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Can you keep the HBO Max lifetime discount after Max arrives?

By nr39r May21,2024

The lifetime discount is something that can be maintained so long as we do not make any changes to our arrangements. The result of the merger between HBO Max and Discovery+ is the product known as Max.

When HBO Max first debuted in Spain, it did so with a very enticing offer: a discount of fifty percent for the rest of your life. This offer was maintained for as long as the subscription was active, and now, with the introduction of Max (which is the result of the merger between HBO Max and Discovery+), the issue that may emerge is: what will happen to that promotion? Are there plans to keep the discount in place?

Now, what exactly is Max? It is the new streaming platform that Warner has developed, and it mixes the material that is available on HBO Max and Discovery+. As the successor to HBO Max, it features an increased amount of material, live broadcasts, and other additions. In a nutshell, we have access to content from HBO Max (including “Harry Potter” and the series that will be released in the years to come, “The Lord of the Rings,” “Dune,” and “Game of Thrones”), as well as content from Discovery+ (which is more focused on documentaries and themed programming), and even sports (which can be purchased individually).

Please, what is the next step with my account? There will be an automatic migration. Absolutely nothing has to be done in that regard. The HBO Max service will cease to exist, and Max will take over. You will be able to maintain all of your profiles and your visionary history. When it comes to the application, it will be instantaneously updated. Such is the case.

However, what about the discount for a lifetime? All of the content that was available on HBO Max was of the best possible quality, and there was only one subscription package available. Things shift when Max is involved. Premium and regular plans are the two options available. No longer is there a single plan, as there was in the past; the following are the differences that have occurred:

We will be required to continue using the “Standard (old)” plan, which is the one that is displayed in our client area, as seen in the screenshot that is located above, in order to keep the lifetime discount of fifty percent, which is forty-nine euros to be paid each month. The “but” is that we are unable to modify our plans because such a change would result in the loss of the discount that is associated with our HBO Max account.

Customers who are already subscribed to HBO Max will be transferred to the Max plan, but they will continue to enjoy the same features and capabilities as their existing plan for a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, in the event that modifications to their plans are required in the future, they will be informed in advance.
To put it another way, individuals who are now subscribed to HBO Max will be able to move to Max while maintaining the same conditions, which include the reproduction of material in 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos technologies, as well as the lifetime discount (if they have it). In the event that you have already experienced it, it will continue to be the same; nevertheless, the prospect of there being modifications in the future is still up in the air.

The goal is to increase the premium. By taking this action, Max intends to keep the clients it has acquired while simultaneously promoting the Premium plan, which is the most comprehensive of the available options. In addition, he is anticipated to release a new season of “The House of the Dragon,” “Dune: The Prophecy,” and the “Harry Potter” series in the year 2026. This includes a powerful library of content that is currently in the process of being developed.

HBO Max was inexplicable. To put this into perspective, it is important to keep in mind that HBO Max was a rare bird in the world of streaming services. HBO Max offered a single subscription that included everything, in contrast to the standard practice of offering many plans with varying resolutions and costs for each plan. As a result of the introduction of Max, the platform has followed the pattern set by these other platforms.

Following the announcement that Warner will be rebranding its HBO Max platform as Max, there was much uncertainty on the decision to abandon the respected HBO brand. With the new platform, what are the new features? Warner’s latest release, which has been available in the United States for close to a year, has finally made its way to Spain. We have evaluated and compared it, and the following are our thoughts on it.

First and foremost, and as Warner has already cautioned us, if we use any new applications, regardless of where they are located, we would be required to log in once more and download them. I was had to download new Max applications on all of my devices, including my desktop computer, my mobile phone, and my smart TV, in order to participate in this test. On some devices, such as smart TVs, the application itself will remember you and even provide a link to the store where you may download the new software. On other devices, such as mobile devices, you will be presented with an error notice. No matter what the circumstances are, the remedy is the same: download the new app. If you enter the website through a browser, you will notice that the previous address has a link to the new address, which is

Following a very perplexing data usage permission and privacy policy page (which consists of a handful of buttons to click that lead in different directions), we enter the platform, and what we see is a platform that is extremely, extremely similar to the one that we were already familiar with. Since the devil is in the details, let’s dissect them and see what they are.

The design of the page is very similar (although now the brand’s new color, blue, predominates) to what we already knew about HBO Max: under a header in which a handful of featured contents are repeated in a loop, we have the recommendations personalized according to what we have seen so far, the series and movies that we have in the middle and most highlighted. We have included a category for live sports broadcasts, which is recognized as one of the most significant new features. As an illustration, there are a great number of Roland Garros matches available today; however, in order to watch them, you will need to pay the sports supplement fee of five euros per month.

Movies make up a significant portion of the same category, with subcategories including films that are less than ninety minutes, films from Spain and Europe, films produced by HBO, and certain parts dedicated to franchises like “Harry Potter,” “DC,” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

HBO: Curious has its own category that is distinct from the ‘Series’ category, and thus gives us access to the brand’s original content. An opportunity to come directly into the area of the platform that has been the platform’s flagship up to this point

Numerous sports broadcasts, many of which are available in real time (at the moment that these lines are being written, the Roland Garrós contests are among those that are being televised). Some tournaments, such as the Giro d’Italia, provide some free content, such as highlights, while others, such as the UFC fights, need the use of the sports supplement to cover all of the costs associated with the competition.

The new and extremely limited content that is exclusive to HBO Max can be found in this category. The vast bulk of the content that is exclusive to HBO Max is derived from what we already had on HBO Max. In addition to the occasional premieres, such as the brand new adaptation of “Dune: Part Two,” we need to delve into the depths of the “Series” category in order to uncover the new programs that HBO Max has to offer. These new programs are primarily reality shows, documentaries, and contests that were not appropriate for HBO Max when it first launched.

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