movies, and lastly ‘Welcome to the End of the World’ (SkyShowtime and Movistar Plus+) centered on generational dramas and apocalyptic films.

The first is the most commercial and the second the most rounded, but this third movie was a remarkable finish to a series of films that Wright, his usual comrades Simon Pegg (co-writer and star of all of them), and Nick Frost (always in the cast) could not respond to. Wright’s ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ was groundbreaking, but the Cornetto Trilogy is his masterpiece.

The twilight feel of ‘Welcome to the End of the World’ complements its apocalyptic tone and makes a superb tale finale. Five longtime friends reunite to recreate a pub crawl from twenty years ago. The endlessly immature Gary King will unintentionally save the world, but no one else wants to be there.

After Wright mastered editing, ‘Welcome to the End of the World’ outpaced and outjoked any other comedy of its day. With his remark on innocence and memory, it has that bitter tone from ‘Zombies Party’ and ‘Fatal Weapon’. For a video about buddies drunkenly touring the dirtiest pubs they know, it’s very good.

Jonathan Levine directed and wrote Warm Bodies, a 2013 American paranormal romantic[5][6] zombie comedy based on Isaac Marion’s 2010 novel of the same name, which was inspired by Romeo and Juliet.[7] Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, Dave Franco, Lio Tipton, Cory Hardrict, and John Malkovich star.[7]

R (Hoult), a zombie, falls for Julie (Palmer), a young lady, and their romance progressively turns R human. The film is notable for its zombie characters’ human traits and undead perspective.

Eight years after a zombie apocalypse, R, a zombie who cannot remember his name but believes it began with a “R”, wanders an airport full of zombies, including his best friend M. R and M use grunts, moans, and partial words to communicate. R, a zombie without a heartbeat, seeks human flesh, especially brains, to “feel alive” from the victims’ memories.

While R and a herd of zombies are foraging for food, they meet Julie Grigio and her pals, who were dispatched by her father from a walled-off human enclave to get medical supplies. R gets pulled to Julie and his heart races for the first time. When Julie is preoccupied, R kills Perry, Julie’s boyfriend, and consumes his brain after being shot in the chest. Perry’s memories make R like Julie. He hides her scent by spreading zombie blood on her face and taking her to his jet to protect her from the group.

Julie is afraid of R and doubts his motives. After he saves her from an attempted escape and gets her food, she trusts him. R keeps Julie for a few days until he thinks she’s safe to go. The two bond, listening to LP recordings and playing games to kill time, bringing R to life and allowing him to speak more.[10] Julie is restless after a few days and tries to go home, but zombies attack. After defeating a bunch, including M, who is perplexed by R’s actions, R returns her to the human enclave.

R tells Julie he killed Perry on the way, so she leaves him and goes home alone. Heartbroken, R returns to the airport. He finds that M and other zombies are also alive, making them targets for the Boneys, skeletal zombies that have lost their humanity and hunt on anything with a heartbeat. After leading a party to the human enclave, R sneaks inside the wall.

R encounters Julie’s friend Nora, who is astonished to see R in the area and recognizes his humanity emerging. When R says the other bodies are also reviving, the three try to alert Colonel Grigio, Julie’s father and the survivors’ leader. Colonel Grigio rejects them and threatens to shoot R until Nora grabs a revolver. Julie and R flee to a baseball park where R’s group is waiting but are attacked by Boneys.

Julie and R flee M and his zombies while they fight the Boneys but are trapped. R shields Julie from the collision by jumping into a pool below, the only escape path. They kiss after Julie rescues R from the pool. Colonel Grigio unexpectedly shoots R in the shoulder. Julie tried to convince him that R has changed until she saw him bleeding from his wound, revealing that he has fully resurrected and is human again. We kill most of the Boneys, but the rest starve while the zombies slowly resurrect and integrate into human civilization. Later, a human R and Julie watch the city wall fall, ending the catastrophe.–663618f4d0f3d#goto6542

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