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‘Fallout’ “betrayed” video games in one way. Creators can excuse it.

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Fans of the video game ‘Fallout’ have voiced their opposition to the potential “erasure” of the lore of what was seen in ‘New Vegas’

Since the premiere of ‘Fallout,’ the magnificent Amazon series that adapts the well-known post-apocalyptic video game franchise, many fans have voiced their dissatisfaction with the series because, at times, it appeared to be a method for Bethesda to remove classic video games from the official continuity.

This is due to the fact that the series narrates canonical events, which means that it functions as another sequel to the series, and it is situated approximately at the end of the timeline of the games. The situation has been clarified, however, by Todd Howard, who is the executive producer of the series and has been involved in overseeing the production of the games ever since ‘Fallout 3’ emerged.

During an interview with IGN, Howard made the following observation: “There may be some confusion some time in the future.” However, everything that has occurred in the games, including the events that took place in ‘New Vegas,’ has occured. When it comes to that, we are quite cautious. Furthermore, by doing so, he was making a veiled reference to Shady Sands, which is not only one of the most well-known locations in the franchise but also one of the locations that contains the greatest number of inconsistencies.

Shady Sands, which is referred to as Shadow Sands in Spanish, is a character that gets a significant amount of screen time in the original game and also plays a significant part in the storyline of ‘New Vegas’. We will learn that Hank MacLean, played by Kyle MacLachlan, has wreaked havoc on the region at the conclusion of the first season of the series. This information is presented in a very clear manner, and it is said that “the fall of Shady Sands” occurred in the year 2277. On the other hand, Shady Sands was unharmed in the film “New Vegas,” which takes place a few years after the events of the series. So, how do you consume this?

According to Howard, in order to provide a justification for it, “the bomb falls just after what happened in ‘New Vegas'”; in other words, the chronology that we were familiar with is preserved: At the beginning of the eighties of that century, Shady Sands is damaged by a bombing. It’s possible that the “fall” in question is not the bomb falling to the ground, but rather the city falling to the ground, which is a phrase that may be used in the year 2277.

The series does not provide any additional explanations; yet, it is evident that the history of the game is not abandoned in a single stroke: we see Mr. House, the antagonist of ‘New Vegas,‘ as well as a panoramic picture of the metropolis. It is very evident that we are not dealing with a simple dead end, but rather a conclusion that has been carefully deliberated over.

It is possible that the announcement of the “fall” is a technique to demonstrate, for instance, that the Republic of New California has become weaker (Shady Sands was the capital of the Republic). Howard mentions how he became emotional when there was talk of burning the city, therefore it is likely that we will glean additional information regarding this topic in the second season.

Whatever the case may be, the following is the timeline that we know so far, which includes the dates on which each of the games in the franchise will take place. For its Prime Video TV show, Fallout is going back out into the wastes, but the company has no intention of following the same road that the post-apocalyptic video game series has taken before.

Co-creators Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner said that while though the series is “set in the world” of Fallout, it is not based on either the original two games developed by Interplay or Black Isle, nor is it based on Bethesda’s series. This was revealed during a recent trailer launch for Fallout, which was attended by GamesRadar+ and other media outlets.

“It’s a new story that comes, sort of, after the events we’ve seen,” Wagner goes on to explain. “The show is built on like 25 years of creativity and thinking and building.” Wagner continued by saying, “And we kind of thought that the best thing to do should be to continue that, rather than retread it.” Simply because this is something that has proven to be successful with Fallout throughout the years. There has been a shift in it, it has been altered, and it is a living thing. It has been passed about. To add insult to injury, we had the impression that we should make an effort to construct a new component on top of everything else that was going on.

This is a reiteration of the comments made by executive producer Jonathan Nolan in the most recent edition of Total Film regarding the position of the Fallout television program inside the universe of the franchise. Nolan expressed his excitement, “From the first conversation with Todd [Howard, game director of Fallout 3 & 4, and an executive producer on the show] we were most excited about an original story.”

He went on to say, “Each of the Fallout games is a separate story contained within the same mythology. Each game takes place in a different city and features a different protagonist.” In the same way as the games are arranged in connection to one another, our series is arranged in relation to the games. It’s almost as if we’re in the fifth installment of Fallout.”

While Ella Purnell plays the role of Vault Dweller Lucy, Aaron Moten plays Maximus, Walton Goggins plays The Ghoul, and Kyle MacLachan plays Hank, Lucy’s father, Fallout stars Kyle MacLachan. From now on, it will be available to stream on Prime Video on April 11, which is one day sooner than what was initially intended.

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Fallout is a franchise that has made significant strides in terms of LGBTQ+ inclusion, beginning with the very first installment of the series, which is the original Fallout. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the setting has become more diverse and inclusive, and each new episode has provided some type of LGBTQ+ representation that has never been seen before.

Accolades have been bestowed upon the series for the manner in which it deals with sexuality and the way it depicts gay relationships. On top of that, it has been acknowledged for its significant accomplishments, such as the fact that it made it possible for the player to get married to someone of the same gender at a time when such a thing was illegal in every country on the planet.

It is possible that the Vault Dweller will propose sexual relations to Tandi once he has rescued her from the Khans. She will respond with hostility if they are male, but if they are female, she will feel flustered and say that she only likes boys before leaving the conversation. [1] If they are male, she will react with anger.2 [2]

Sally, the super mutant, is an intriguing instance because the script listing suggests that she was a female before she dipped, and that after she dipped, she transformed into a guy, or at the very least, transformed into a mutant that looks masculine. On the other hand, she frequently observes that everyone talks to her in a humorous manner, most likely alluding to the pronouns that they use, which continuously misgender her as a male instead.

It is not apparent whether this was done with the intention of evoking a transgender experience; nonetheless, it is well known that Tim Cain, the inventor of Fallout, was a supporter of transgender people’s dignity even when he was working at Interplay.[Not a game number three] As a result of the several developers making changes to the game script, it is probable that the concept became unclear.

Black Isle’s Fallout 2 was the first commercial game in western markets to feature same-sex marriage. In Modoc, male and female Chosen Ones have the ability to romance Davin and Miria, respectively, which might potentially lead to a shotgun wedding at the demand of their father, Grisham. The game was released in 1998.[3]:[4]: It was a step forward for LGBTQ+ representation in gaming, despite the fact that it was framed in a comical manner.

A year before the Netherlands became the first country in the world to recognize marriage between people of the same gender, Fallout 2 was released. Additionally, two years before The Sims was released, which unflinchingly included structural support for gay couples, Fallout 2 was released.[Not a game number four]

There were additional options for characters to enter into romantic relationships with people of the same gender. In contrast to the majority of fictional and real-life criminal organizations, the Bishop crime family of New Reno is depicted as being supportive of gay members.

One of the chance encounters that had an explicit LGBT theme, known as the Rainbow Confederation, was removed from the game. There would have been several insults exchanged during the interaction. According to reports, it showed extreme gay separatists who may have been named for the Confederacy.[13] [13] With the help of their coding, they would identify whether or not the player was hostile by determining whether or not they were gay and married (to Davin or Maria).

A character with the name Ruby may be found in the video game Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, which was released in 2004. The fact that she is a prostitute does not change the fact that she is depicted in a bisexual manner. Nadia and Patty, if they are unlocked at a later time, have the option to have sexual relations with her. In light of this, Ruby, Nadia, and Patty are all characters who could be interpreted as being lesbian or bisexual. It is going to be Ruby’s reply that “Women know what women want, sugar.” After that, Nadia or Patty could post a comment expressing their contentment.It is [14]

Fallout 3, a video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2008, had a few characters who identified as gay or bisexual. In addition to making his customers look beautiful, Anthony Ling, the proprietor of New Urban Apparel at the Tenpenny Tower, is fond of aggressively flirting with male guards, especially their supervisor, Chief Gustavo, who would reply by threatening to shoot him. [15][16] Anthony Ling is a fashion-conscious individual.[19] [19]

Both Flak and Shrapnel are stern armaments merchants from Rivet City who share a home together as a pair together. Grouse, a slaver from Paradise Falls, makes it clear that Flak is gay by referring to him as a “queen” in a condescending manner. There was just one time that Shrapnel had sexual relations with Trinnie, and he is no longer interested in doing so.[22] [22]

Due to the fact that they have been in a devoted relationship for almost seventy years, Carol and Greta are ghoul proprietors and managers of a hotel and restaurant located in the Underworld.[23] [23][24] They are said to be the adoptive mothers of Gob, who is another ghoul. At the time, there were less than a dozen nations around the world that supported it. It is also stated in the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide that Greta is Winthrop’s girlfriend; yet, there are no particularly noteworthy interactions between the two of them throughout the game.[Not a game number five]

Nova, a resident of Megaton, will participate in sexual activity with the player character in exchange for caps, regardless of the player’s gender. She will also welcome female Megaton settlers in a seductive manner,[26] despite the fact that she only engages in sexual employment because Colin Moriarty is keeping her imprisoned in this scenario.[27] [27]

“Protect Yourself!” is the title of a public service notice that may be viewed on a terminal in the game Point Lookout. This announcement depicts the homophobia that existed in institutions prior to the war. In order to protect oneself against the New Plague, it advised individuals to refrain from partaking in activities such as “ice cream socials,” “fairs and festivals,” sodomy, and “cruising main street.” When taken in conjunction with the discussion of sodomy, the final line can be interpreted as a reference to cruising for sex. Within the announcement, dogwhistle rhetoric is used to imply that individuals who identify as gay are carriers of sickness.[29] [29]

Fallout: New Vegas, which was published by Obsidian Entertainment in 2010, is widely regarded as a significant piece of LGBT science fiction. The game is actively concerned with the reality of gay existence, and it was released in 2010. This mythology is mostly communicated through gay and bisexual individuals explaining their own experiences, and New Vegas does a thorough examination of the social views towards homosexuality that are prevalent throughout the game’s major factions.

Additionally, it enabled the player to programmatically determine the sexual orientation of the Courier by means of the perks known as Confirmed Bachelor (a euphemism for gay males) and Cherchez La Femme (a French idiom that means “search for the woman”), as well as their straight counterparts, Lady Killer and Black Widow. It is possible for the player character to be bisexual if they take both. The player has the option to avoid seeing flirty chat options if they select none of the two perks during the game.

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